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StreamMe lets you connect with friends, broadcast to friends, and watch and chat with talented people stream whether for gaming, playing music, making art, and more.

Features include:
* Broadcasting
* Watching live video
* Messaging
* Live chat

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Version History

Launched Apr 28, 2015 (about 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 27 days, on average.

Jan 15
Version 3.12

Remove emote voting.
Bug fix for chat input bar.

Nov 08
Version 3.11

Bug fix for blank streams.

Aug 30
Version 3.10

Gift subscriptions with sparkles!
Improvements to offline channels
Improved chat polls
Improved pre broadcast rotation
Improvements for themes

Aug 04
Version 3.9

Day/Night Theme. Selectable from fish card.
New broadcasting library.
Updated home grid to show: new streamers, multistreams, recently viewed, following, topics.
New button in landscape to toggle chat.
Follow/unfollow from the livestream meta bar while viewing a live stream.
Like/unlike an archive from the meta bar while viewing.
Vote on polls.
Bug fix for not being able to click the chat color selector.
Bug fix for not being able to click the send chat button.

Jun 26
Version 3.8

Airplay and Cast

Jun 20
Version 3.7

New and improved landscape chat.
Improved offline channel page.
Improved vod controls.

Jun 05
Version 3.6

Bug fix for joining a chat room!
User will now show up in the roster!
Whispers are fixed!

May 29
Version 3.5


May 07
Version 3.4

New and improved chat and chat commands!
Improvements to channel cards!
Improvements for push notifications!

Apr 03
Version 3.3

More responsive chat entry
Can now unfollow a channel more easily
Improvements to audio only mode
Improvements to chat roster
Links and tags are now selectable from chat card

Mar 20
Version 3.2

Bug fix for updating account and password
Bug fix for landscape vod playback
Improved participants card
Improved multistreams card
Bug fix for account creation

Mar 14
Version 3.1

Improvements to broadcasting UX.

Mar 04
Version 3.0

We've updated the overall design of the app -- please let us know what you think in our StreamMe channel, on Discord at https://discord.gg/kK3FWU, by emailing support@stream.me, or reach out to us on Twitter @StreamMe, thanks!

Oct 16
Version 2.27

Bug fix for follow/unfollow crash.
Bug fix for google cast crash.
Bug fix for multistream viewing crash.

Sep 30
Version 2.26

minor performance improvements and bug fixes

Sep 23
Version 2.25

Bug Fixes for iOS 11!

Jun 11
Version 2.24

Improvements to social login!
Improvements to image download speed and caching!
Updated chat networking!

May 23
Version 2.23

Improvements to Archives player!
Bug fixes for Archives display on mini player!
Improvements to scrolling and paginating!

May 09
Version 2.22

Bug fix for displaying topics!
Viewer count in chat bar!
Improved viewer count syncing!
Pull to refresh crash fix!
Bug fix for unread notifications!

Apr 13
Version 2.21

Filter your notifications!
Big improvements and bug fixes to social login! It was a little broken before. Sorry!
Improvements to topic layouts and clicking!
Bug fix for a crash while broadcasting and swiping!
Improved emote voting layout!

Mar 07
Version 2.20

Topics! Add topics to your broadcast or find streams by topics you like!

Feb 08
Version 2.19

Had to roll back the new chat engine....

Feb 02
Version 2.18

Improvements to chat!
Bug fix for creating searchable streams!

Jan 10
Version 2.17

Support for new contests!
Improved emote voting!
Better chat color and sparkle instructions!
Can now use Discord and stream.me at the same time!
Stickers for Message!
Bug fix for video not appearing when using bluetooth!
Quick chat reply and whisper reply!
Bug fix for the date picker!

Oct 19
Version 2.16

Bug fix for iOS 8 and 9 users that crash when going to a stream with stickers! Sorry...
Bug fix for iOS 8 users going to a channel with pinned chat!

Oct 14
Version 2.15

Improved experience for subbing, gifting sparkles, and giving stickers!

Sep 30
Version 2.14

Improved gifting, subscribing, and sparkle purchasing experience!
Updated socket.io for improved chat!

Sep 09
Version 2.13

Purchase sparkles! (for real this time)
Subscribe to your favorite streamers with sparkles!
Purchase chat colors with sparkles and unicorns!

Aug 24
Version 2.12

Purchase sparkles!
Subscribe to your favorite streamers with sparkles!

Jul 11
Version 2.11

Audio only streams!
Earn sparkles by participating!
You will be able to use them to unlock new emoticons and other cool features!

May 02
Version 2.10

new socket.io client for improved stability!
chat error bug fixes!
archive upload time bug fix!

Apr 15
Version 2.9

New chat v3 engine! Quicker chat!
Improved avatar updating!
Contest rules bug fix!
iPad landscape chat bug fix!

Apr 06
Version 2.8

contests with leaderboards and rules!
improved multistream cells in the grid!
updated socket.io for iOS 7 stability fix!

Mar 24
Version 2.7

inline emote voting!
improved networking code!
chat emoticon download bug fix!
iPad picture in picture bug fix!

Mar 14
Version 2.6

bug fixes:
broadcast chat layout.
emoticon voting search.
stream audio now stops when locking device.

Feb 17
Version 2.5

Quick Fix: removed conversations.

Feb 15
Version 2.4

private conversations!
pick your chat name color!
bug fixes!
iPad chat layout fix!

Jan 24
Version 2.3

Improved mini player!
Emoticon voting!
Updated socket.io library for chat!

Jan 08
Version 2.2

Improved chat menu!
Improved stream menu!
Improved notification menu!
Persistent player!

Dec 15
Version 2.1

New chat system!
Improved ignore!
Updated socket.io!
Animated Emotes!

Oct 08
Version 2

Updated notifications!
Bug fixes!

Sep 16
Version 1.12

Ignore users in chat!
Bug fix for " in chat!
Bug fix for iPad and iPhone6+ rotation and landscape layout!
Bug fix for Quality Selector.

Sep 08
Version 1.11

New style!
Improved channel navigation!
Improvements to new chat!
More chat settings!
Bug fixes for chat!
Bug fixes for quality selector!

Aug 20
Version 1.10

New socket.io library to fix chat!
Bug fix for quality selector!

Aug 13
Version 1.9

Updated broadcast library!
Updated chat library!
GoPro Hero broadcasting!
Bug fixes!

Aug 01
Version 1.8

Improved mobile broadcasting.
Bug fix for iPad rotation.
Minor bug fixes.

Jul 15
Version 1.7

Bug fix for chat crashing when transitioning from live stream to channel and then back to live stream.

Jul 11
Version 1.6

Custom Emoticons!
Chat whisper!

Jun 26
Version 1.5

Portrait broadcasting!
Live viewers/followers count when viewing a stream!
New account section!
Bug Fixes!
Push notifications when someone you follow starts broadcasting!

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