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As featured in Cult of Mac!
"Takes me back to being a kid with the hand held game it's great A+"

"I love it!!! You should definitely try it! Lol I love the little mini games too. This seriously takes me back to my childhood lol. *sighs* whoever made this game is freaking awesome—thank you for making it!"

"Reminds me of the 90s when I was addicted to playing tamagochi :)"

The ever-so-cute Watchi has arrived from a distant land and needs you to take care of him so he can survive and thrive...

**Feed Watchi to keep his hearts full!

**Evolve into 22 Characters!

**Full Animations on Apple Watch!

We love feedback!

Tweet us what you'd like to do with Watchi at https://twitter.com/watchiapp

Email us at watchiapp@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE! Watchi is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in­-app purchases in your device's settings.

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Version History

Launched Apr 25, 2015 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 24 days, on average.

Jan 04
Version 3.5.2

Bug fixes and minor improvements! Thanks for your feedback!

-Fixed a bug that caused the iPhone app to crash
-Now you can empty the trash for rewards as soon as it's full (no waiting!)
-Now coin rewards for cleaning food scraps are proportional to the food you feed Watchi - higher priced foods lead to more coins!
-Smoother animations
-New background on Apple Watchi app.

If you enjoy playing Watchi, leave us a review! It helps!

Dec 21
Version 3.5.1

-Bug fix - if you had 5 or more Watchis before the last update, you might have had issues adding eggs and spaces for more Watchis. That should be fixed in this update - sorry about that!
-Leaderboard! Now you can see how many Watchis you have raised, and how you stack up against other Watchi players around the world! Just tap the podium button in the Nursery!

Dec 19
Version 3.5.0

-Now you can CLEAN your Watchi! He gets dirty from time to time - just drag soap over him until he's ALL CLEAN!
-All new characters screen! The app now opens up to the Nursery, where you can view each of your Watchis' status, add eggs, and tap a Watchi to play with them!
-Now you can see which characters each Watchi is likely to evolve into in real-time! Tap the EVOLVE button under your Watchi in the Nursery to see the chance it will evolve into each possible character. How you take care of your Watchi determines what it will evolve into!
-Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Dec 04
Version 3.4.0

-No more waiting for Watchi to eat! He eats fast now :)
-Poor Watchi, when he's neglected he now gets sick :( It's ok though, give him medicine to make him feel better!
-Meters are now labeled EVOLVE, HUNGRY, HAPPY for clarity.
-The inventory button now contains food, medicine, and room decorations.
-Tap Watchi to collect happy hearts!
-New hatch and evolution animations
-Now you can see the status of each of your Watchis in the log so you know who needs what at a glance! Includes EVOLVE, HUNGRY, and HAPPY meters for all of your Watchis.
-Other bug fixes and minor visual improvements

Nov 19
Version 3.3.1

-Now you can purchase 2 different types of EGGS (that evolve into different characters!) with coins!
-Mystery Chests! These will appear from time to time and can be opened for special prizes!
-More diamond sales!
-Better feedback about connectivity issues when making a purchase.
-Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

-The WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH on iOS 9. Sorry about that folks!

Nov 11
Version 3.3.0

-Furniture! You can now decorate your Watchi's room with lots of pretty furniture!
-Full/Happy Bonuses! Now you earn extra coins/XP every time you fill up your Watchi's Hungry or Happy meter.
-See what you'll unlock after leveling up by tapping the Blue Star or the Orange Star!
-Now your inventory has an indicator showing how many items you've bought but haven't used!

Thanks for playing Watchi! If you enjoy playing, take a moment to leave us a review! It helps!

Nov 02
Version 3.2.4

Watchi has gotten a splash of color!

-Customizable wall paint! Now you can change the color of your bedroom walls.
-Indicators to let you know when there are new items in the store.
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

If you enjoy playing Watchi, take a moment to leave us a review! It really helps! :D

Oct 26
Version 3.2.3

-New side-scrolling room! Now you can enjoy an even bigger room and see Watchi wander around!
-Fridge! The fridge holds your food inventory.
-Trash! Food scraps are held in the trash, and can be emptied for rewards!
-Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Oct 19
Version 3.2.2

-Starter Pack! Jumpstart your Watchi care-taking with a pack of diamonds and coins.
-Preview Clips! Watch short ads for free diamond rewards after level 5.
-Improved first-time player tutorial.
-Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Oct 15
Version 3.2.1

Our biggest update yet!

-Watchi has gone full screen! Enjoy the extra screen real estate and immediate access to your stats!
-In addition to leveling up, you can now level up each of your Watchis! Level up to earn rewards, evolve your Watchi, and earn additional eggs!
-Now you can have multiple Watchis at the same time!
-More interactive gameplay/animations.
-Updated notifications.

If you enjoy playing Watchi, take a minute to leave us a review. It helps!

Sep 07
Version 3.1.1

Minor tweaks, including:

-Now Watchi's hungry meter does not decrease when he poops.

If you enjoy playing Watchi, leave us a review on the App Store! The reviews reset with every release, so it really helps!

Aug 19
Version 3.1.0

-100 new foods!
-Level up to unlock all foods, use coins to buy food!
-New Tutorial!
-Animation improvements!

Thanks for playing Watchi! If you enjoy playing Watchi, take a minute to rate it in the App Store!

Jul 18
Version 3.0.1

Bug fix: The chaos Watchi got into our last update and prevented your evolution history from being visible. Not to fret! This update fixes that so you can again see all characters you've unlocked (no data has been lost). Many apologies and thanks for your patience!

Jul 13
Version 3.0

-Name your Watchi!
-Actionable notifications! Now you can feed, clean, put to bed, and play with your Watchi all from the notification screen!
-Native Apple Watch support!
-Interactive bouncy ball! Tap this to increase Watch's happiness
-Changed: now you can view, rename and release your Watchi (after reaching adulthood) from the Watchi page (icon in bottom right!).

Thanks for playing with Watchi!

Oct 17
Version 2.91

-Release Watchi to its home planet! Now when Watchi has reached adulthood, you can release him and hatch another to try and get all characters!
-New Background!
-Lights now dim when you put Watchi to sleep! Also pressing any action button will wake him up automatically.

Sep 28
Version 2.9

-More foods! Now you can feed Watchi Milk, Baby Food, Pizza, Sandwich, Pretzel, and Steak!
-Fixes iOS 9 compatibility issues
-Now it takes much longer for Watchi to die!

If you enjoy playing with Watchi, please take a moment to write a review! It helps us continue to improve Watchi.

Sep 02
Version 2.8

-Feedback - now you can email feedback or write a review from the preferences screen (gear icon).

-Remove Ads! Now you can have an ad-free experience by tapping the ‘No Ads’ button

-Notifications fix - now you won’t receive notifications about Watchi needing something or evolving after he has died.

-iPhone 6 Plus users - this version fixes a bug that prevented you from seeing Watchi's stats. Our bad!

-Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Aug 28
Version 2.7

-Bigger screen! All games have been tweaked to take advantage of the larger screen. In addition, the 'Hearts' icon now shows all of Watchi's heart meters at once!

-Control sounds! Now you can turn off/on background music and sound effects in the new Preferences screen (gear icon).

-Improved notifications, and more control of them! Now you can be notified when Watchi is about to die (to keep him alive!), and when Watchi is about to evolve. You can also control which notifications you receive in the Preferences screen (gear icon).

-Watchi now loses hearts at a slower rate and loses half-hearts instead of full hearts -- hopefully this helps keep him alive longer!

Thanks again for your feedback! We listen to all users and try to incorporate your ideas into future releases -- many changes in this update came directly from your comments. Keep them coming!

Aug 13
Version 2.6

-Evolutions with 22 New Characters!!! Now your Watchi evolves into different forms over time as it grows from a Newborn to Baby, Child, Teen, and Adult!
-Animations with all 22 new characters are on Apple Watch too! Take care of your Watchi right from your wrist.
-Check your progress on attaining all characters, and the amount of time until your next evolution by tapping the new "Characters" button in the lower right corner (with a picture of Bunchi).

As always we love your feedback! Tweet us @watchiapp or email us at watchiapp@gmail.com.

Jul 23
Version 2.5

-Music and Sound Effects! We heard you - now there are sound effects to acknowledge your taps, and a soothing background theme to listen to while playing with Watchi.
-Now Watchi reacts when you tap him directly! Also give him a spin by tapping the Watchi logo when his hearts are full ;)

Also, we've heard your feedback about wanting Watchi to change form! This update includes many under the hood improvements that will enable new forms in future updates.

Thanks for playing! Send feedback to watchiapp@gmail.com or tweet us @watchiapp.

Jul 07
Version 2.4

-We heard you, now Watchi can go to sleep! Tap the Moon icon to put Watchi to sleep, and tap it again to wake him up.
-Since Watchi can sleep, he's now a little more needy when awake :)
-Food and Drink are now combined in one icon!

Tell us what you think by tweeting us @watchiapp or emailing us at watchiapp@gmail.com!

Jul 06
Version 2.3

-Another new mini-game, Bullseye! Tap the targets to get Watchi to spit a ball and hit a bullseye.
-We brought back the original Play animation! Now when you're pressed for time, choose this option to see Watchi kick a ball.

Jun 27
Version 2.2

New features:
-An all-new mini-game, Jumpi! In this side-scroller, eat bread to earn points and stay alive by avoiding piles of poo and jumping from platform to platform.

We love feedback! Tweet us @watchiapp or email us at watchiapp@gmail.com

Jun 16
Version 2.1

Thanks for playing with Watchi!

New in this version:
-Leaderboards! Now you can see how your Watchi age and Flappi game scores compare to others around the world via Game Center integration.
-Small UI updates - in addition to Leaderboards, you can also tap once to rate the app ("star" button).

As always, we love feedback! Tweet us @WatchiApp or email us at watchiapp@gmail.com. Tell us what else you'd like to see in this app or what you'd change!

Jun 03
Version 2.0

Thanks for taking care of Watchi!

New in this version:
-Watchi plays Flappy! Watchi's first interactive mini-game on iPhone, fly Watchi as far as you can through a set of vertical pipes.
-Notifications: Now Watchi can notify you if he needs something!

Bug fixes:
-Increased button sizes on Apple Watch
-Other minor fixes

As usual, we love feedback! Tweet us at @WatchiApp or send an email to watchiapp@gmail.com

May 02
Version 1.92

Watchi is overjoyed with the love he's gotten from all of you! Thanks for taking care of him!

Now Watchi includes the following new features and bug fixes
-Animated Glance view for Apple Watch to quickly check the status of your Watchi!
-Easily share screenshots of Watchi on iPhone via email, messages, or your favorite social networks.
-#WatchiEscapes - when Watchi's hearts are full, tap the Watchi logo on iPhone for a special surprise!
-Watchi now allows you to get a good night's sleep without dying :)
-On iPhone, you can also tap the main screen to cycle through hearts and high score screens

Note: this update should not affect your current age or high score.

Thanks for taking care of Watchi! You can follow Watchi on Twitter @watchiapp, or send Watchi an email at watchiapp@gmail.com

Apr 23
Version 1.0

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