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The Jamby Trio bundle includes three great music apps from Jamby Software at a fantastic price.
With RealTunes you can put The Real Book Volumes 1-3 CD-ROM versions on your mobile device. You can even add your own PDF sheet music files with simple Dropbox integration. Create your own virtual fake book!
RealGuide provides lists of song titles from some of the best fake books you can buy, and can quickly search the iTunes Music Store for recorded versions which you can preview and purchase. What a great way to learn tunes and start expanding your listening library!
HitReview features charts of the top hit songs in the U.S. from the last 60+ years, from the 1950s to the present. Thousands of songs and albums can be easily previewed and/or purchased on the iTunes Store. Find those favorite songs and albums from long ago with ease.

 $5.99 in iOS App Store


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