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Play the classic casino game "Under Over" on your iOS device! The rules are simple, you roll two dice at a time, but before you roll you must place your bets! You can bet that the total value of your dice roll will be under 7, over 7, or exactly 7! Under 7 and over 7 bets pays 1-1 and exactly 7 bets pasy 4-1! It's a classic casino game, and now it's on your iOS device!

-Under 7 bets pays 1-1.
-Over 7 bets pays 1-1.
-Exactly 7 bets pays 4-1.
-Game Center enabled!
-3D dice animation!
-Universal application! Under Over is optimized for all iPhone models and iPad.
-Supports both landscape and portrait orientation on all devices!

Get in on the fun and start playing Under Over!

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Version History

Launched Mar 30, 2015 (over 5 years ago).
Dec 27
Version 2.1

-Updated frameworks.

Feb 24
Version 2.0

Now will run at the native resolution on the iPad Pro.

Mar 30
Version 1.0