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The PBIS Rewards System is a tool and tracking system for schools that follow a PBIS framework and utilize rewards to encourage positive behavior. The PBIS Rewards System simplifies giving rewards and redeeming rewards by taking advantage of the scanning capabilities of smartphones and tablets.

Teachers and Administrators give students points by scanning a bar code or QR code assigned to the student. The process is fast and simple. The bar code can be on a nametag, desk sticker, class roster sheet, or a student ID badge. Students can then redeem points for privileges and/or items using a similar process.

The backend system supports the concept of events and a store. There is a simple interface for creating and managing events and items within the store. The backend system also keeps track of students and teachers and all activity related to giving points and point totals.

Teachers and Administrators can access a desktop system to review a student's history, balance, etc. Administrators have the ability to add and remove students and add and manage teacher access.

No more fumbling around with torn up papers, cutting out reward documents, or keeping track of mountains of tickets…digitize your incentives with PBIS Rewards.

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Version History

Launched Jan 05, 2015 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Mar 19
Version 4.99

-Added a sound that plays when giving points from searching for a student
-All Events will specify if they are a school event or staff event
-Added My Store, My Events, and My Raffles
-Staff members can now complete a referral from the app
-Bug fixes and improvements

Jan 29
Version 4.98

-Added the ability to sign in as a cashier
-Added the ability to sign in as a substitute teacher
-Added My Raffles to the list of raffle options
-Fixed an issue causing the keyboard to cover up some results

Nov 20
Version 4.95

-Updated CICO to include class periods and comments for each Check-In
-Added the feature "Recognize a Teacher" to scan staff badges and easily recognize staff members in Workplace Rewards for Teachers
-Student purchases can now be approved/denied through the Redeem feature
-Any changes to referral names will be reflected in the app

Oct 12
Version 4.94

Fixed a bug where the student search box did not show up for schools with a 1-10 point matrix.

Oct 04
Version 4.93

- When point expectations are changed, the app is updated automatically.
- Added a link to Teacher Rewards that will automatically log staffs members in.
- Included the ability to scan a badge or search for a student to create an authorization code for them. The authorization code will give them access to login to their student app or student portal add activate student purchases.

Aug 09
Version 4.92

Minor bug fix that addresses a problem affecting schools who don't use expectations.

Aug 03
Version 4.8

-Added the new feature Check-In/Check-Out
*This must be turned on by administration on the desktop version
-Added the new feature Remote Authorization
-Included a link to Teachers Rewards
-Bug fixes and security authorization updates
-Fixed an issue preventing the camera from appearing

Mar 27
Version 4.5

- Fixed the Enter Student in Raffle screen for smaller phones
- Moved out of stock items in the store to separate category
- The help button now logs you into the support site
- Pressing the "Go" button on an Apple device from the login screen
will now log you in.

Jan 19
Version 4.30

Bug fix to stop Referrals and Daily Point Goals from falling off the main menu.

Nov 18
Version 4.20

- Fixed a bug where Referrals could show up even if your school does not use Referrals.
- Fixed a sign-in bug.
- Added the ability to enter a student in a Raffle from the app.
- Added Raffle information with a list of students entered into a Raffle.
- Fixed a bug that caused a purchase that was marked as 'redeem later' to be recorded as 'redeem now' on the app.

Sep 06
Version 4.13

•Events screen
o Now listed in a table with 2 buttons for each event, one for event information/roster and the other to add a student.
o Added a student search feature.
•Store Screen
o Added photos to the store.
o Added the ability to purchase multiple quantities at a time.
o Added the ability to select multiple items at a time.
o Added student search to checkout
•Referrals Screen
o Added the ability to record minor referrals from the app.
o Added location, redirections, motivations and description to the app for major and minor referrals.
o Removed the referral page for schools that do not use ARS.
•Groups Screen
o Labeled the “Select All” button.
•Redeem Screen
o Added a student search box.

Aug 03
Version 3.6.1

Fixed a bug that caused some users to not be able to log in.

Jul 28
Version 3.5

• Changed the login to be email and password.
• Updated the scan page to show expectation types.
• Updated the groups page to show expectation types.

Jan 13
Version 3.02

Updated some icons and very minor bug fixes.

Jan 06
Version 3.0.1


* Updated the menu of the Staff app
* Added Groups to the Staff App
* Added My store items to Staff App
* Fixed asking for too many permissions
* Added search as an option for giving points

Jul 12
Version 2.0

The PBIS Rewards Staff App is getting better and better thanks to your feedback. This update adds some features to help teachers working at multiple locations and teachers sharing devices.

* Save and Redeem
* Goal Checking
* Daily Point Goal to main screen
* Ability to send email when submitting a referral
* The ability for multiple users to use the same device or one user to use it for different schools

* Issue with buying an item if the student has the exact points required
* Grades not showing for events
* Issue with store items names not allowing special characters

Sep 01
Version 1.33

The new PBIS Rewards Staff app has a more expandable menu that is easier to use and leaves room for future features (hint, hint).
Some interface updates make the application more uniform and we added out social media links on the sign in screen to help you connect with us and other PBIS Rewards users.

Aug 13
Version 1.32

App Authorization: To keep students from guessing a teacher's code and logging in as teachers, teachers now click a link in their email when initially setting up the app on your device. This means that you will only be able to give points from your device when you are logged in, keeping anyone else from giving out points another way.

You can always suggest changes and see what we are working on at pbisrewards.com.

Jul 24
Version 1.31

New in this version is the ability to give referrals with a search by name instead of needing to have the nametag available to scan. Also improved group scanning for giving points and checking balances, improved store layout and searching, and some known bug fixes.

The icon has also been updated to fit with our partner apps for students and parents. The PBIS Rewards suite includes the PBIS Rewards Staff App (for teachers and admins), the PBIS Student App and the PBIS Parent App.

May 04
Version 1.29

Improved user interface when using the store and when using the events. Removed the student lookup so that the users can only assign points or redeem points when the actual barcode is present.

We also added a small prompt that will show which version the user has loaded for easier tech support and testing.

This is one of those updates where we hope you don't notice that anything changed at all, except that your experience with the app is a little smoother.

Jan 27
Version 1.21

Some teachers reported the app locking up while scanning, this has been fixed.

Jan 06
Version 1.0

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