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The Colorado Lottery app has been redesigned to be an even more powerful player tool! Never miss a
winning ticket using the updated ticket scanner that now checks Scratch AND Jackpot tickets, and lets
you enter into Bonus Draws for even more chances to win. Plus, it’s the easiest way stay up-to-date
with the latest Scratch games in stores as well Jackpot amounts and drawing results. MyLottery puts
even more power at your fingertips by alerting you when your favorite numbers are drawn, when new
games are available, and when there are new Bonus Draws, contests, and promotions. Our app is
always 100% free, so download it today because more ways to win means more money in your

- Scan Scratch and Jackpot tickets to see if they are winners.
- Enter Bonus Draws automatically for Scratch and Jackpot games when signed in to MyLottery.
- Find details on the latest Scratch tickets and check for games with top prizes remaining.
- See the latest Jackpot amount and drawing results, and save your favorite numbers.
- Stay in the know with MyLottery by getting custom alerts when your favorite numbers are drawn, when
new Scratch games are available, when jackpots get big, and when there are new Bonus Draws,
contests and, promotions.
- Find the nearest Lottery retailers with just a tap, so you can play any time a lucky feeling strikes.
- Play one of our free digital games to keep the fun going!

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Version History

Launched Oct 24, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Oct 01
Version 4.3.1

Fixed a bug that caused the app to load with a blank screen and to sometimes crash when checking Jackpot numbers.

Sep 22
Version 4.3.0

Lotto, the game that has created more than 400 millionaires across Colorado, has been upgraded. The new Colorado Lotto+ has better odds, bigger jackpots, up to a 5x multiplier, and the option to add Plus for a chance to win an additional $250,000! The latest update to our app integrates these new game features so you don’t miss a beat. Update or download the app today to start scanning Colorado Lotto+ tickets, entering Bonus Draws, finding the latest results, and following your favorite numbers.

Apr 10
Version 4.2.4

You can now:
- Opt-in to receive notifications when your Favorite Numbers are drawn. Go to the Notifications tab in MyLottery to sign up.
- Tap on “Bonus Draw” in the Bonus Draw section in MyLottery to view drawing details, including eligible tickets and entry deadlines.

Bug fixes:
- Users who could not see their saved Favorite Numbers will now be able to see them.
- Issues with resetting a password have been resolved.
- Navigating from MyLottery Favorite Numbers to Check My Numbers is now much easier.
- An issue where some users were not able to load the entire list of Scratch games has now been fixed.

Mar 05
Version 4.2.3

We fixed a bug that caused the wrong message to be shown when users scanned a Jackpot ticket that was not eligible for any Bonus Draws.

Feb 13
Version 4.2.2

We fixed a bug for users who were not able to view the latest Jackpot numbers after checking winning numbers.

Jan 17
Version 4.2.1

We fixed a bug for users who were not able to view the latest Jackpot numbers.

Jan 03
Version 4.2.0

Now you can use the app to scan Jackpot tickets!
Jackpot tickets may be eligible for Bonus Draws!
MyLottery members can view all of their entries in the app, just like Second-Chance Drawing entries.
We added a new page with information all about Bonus Draws.
We made it easier to read messages from the scanner when you receive more than one.
We made it easier to get to the Help section from the scanner.
We made some other small changes based on feedback we got from players and testers.

Oct 08
Version 4.1.3

We fixed a bug that crashed the app when some users tried to sign up for MyLottery.
We fixed a bug that crashed the app when you enabled app notifications in a specific order.

Jun 06
Version 4.1.2

We made some improvements to the scanner, including:
- When you successfully scan a barcode, the phone will vibrate and the screen will flash.
- If you want to clear the results message before you scan another ticket, you can tap the scan icon at the bottom of the screen.

May 16
Version 4.1.1

We made accessibility changes so the app works even when your font is extra huge.

Apr 12
Version 4.1.0

- We made some adjustments for users with large font sizes.
- We added some error messages when you're not connected to the internet.

Mar 28
Version 4.0.1

We had people test our app and tell us what to fix. Then we fixed it and had more people test it again. All this testing and fixing should make it easier to use.
Did you know there are free games on our website? Well, now you can play them in our app too!
We made it easier to scan a bunch of Scratch tickets in a row.
We added more details about Scratch games, like information about your odds.
We made it easier to add, check, and save favorite numbers, or other numbers, any numbers really.
Speaking of favorite numbers, you can add more than 3 sets now. Actually, you can add as many as you want.
We made it a lot easier to know at a glance which notifications you’re signed up for.
Remember that notification about the old app not reflecting your State Fair entries? Say goodbye, because this app does it all, including track your State Fair entries, or which entries are valid for multiple Second-Chance Drawings.
We want your feedback! Please let us know what you think about the new app and what we can improve.

Jun 30
Version 3.0.8

Minor bugfixes and feature enhancements.

Dec 12
Version 3.0.7

Minor bugfixes and feature enhancements.

Oct 28
Version 3.0.5

Minor bugfixes

Sep 19
Version 3.0.4

Minor bugfixes

Sep 08
Version 3.0.3

Bug fixes and improvements

Jul 15
Version 3.0.2

Introduced Lucky for Life game, and minor bug fixes.

Jun 17
Version 3.0.1

Minor bug fixes and upgrades

May 03
Version 3.0

We've combined the Jackpot and Scratch apps, so now you can:

- Scan Scratch tickets for second-chance drawings
- Check winning Jackpot numbers
- Find retailers
- Manage your MyLottery profile

Dec 19
Version 2.1

Improved scanning functionality when scanning several tickets in a row.

Nov 07
Version 2.0

Expanded device support to include tablets

Jan 30
Version 1.3

* Fixed an issue where newer iPhones may experience intermittent scanning
* Fixed an issue where the targeting reticle wouldn't appear during scanning

Dec 11
Version 1.1

Expanded retailer locator to include a filter for retailers with vending machines. Fixed a few bugs.

Oct 24
Version 1.0

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