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Off Book! is an app designed by an actor for actors. I perform regularly and designed this app for myself to assist in script memorization.

New for version 4.0 - LineSync! will enable you to share your lines with other performers (available through in-app purchase)

It's really simple to use. You basically create your Works, Scenes, add Characters, and Record Lines! Should you accidentally record a 30+ line scene and realize that you have one of the lines out of order, you don't have to start over! Either hit the line "plus" signet insert a new line immediately after, or simply press on the offending line, and drag it to a new position! Voilà! You are all set.

If your scenes are out of order: same deal. Long press on the scene and move it to the position you like.

Once you are done recording the lines for the scene you wish to rehearse, tap on the rehearse icon and you are presented with the rehearse screen. From here you can choose to play through the entire scene, as well as mute/cue your line. To mute your line, simply select the character you will be playing by tapping the "down arrow", and then clicking the "Mute My Line" switch so that it shows green. The scene will play through and when it gets to your line, it will pause for the line length...giving you time to say it and wait for your next cue. The "Cue My Line" switch will cue the line for you by providing an audible "ding" immediately prior.

Please see the *INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS* in the app, or on my website, and if you have any neat feature requests or (gasp!) bug reports, please don't hesitate to contact me about them.

Please do NOT hesitate to contact me at the support web link listed here. There is an email box there at the bottom of the page for you to mail me should you experience any bugs you may need fixed!



*************** PRO TIPS ***************
FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SAY IT WON'T SAVE YOUR LINES: It is possible you did not accept the "Let Off Book! have access to your Microphone" permission. If this is a first time install, just uninstall the app, and reinstall. When the popup asks for permissions, approve them.

Alternatively you can go into the iPhone settings, scroll down until you find the Off Book! app, click it, and ensure that the microphone switch is turned ON.

To DELETE Lines, Characters, Scenes, or Works: Simply swipe your finger from right to left on the entry and a "Delete" button will pop up. Be careful with this, because if you delete a character in a work, you will also delete all of its Lines.

TO REORDER Lines: (in case you have one out of order and don't feel like deleting and recording all over again) hold your finger down on the line you want to move and then drag it into the proper position. You can see this demonstrated on the instructional videos I have included.

FOR LONG SCENES: Where you will leave the iPhone unattended, set your sleep timer/auto lock to either off, or maximum length so the phone doesn't go to sleep while you're rehearsing! (I am currently working to see if there is a way around this)

Wagon Wheel - Electronic Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Version History

Launched Oct 05, 2014 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 26
Version 4.7

Various Updates for iPhone X

Oct 05
Version 4.6

New Feature - "Line Call!" Call for line while you are rehearsing and your character is muted by simply double tapping on the line! Please checkout the new tutorial video in the help section to see this in action. A special thanks to user "Tony" for the wonderful suggestion!

Sep 05
Version 4.5

Bug Fix - On some phones, new actors/actor changes in LineSync'd shows would not receive all of the sync'd lines. This has been fixed. Special thanks to users "Mark" and "Kraz" for their patience and assistance in solving this issue!!

Bug Fix - Crashbug when popping between line recording and character add has been fixed. A special thanks to user "Isabel"! for this find!!

As always, please keep those bug fixes and feature suggestions coming! I'll get them in as soon as I can!

Jun 15
Version 4.4

Enhancement - During rehearsal, If you have the "Play Next Scene" option turned on, when the end of the work is reached, the work will restart from the beginning and play through again. Thank you to user "Lizzy" for this suggestion!

Bug Fix - During Rehearsal Auto-Play, if a user had inserted blank scenes into the middle of the work, the app would crash when it attempted to play those scenes. This has been fixed.

As always, please keep those suggestions and comments coming!

May 01
Version 4.3

Multiple LineSync Bug Fixes. Thanks to all users for your assistance!

FYI - If you are just accepting a line sync of a long work (1.5 - 2hrs+) please be patient. It can take quite some time to download that much audio, depending on your network speed.

Mar 19
Version 4.2

**Bug Fixes**
LineSync termination before complete sync has been fixed
Blank Show Title after LineSync/FullSync has been fixed

Thanks to all users who submitted reports!!

Mar 08
Version 4.1

***New Feature*** Auto Play Entire Show - For those who want to go rehearse the entire show in one shot from any starting point, visit the rehearsal settings and flip the "Play Next Scene(s)" switch! Please note if you have the "Scene Repeat" switch on, you will be unable to turn on "Play Next Scene(s)". Check out the new feature video in the help section describing this!

*** New Feature*** Background Rehearsal - By popular demand: the app will now continue to play your audio/rehearse your scene(s) when the app goes to the background!

Various LineSync Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Don't forget to long press on a show for Re-Sync from cloud!

Feb 13
Version 4.0.9

***BugFix - When LineSync subscription is expired, user was unable to create new show without restarting app
***BugFix - LineSync "You have already purchased this product" fixed
***BugFix - On older devices and when editing cast member information, the keyboard would block the save button

As always, please email me with any other bugs you may find! Thanks! --Steve

Nov 18
Version 4.08

**Bug Fix** : LineSync disconnects prevented some users from having fully sync'd lines. This has been repaired. Special thanks to "Joel" for reporting this bug!!
*New Feature*: Line Sync users can now force an entire show "Re-Sync" by navigating to the "Works" tab, and then long pressing on the show you wish to re-sync. This will pull the entire show back down from the cloud and onto your phone. Please be aware this may take a significant amount of time if the show is fairly large!

Nov 06
Version 4.0.7

**Bug Fix** : When subscribing to LineSync, periodically the enable switch would not appear in the LineSync invite list. This has been fixed. Thank you to user "Natalie" for finding this one for me!

If any of you are having this issue after this latest update, please contact me through the app, and I will resolve it! Thanks!

Oct 08
Version 4.0.6

***New Features for Rehearsal Settings***: Rehearsal settings have been moved to a separate pop up screen and are now "Sticky". You can set them once, and they will remain the way you set them from session to session.
*New Feature: Scene Repeat*: You can now decide if you would like the Autoplay to repeat the scene or not. This is on by default
*New Feature: PlayBack Speed*: You can now adjust the play back speed of your cast mates' lines to get your cues faster! Normal speed = 1.0, Double Speed = 2.0, Half Speed = .5. (This setting will not affect the speed of lines for the character that you are playing)

Please view the new Rehearsal Settings Video in the Help Section for further explanation of these settings, and as always, feel free to contact me with questions/comments/suggestions!

Sep 21
Version 4.0.5

New Feature: Due to the great amount of feedback I received on removing the manual control during the rehearse process, it is now back in the app! There is a new setting in the "Help" section called "Auto Play on Rehearse". It is on by default. When this setting is on, the scene will play through during rehearsal and then repeat. If you do not want this behavior, go into the "Help" section and turn off "Auto Play on Rehearse". When you play the scene you will only hear the current line and will have to manually forward to the next line when you are ready.

Thanks for the feedback!

New Feature: Layout Updates for iPhone 4
BugFix: LineSync Bandwidth Reduction

Sep 16
Version 4.0.4

New Feature: "Pause Before My Line" added to Rehearse screen.

A new feature has been added which will give you the opportunity to say your line in a pause, and then hear it repeated for you immediately after. The pause will last exactly as long as the recorded line, so you can preserve your cadence! Thank you to user Alana for suggesting this feature!

"Play Through Scene" and "Repeat All" have been removed as I felt they were redundant. Now, the Rehearse screen will automatically play through the entire scene, and then repeat it once you get to the end.

"Repeat Line" will repeat the selected line until the stop button is pressed.

Bug Fix: LineSync bandwidth usage greatly reduced

Sep 12
Version 4.0.3

BugFix: After applying the latest iOS update, some phones experienced data corruption in OffBook which would cause the app to fail on launch. This has been fixed. Deepest apologies to any of you who may have lost any work.

Sep 07
Version 4.0

Welcome to OffBook! 4.0!
New Feature: LineSync! Available through in-app purchase, you can now share your recorded lines with other members of your cast!
New Feature: Line Insert - On the line listing for a scene, simply tap on the purple "plus" sign to insert a line immediately after the line you clicked!
New Feature: Continuous Record - For legacy users - this will keep you on the record screen after line save, and not pop you back to the listing. It will mean for speedier recording sessions.

As always, please watch the in-app tutorial videos, and send me your questions, comments, and suggestions!

Jun 29
Version 3.2

Feature: CueMyLine and RepeatAll/Line has now been added for iPhone 4s!
BugFix: Ads no longer blocking select buttons on iPhone 4s phones. Many thanks to user Todd for writing me and pointing this out! Thanks, Todd!

Jun 28
Version 3.1

Feature: Scene Reordering has been added to version 3.0 interface rebuild! Simply long press on a scene and drag to a new position to set the order (just the same as line reordering). A special thank you to user Mikaella for writing me to tell me that this feature from v.2.0 was overlooked during the interface revamp. Thank you, Mikaella!

May 31
Version 3.0

New Feature: Version 3.0 is here! Completely revamped interface flow! It is now much easier and more straightforward to create Works, Scenes, Characters, and Record Lines! I have added a new video explaining how the new flow works, so please give it a look! If you are super courageous, please feel free to go right ahead and dive in!

In Short: After creating a WORK, tap the button to "Edit Cast of Characters". This will bring you to a screen where you type in all of the cast members in the WORK. After that click done, and then onto "Edit Scenes". You then add all of the SCENES in the WORK. When you are done, tap on a SCENE and you will see a list of the entire CAST. Simply check off which cast members are in that SCENE, and you are good to go! Repeat for the rest of the SCENES. This will save you from having to retype character names over and over as before.

Please note: To begin recording Lines, you must have already created a WORK, added at least one CAST member, created at least one SCENE, and added at least one CAST member to that SCENE. Otherwise, the "Lines" tab will not show your WORK/SCENE.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any issues or suggestions!

May 14
Version 2.72

BugFix: Phone will no longer go to sleep during Line Recording or Rehearsal

Thank you so much to a wonderful user for writing and alerting me to this issue! Now when you rehearse, regardless of your lock timer, the screen will remain active. Please keep those suggestions coming! Thanks!

May 07
Version 2.71

BugFix: Line editing button crash fixed

May 03
Version 2.7

(New Feature): A video help section has now been added to the main screen which links to Youtube instructional videos. Added by popular demand!

BugFix: Intermittent Crashes with duplicate scene/character objects
***Many other stability improvements

Apr 26
Version 2.6

(New Feature): App will now exist in the background, so that if you press the home key, you can return to where you left off later! Thank you so much to user "Sambaliii" for making this suggestion!

BugFix: Recording timer fixed to properly reset to zero during line record/stop

BugFix: Mute My Line/Cue My Line now properly blocked if character not selected

As always, please continue to send me your comments & suggestions!

Mar 24
Version 2.5

***New Feature***: Auto Repeat Entire Scene or Selected Line

Thanks to user "soren23578" for the wonderful review and feature suggestion for auto repeat of a scene or specific line!! I have included it in this new version!

To use it: on the Rehearse screen you will now see a switch for "Repeat All/Line". If that switch is turned on, it will engage the auto repeat function. If you also have "Play Through Entire Scene" turned on, the auto repeat will loop the scene over and over. If you have "Play Through Entire Scene" turned off, the auto repeat will only repeat the selected line.

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions, and for enjoying Off Book!

Please keep 'em comin' !


Mar 09
Version 2.4

***New Feature***: Line Editing

Thanks to user "sn-azzy" for the wonderful review, and new feature suggestion: "Line Editing"! I saw your review, and as requested, have added that functionality to the app! Thank you so much everyone for all of your fine suggestions. Please, keep them coming and I will endeavor to continue making this experience great for all of us!

("sn-azzy" also suggested a line export feature, which I hope to include in version 2.5) sn-azzy: if you're reading this, please write me so we can discuss your feature request in greater depth!

LINE EDITING: On the new lines screen, you will now see a pencil graphic which will let you either re-record, or change the description of a line that you have recorded (in the event you aren't happy with the cadence, inflection, etc). You can also alter the line description if you are not (like me), using the "Character:Timing" automatic descriptions. Please note: the character for the line is locked. The line is saved with the character. If you want to record a line for a *different* character: record a new line, and then use the drag and drop method to re-position it in scene. There is a video on how to do this at my website.

As always: please keep your comments and suggestions coming, and I will get to them !


Jan 21
Version 2.3

A very special "Thank You!" to user "Shely" who was kind enough to write me about two bugs she found in the app! As always, please do write me if you are having any issues, and I will be happy to fix them straight away!

BUG FIX: When adding over 100+ lines to a scene, the app would crash
BUG FIX: During rehearsal, under certain conditions the line cue would not "ding"
BUG FIX: app crash would happen during line deletion when more than 80 lines exist in a scene

Jan 15
Version 2.2

A very special "Thank You!" to user "Shely" who was kind enough to write me about two bugs she found in the app! As always, please do write me if you are having any issues, and I will be happy to fix them straight away!

BUG FIX: When adding over 100+ lines to a scene, the app would crash
BUG FIX: During rehearsal, under certain conditions the line cue would not "ding"

Jan 05
Version 2.1

New Feature for iPhone 5 and later: "Cue my Line"
On the Rehearse screen there is a new switch to give you an audible "DING" sound before your line. It will play the DING regardless of whether or not you have the line muted. I found this a helpful addition when I was rehearsing scenes with more than 8 people, and having some difficulty remembering my cue lines. I hope you find it as useful as I do!
As always: thoughts, comments, and feature suggestions are welcome!

*Bug Fix - Timer on Rehearse now visible
*Additional updates for iOS 9

Sep 15
Version 2.0

Various Stability Improvements

Jul 31
Version 1.71

**Bug Fix**: On two person scene, if the user rearranges the line order of the last line, the alternate scene partner is now properly selected

**Feature**: Microphone permissions are now checked before the recording starts, and the user is alerted if the permissions are not enabled.

**Bug Fix**: During line recording, multiple pushes of the record button will no longer pause the recording, causing confusion. The user will now have to specifically press the STOP button to stop the recording.

Jul 22
Version 1.7

**New Feature**: Many thanks to user/reviewer MoreMarkAble who requested it! When you have a 2 person scene and are recording many lines, the character selector will automatically default to the next character automatically so you do not have to change it every single time. Thank you, MoreMarkAble!

**Bug Fix**: When deleting a line from the middle of a recording list, the order is now correctly preserved

**Bug Fix**: When deleting a character in a scene, the line order is now preserved

**Bug Fix**: When deleting a character/lines, and then popping over to rehearse immediately, the lines are now correctly presented

Apr 07
Version 1.6

Volume control improved per user request

Mar 31
Version 1.5

Fixed scrolling error during line recording
Improved line timing
Stopped recordings when user leaves screen without manual stop
Fixed volume issue redirect to speaker vs phone during line recording
Fixed playback continuation on screen change during rehearsal

Mar 10
Version 1.4

Fixed Rehearse Screen Timer for iPhone 5s
Fixed Rehearse Screen Font sizes for iPhone 5s
Fixed crash bug during Rehearsal
Simplified rehearsal screen

Feb 17
Version 1.3

*Fixed bug which would cause crash during line Rehearsal on certain iPhones (Thanks to all that contributed in helping me find this!)

*Fixed bug which would cause line timer to accelerate during Rehearsal

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