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HayKeyboard is a simple note-taking app, that includes an Armenian systemwide keyboard extension. You can use the keyboard everywhere in the system except password fields.

Keyboard Features include:

-Change to another keyboard
- Basic Keyboard Functionality
- Caps Lock
- 11 themes to suite your mood or your iPhone's exterior color
- English mode
- Will automatically popup when typing an email address or login
-Eastern/Western Armenian layouts
-Different layouts based on the context of text field
- Gestures
- Swipe up on a button to write uppercase in lowercase mode
- Swipe up on shift button to activate CAPS LOCK
- Hold down on a period key to have access to more punctuation, including Armenian punctuations
- Built in most commonly used emojis
- Decimal and Number pad (when appropriate)
- Swipe on a comma key to insert Armenian question mark
- Autocapitalisation upon touching the period key. And it will also insert a space.

App Features Include:

- Save the text you type
- Share it via:
- Mail
- Messages
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Airdrop
- Copy the text to clipboard
- Change keyboard's settings
- Instructions page on using the keyboard

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HayKeyboard for iPhone - Armenian Keyboard + Emoji screenshot 1HayKeyboard for iPhone - Armenian Keyboard + Emoji screenshot 2HayKeyboard for iPhone - Armenian Keyboard + Emoji screenshot 3HayKeyboard for iPhone - Armenian Keyboard + Emoji screenshot 4HayKeyboard for iPhone - Armenian Keyboard + Emoji screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Sep 23, 2014 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Oct 04
Version 3.0

- New Themes
- Full Emoji Keyboard
- Dynamic Emojis - The second row of "123" page now dynamically changes to last 10 used emojis
- HaySketch
- Now you can draw with your finger and send with simple copy and paste
- Alternative Characters
- Simply swipe up on a key to quickly insert the alternative character in the upper right corner
- Tappable areas are now larger, so being sloppy is "excused"
- Full context sensitivity for auto-capitalization
- Tapping the space twice will insert a period and add a space
- Deleting Armenian letter "oo" can be done with one tap of the delete button
- Smart Gestures
- Swipe to left to delete a letter
- Swipe right to insert a space
- Changing the text entry position can be changed with simple buttons at the top
- You can now disable/enable caps lock
- You can now disable/enable lowercase mode
- You can now change keyboard's height
- You can now disable/enable the zoom effect
- You can disable/enable alternative characters
- You can disable enable the new smart gestures
- You can now send feedback to HayKeyboard directly from the app
- New Settings section in the app

Make sure to update to the latest version of iOS for better performance and bug fixes regarding custom keyboards.

If you've been enjoying HayKeyboard, make sure to rate it and leave a nice comment. Also make sure to subscribe to HayKeyboard's Facebook and Twitter pages for news and updates.

Jan 20
Version 2.1

- Added popups when tapping the keys
- New "Armenian Flag" theme
- Slightly redesigned white theme
- Added a long press gesture on the delete key in the secondary numbers view
- Performance improvements and bug fixes
- Minor changes in the app

*Update to the latest version of iOS 8, to fix key known issues with custom keyboards.

Oct 24
Version 2.0

Sound when tapping keys
Animation when tapping a letter key
New Western Armenian layout support
10 themes that complement iPhone 6/plus iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 5c exterior colors
- White
- Black
- Grey
- “Wave” blue
- Gold
- Purple
- Blue
- Yellow
- Red
- Green
New Design for White Keyboard
New Design for Black Keyboard
New Design for “Dark Mode” Keyboard
New English Mode
- Automatically pops up, when entering an e-mail address
New Twitter Layout
New URL layout
New Search Layout
New Design for the “More Punctuations” view
Added the second page for the “123” View
You can adjust the caret position from the “More Punctuations” view
Much smarter autocapitalization
- It knows when to use uppercase and when lowercase
Added settings view for
- changing the theme
- enabling/disabling the sound
- enabling/disabling the animation
When the animation is off, tapping the key will make it glow
Grey and Black separate keyboards removed, now everything is in Omega
New Instructions view
Settings added in the app
Minor UI changes in the app
Bug Fixes and Stability imporovments

Sep 23
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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