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Are Time Outs not working for you? Time to move to Chill Outz®! Developed by pioneering child psychologist Jacqueline Vorpahl (a.k.a. Dr V.). Chill Outz® is a collection of fun animated stories teaching children proven techniques to stay mindful & relaxed anywhere, anytime.

• Buzzy Bee – teaches children how to calm down thru humming
• Panicky Penguin – teaches children how to overcome panic thru focused breathing
• Timid Turtle – teaches children to overcome anxiety thru shrugging
• Noisy Alien – teaches children how to be OK in unfamiliar situations thru body relaxation
• Sleepy Bear – gets children ready for bed thru breathing

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Version History

Launched Sep 30, 2014 (about 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Sep 10
Version 1.03

* Stability improvements for users on later versions of iOS

Jun 01
Version 1.02

* Updated URL to link to privacy policy

Nov 14
Version 1.01

* Updated URL to Privacy Policy

Sep 30
Version 1

Previous 3 versions


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