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Attending dance competitions will never be the same thanks to the exclusive app for DCG competitions. Download the app, activate a competition location and connect with the event directors, studios, dancers and families in ways you've always dreamed of. Be the first to learn about schedule changes and award placements. Receive real time routine status updates, special announcements, join voting core functions that are only available for purchased events. Check-out photos and videos and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Don't just tell your friends you got 1st place show them with a video of your performance and award ceremony using the DanceComp Genie app.

This app is free to download and use. Event core functions require to purchase.


* Real time routine status updates
* Set schedule notification
* Find nearby Restaurants
* View events schedule
* Find directions to competition venues
* View staff & judges bios
* View event photos
* Vote for People's Choice Award
* Receive special announcements
* Receive schedule change notification
* View award placements and routine scores
* Search and Find information on 100's of dance competitions

 Free in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Sep 05, 2014 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Oct 23
Version 2.0.0

Fixed a few bugs.

Mar 27
Version 1.9.7

Fixed a bug which caused the App to crash when saving a Performance Video into photo library.

Feb 27
Version 1.9.5

1. Fixed a few display issues for iOS 11

Mar 19
Version 1.8.1

1. Fixed some bugs

Jan 11
Version 1.8.0

1. On the At Show screen, users can use the App to watch video streaming if competition provides this feature.
2. Fixed some bugs.

Nov 25
Version 1.7.8

New features and improvements:
1. Added chat support for competitions.
2. Support iOS 10.
3. Fixed some bugs.

Oct 27
Version 1.7.4

New features and improvements:
1. On Dashboard, there is a new menu "Shop", click it will enter our new feature: used product trade shop.
2. Fixed some bugs.

May 19
Version 1.6.8

New features and improvements:
1. On At Show page, if the process takes time, display a processing icon when user is waiting.
2. Fixed some bugs.

Apr 11
Version 1.6.5

New features and improvements:
1. Added QR Code scan feature for admin to scan dancers' in/out status in an event.
2. When listing my events, move expired events to a different screen instead of mixing with coming new events.
3. Fixed some bugs.

Nov 16
Version 1.6.1

1, Fixed some bugs.
2, Improved some interface.

Sep 28
Version 1.5.1

1. Added Register button on Judges & Choreographers page for easy to apply.
2. Competition can use App to take pictures of results and upload for all App users to view quickly.

Aug 20
Version 1.4.8

1, Added My Notes feature for user to add notes for each routine.
2, Added Judges & Choreographers feature for users to offer and search.
3. Display sponsors' banners inside the content for all our dancers.
3, Some bug fixes

Jul 01
Version 1.4.2

Added sponsor banners on some of the screens.

Jun 10
Version 1.4.0

1. Premium/Freemium Features: Great news! Studios/Dancers can access some of the features for free now! Users can have more flexibility on choosing their desired features to purchase instead of purchase them all at once.

2. Write You Review – User can provide general feedback to the competition organizers by writing reviews and give ratings to events

3. Organizer – Displays event organizer’s company introduction, website and contact information

4. App request -- If a competition organizer does not provide app service, user can send them a request to join the app

5. Knowledge Section– Users can receive useful dance-related knowledge on a regular basis

6. Some bugs fixing.

Feb 05
Version 1.1.9

New features:
1, Added Schedule page on At Show page. Admin is now able to schedule routines on App.
2, Vote feature is improved to allow users to enter options.
3, Changed interface of At Show page.
4, Admin user is now able to add "My Routines".
5, Fixed some bugs and many other small improvements.

Jan 08
Version 1.1.6

New changes in this version:
1. Added Vote feature to allow audiences to vote for awards.
2. Added "Staff & Judges" feature on At Show screen for users to view and contact event organizer.
3. Improved Photos features.
4. Supported multiple rooms routine status updates.

Dec 15
Version 1.1.3

Fixed some bugs and made some pages to look more user friendly.

Changed features in this version:

1, Now you can input your "Display Name" on the My Account page, this name will show up as your name when you comment on photos.

2, Redesigned My Events page and At Show page. Now you can see session and onstage routine status on At Show page, and some other useful info.

3, Now when register or modify your account, the password input format is not restricted any more. You can enter any password that not less than 6 characters.

Dec 09
Version 1.1.1

Two new features added to this version:

1. Photo Stream: Now event organizer can upload photos for each event location. Users can view these photos after they are uploaded. Users can also "Like" or add comments to each photo. The new Photos icon has been added on the At Show screen.

2. Select Multiple Sessions: This app's live schedule can support multiple sessions running at the same time now. There is now a Session dropdown for users to select to view routines for the selected session.

Nov 15
Version 1.0.8

Fixed some bugs and made improved design for more screen sizes.

Major fixes:
1. When a user is logged on and they enter the My Account page, the app will now auto fill in the profile details so the user doesn't need to input them again.
2. It will display the username and not the email for users logging in with their DanceComp Genie account when they are updating the account information.
3. Address will point to the full event location address and not just the state/province on these pages; "At Show", "My Events", "Event Details", "Nearby restaurants", and "Calendar details".
4. When registering a new account or modifying an existing account, we fixed the validation method. The password should contain at least one number and one special character.
5. On the receipt page, fixed the "bill from" and "bill to" addresses.
6. Removed the need to click the checkboxes twice to select them on the routine's Notify page.
7. Increased the loading times of the Announcement's page.
8. On My Calendar page, the events and routines will only show up for the current year.

New feature:
1. When logged into the app with a DanceComp Genie account, if the user changes their password on app, it will also change the password on their DCG Studio Center account.
2. Improved app navigation by redesigning the tool bar and main menu.

Oct 28
Version 1.0.6

Fixed some bugs and made screen look better for some pages.

New feature:
1, Admin user can now change onstage routine's start time.
2, Push notification to device feature is added.
When admin user publish a new announcement for an event, the app will auto push notification to those users' devices, who have purchased this event.

Oct 17
Version 1.0.4

Fixed some bugs and made screen look better for some pages. Increased speed for some pages.

New feature:
1, Added "Get Routine Real Time" button on Event Details page and My Routines page. This will help users get the latest start time of scheduled entries.
2, Now the routine notify feature is enabled. When a routine is set to be notified, then the iPhone user will get a notification when the routine starts.
- On the calendar, if users click the button "Preview Routine Notifications", they will see all notifications for routines that will popup in the future.
- Notification feature will only work for newly added routines.
3, On Routine Status page, added a new button "Refresh" to refresh routine list from server.
4, On calendar, My Routines will now display on the date a routine is schedule to perform, and not on the date notification was set.
5, Users can now log in using an existing DanceComp Genie account.

Sep 20
Version 1.0.1

Fixed some bugs. Now admin user is able to publish announcements and view announcements, view routines status. Also fixed the bug that when return to dashboard will crash.

Sep 06
Version 1.0.0

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