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Dyslexia Test & Tips is the first app in the world that helps you quickly identify dyslexia and create a profile of the person being tested.

This app is meant for children, students and adults either with dyslexia or where there is a chance of dyslexia. You can take the test yourself or as a teacher, parent, family member or colleague, help someone you think could possibly be dyslexic to take the test.
Even if you do not come into direct contact with someone with dyslexia, it can be interesting to take a look at this app in order to gain insight into the behaviour of people with dyslexia and understanding of its impact on their lives.

This app has been developed out of a deep love and commitment to the profession and with the intention of sharing information so that all can benefit. By doing the dyslexia test yourself, or letting family and friends, colleagues and neighbours take the test, it will soon become clear if there is a possibility of dyslexia. And the sooner professional help can be sought.

You have the option of first taking the short test found under “Identification’ before taking the more comprehensive test with 35 questions.
The purpose of the app is to quickly get an idea if someone is showing any signs of dyslexia. The earlier dyslexia is recognised, the sooner a treatment plan can be implemented. But be aware, this is an indication and not a diagnosis.
There is a chance that you will encounter behavioural characteristics in this app which you did not realise were associated with dyslexia.

The wide range of tips in this app can contribute to a better future for those with dyslexia. In fact we can all benefit whether dyslexic or not, by improving the way we communicate.

The app has been extensively tested by psychologists and dyslexia specialists. Children and (young) adults who are not good readers are advised to use the app with someone to help them.

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Version History

Launched Dec 20, 2014 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Apr 17
Version 1.15

Text changes

Oct 07
Version 1.14

Textual changes

Mar 31
Version 1.13

- Added German / bugfixes

Mar 14
Version 1.12

- Added German

Feb 15
Version 1.11

- Added spanish
- Added french
- minor bugfixes

May 31
Version 1.02

Bug fixes

Dec 30
Version 1.01

- Now supports iOS7
- 'I don't know' button changed to 'Don't know'

Dec 20
Version 1.0

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