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TDECU Digital Banking is designed to provide you with streamlined and flexible banking on any device. And it’s guided by our promise to always look for ways we can improve the lives of our Members.

With our mobile application you can:

• Enroll in TDECU Digital Banking
• Check balances and account history
• Pay bills
• Deposit checks (restrictions apply)
• Transfer funds between accounts
• Track spending and create budgets
• Setup travel notifications and manage your TDECU credit card
• View your TDECU mortgage information
• Send and receive secure messages
• View images of statements and cleared checks
• Find the nearest TDECU Member Center, shared branch, or surcharge-free ATM

Download the app and login with the same credentials that you use for TDECU's online banking. Easy. Accessible. Efficient. Welcome to digital banking the way it should be!

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Primary: Finance

Secondary: Business

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Version History

Launched Jul 01, 2014 (about 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Jun 17
Version 7.0.5605

Thank you for using TDECU Digital Banking! We make regular updates to our app to continuously improve your experience.

With the latest release, you can:
- Manage your TDECU credit card from anywhere, at anytime: Our new Card Management feature set allows you to quickly disable and re-enable your card, setup travel notifications, and report your card lost or stolen — directly from the TDECU Digital Banking app.
- Deposit your check in a snap: We improved the Mobile Check Deposit experience to make it easier than ever before to deposit your check while on the go.

May 28
Version 7.0.5603

Thank you for using TDECU Digital Banking! We make regular updates to our app to continuously improve your experience.

With the latest release, you can:
- Enroll in digital banking right from the palm of your hand: Simply tap on Enroll Now from the login screen to gain access to everything that TDECU Digital Banking has to offer.

Jan 28
Version 7.0.5512

Thank you for using TDECU Digital Banking! We make regular updates to our app to continuously improve your experience.

Our latest release includes:
- Mobile Check Deposit on iPad

Nov 13
Version 7.0.5508

The latest version of TDECU Digital Banking introduces several new features and enhancements to provide an improved mobile banking experience.

Now you can:

Build your financial picture: View all of your accounts – even those from other financial institutions – right from the TDECU Digital Banking app. Simply link your accounts to your TDECU profile.

Understand your transactions: Our new simplified transaction descriptions take the guesswork out of where your spending takes place.

Categorize your financial activity: Whether done automatically or manually, categorizing your transactions provides valuable insight into your financial habits.

Plan to payoff debt: With all of your loans and credit cards in one place, see how making additional payments can impact your financial future.

Create a budget: Set your expected spending for the month and track your progress towards your budget goal.

Track your spending: Answer the age-old question, “Where did all my money go?” for the time period of your choosing.

Pay your bills with ease: Select to pay a single bill or multiple from one, streamlined workflow. See all of your pending and processed payments in one view under the Payment Activity tab.

Edit transfers: Tired of having to cancel your transfers just to make one small change? Now you can edit single and recurring transfers directly from the app.

Jul 27
Version 6.1.5500

Minor Improvements

Oct 16
Version 6.0.5409

Minor improvements.

Aug 23
Version 6.0.5407

Minor improvements.

Mar 28
Version 5.0.5201

- Updated look & feel
- TouchID & PIN authentication options
- Multiple bug fixes & performance improvements

Nov 09
Version 5.0.5106

- iOS 10 Compatibility

Nov 01
Version 4.0.4033

iOS 8 Location Support

Sep 15
Version 4.0.4030

iOS 8 compatibility fixes.

Aug 07
Version 4.0.4028

Performance improvements.

Jul 15
Version 4.0.4025

New icons.

Jul 01
Version 1.0.4025

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