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Unofficial Boos Collectors List.

Use this app to keep track of your Boos collection. Scroll through the list and mark off the ones in your collection.

Hunt for those you have missed and keep your collection growing.

If you find any I have missed feel free to email me the details and a picture and I will add them to the list.

Please note: This application is in no way endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by the makers of these toys, and all distinctive names and likenesses are their exclusive property.

Enjoy the app and keep collecting.

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Version History

Launched Mar 14, 2014 (about 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Mar 30
Version 19

New Boos, we are over 400 now.

Feb 15
Version 18

New Boos added, sorry for the delay, been having some issues, will add some more soon.
Thanks for your support.

Oct 05
Version 17

New Halloween and Christmas Boos.

Jul 09
Version 16

Added some new Boos and filled in some gaps.

Thanks to Bronwyn for the info on Freedom.

Mar 24
Version 15.1

Just some fixes in this update.
Thx Skylar!

Mar 03
Version 15

Here is the update you have been waiting for.
New items added, we now have a list of 363.

If I have missed any remember to email me.

Jan 04
Version 14

Added a few more Boos, we are over 350 now. Sorry not all of the information was available, I will update as I get the information.


Dec 05
Version 13

Just a few updates ready for Christmas.

Please email me if I have missed any.

Aug 28
Version 12

A few more Boos added to the app.

Jul 04
Version 11.1

Add a few new Boo's to the list and filled in some missing information. Sorry I don't have all of the info for the new Boo's, I will update these as I get the information. I also had to change the app icon, sorry about that but I had too.

Please send me an email if there is anything wrong or missing.


Feb 20
Version 10.1

WARNING: please delete this app before upgrading and then reinstall.

Unfortunately I have been forced to make some changes to the exisiting app. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience this causes, but due to legal reasons I have had to remove certain phrases and change many of the images in the application. The app will not function properly if you don't delete it first to clear all of the data.

I have also added a few new items to the list so please continue to enjoy the app.

Oct 10
Version 10.0

Hey guys, I have added a few new Beanie Boo's not many but some. I have also updated some poems and birthdays, as well as moving a few things around so that those with older iPhones don't have the poem over the top of the picture.

The big change for this release is that a "My Collection" list has been added. This list will show the Beanie Boo's that you have marked as being part of your collection.

Sorry it has taken me a while to do this but I'm learning this whole coding thing as I go.

The My Collection as with the total number sometimes takes a while to update, so you might just need to jump back into the full list and then back again and by then it should be updated.

Just a hint if you are having some trouble with the app, you might need to delete the app and then download it again, you won't be charged again but this can sometimes clean up any issue with a fresh install.

Hope you enjoy the update and remember to email me with any information I might have missed.

Thanks to Kelsey, Kristyl, and Maddy for sending me some useful information.

Jul 12
Version 9.0

The updates are coming out fast.

In this update we have a few new Beanie Boos (sorry I don't have all of the Birthdays and Tag poems for them yet but I will get them) I have also added all of the Country and City Bears from Europe as well as the 7 Original UK exclusive Beanie Boos.

Thanks for all the great reviews, please keep them coming.

Also if you need to let me know if I have missed something or got something wrong please email me at aplusapps@me.com don't put these requests in the app reviews as I don't always see them straight away.

Finally me next task is to review the status of each Beanie Boo, I have been a bit slack with this due to all the updates but I will fix it all up shortly.

Jun 28
Version 8.0

Another BIG update, and more user requests fulfilled.

You asked for the Birthday and Poem from the Beanie Boos Tag and so I have added them, but I have also add a list by Animal type as well.

Finally the other new feature is the ability to add the Beanie Boos birthday to your calendar, just press the icon next to the birth date and it will be automatically added to your calendar.

Oh and I also added a few more Beanie Boos.

Hope you enjoy the update and tell all your friends about the app. Thanks.

Feb 10
Version 7.0

The much requested update to the Beanie Boos App, now with the ability to add Beanie Boos to a wish list and email the list to someone.
I have also added the latest additions to the Beanie Boos family.

As this is an all new build of the app you will need to reselect all of the Beanie Boos in your collection. I apologise for this inconvenience but it was the only way I could do this.

Also the wish list and count are a bit problematic sometimes and don't reflect the items selected immediately, please be patent and the list will update.

Thanks for your support and positive reviews.

Dec 01
Version 6.1

Fixed UI issues.

Please Note: The next update will include the often requested WISH LIST feature. Unfortunately to implement this I needed to rebuild the database so when this upgrade is ready for release you will need to decide if you want to upgrade or not. If you choose to upgrade you will need to reselect all of your Beanie Boos. I'm sorry for this hassle but hopefully you will like the additional features of the wish list and email option.

Jul 17
Version 6.0

Over 30 new Beanie Boos added to the list

May 05
Version 5.0

Sorry for the wait but here are the new Beanie Boos.

Feb 08
Version 4.0

Added a heap of new Beanie Boos to the list, mark off all your new ones.
Sorry for the wait and thanks heaps for all those who emailed me.

Sep 15
Version 3.0

Added more new Beanie Boo's

Aug 07
Version 2.0

Added more new Beanie Boos

Mar 14
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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