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From the guys who brought you Mystery Science Theater 3000, RiffTrax makes movies FUNNY! Our hilarious commentaries turn some of the biggest blockbusters (and cheesiest B-movies) into comedy hits.

“The RiffTrax app syncs everything up perfectly.” - CNET

“Rifftrax app takes the guesswork out of syncing jokes to film. It’s easier than ever to sync MST3K-like commentary. The app uses your device’s microphone to listen for a movie and automatically syncs Rifftrax playback to the film. It’s simple and easy...” - Engadget

“The app can recognize movies from Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Video, DVDs, Blu-rays, your TV, computer, and other streams.” - High-Def Digest

“Video content (VOD) coming soon!” - RiffTrax Team

Using the app, you can download these "riffs" on blockbuster films like Twilight, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and more! The app listens to the movie, using your device's microphone, and automatically synchronizes the commentary to play along with perfect timing. Presto! That movie is now a comedy smash.

Check here for our list of compatible RiffTrax titles!

Get into RiffTrax and start watching movies in a whole new way!

Known Issues
- Bluetooth speakers cannot be used.
- An iOS bug causes progress bars to freeze sometimes, but downloads still complete.

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Version History

Launched Apr 23, 2015 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Aug 03
Version 2.5

• Skip intro button: Tap the yellow and black arrow button to skip the riffers' introduction and get right to the Sync instructions
• Multitasking, including split screen
• Improved color contrast to better accommodate visually impaired users
• New +/- buttons (incremental adjustment) for Sync Offset slider
• Fixed preview videos sometimes failing to play
• Fixed disk space calculation bug that occasionally prevented riff downloads
• Plus more bugs squashed and minor improvements!

Nov 11
Version 2.3

New audio player controls, including Auto / Manual sync switch!

With Automatic Sync disabled:
- Sync the old-fashioned way and hear the full riff intro.
- Pause, Play, and skip forward/backward manually.

With Automatic Sync enabled, the app will start playing jokes as soon as sync is acquired.

Plus: UI layout improvements and bug fixes.

Nov 30
Version 2.2

Stability release. Bug fixes.

Oct 23
Version 2.1

fixed logging bug

Oct 18
Version 2.0

- Seriously revamped user interface
- Spiffy audio visualization
- iPhone X support
- iOS 12 support

Apr 07
Version 1.11

Fixed login issue which would show empty library.

Mar 17
Version 1.10

- Preview videos now included!
- Audio fixes! If you were experiencing problems syncing in an older version, please give version 1.10 a try.
- Faster downloads! App data is now delivered through a CDN for speed and reliability.

Sep 25
Version 1.8

- Filter or search by your favorite riffer!
- Bug fixes.

Jul 29
Version 1.7

- Check out the latest free titles up-front!
- UI updates and several bug fixes

May 25
Version 1.6

- audio sync/playback improvements
- pull down to refresh purchase list
- download fix
- login fix to support more passwords
- "Contact Us" feedback feature
- various other bug fixes

Nov 02
Version 1.5

- iOS 10 support
- bug fixes

Aug 14
Version 1.4

- Some titles have been reprocessed in order to provide better sync. If you have trouble with a particular title, please delete it from your downloads and re-download.
- Improved user interface, especially text sizing.
- Support for pasting text in login fields.
- Bug fixes.

NOTE: Bluetooth speakers are NOT yet supported.

Jul 01
Version 1.3

- Tons of riffs to choose from!
- Integrated with your RiffTrax account!

Jan 19
Version 1.2

- added ability to navigate app while sync/playback continues
- notification when background download finishes
- removed screen dimming/brightness button
- various GUI updates and bug fixes

Jan 04
Version 1.1

- Revamped for new content
- Removed GPS location requirement
- Fixed bugs

Apr 23
Version 1.0

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