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Talking Parrot Repeater is a fun app for the entire family! Simply record your message and the Talking Parrot will repeat it as often as you like! With two talking parrots EACH with their own voice, the fun never stops.

Hit Record and then sing, talk or say whatever you like into the app! The parrot will repeat it back to your with the Play button. Up to 30 seconds of sounds!

The Two Parrots are:

Polly - The smart and loving Polly loves to have fun. He has a slightly higher voice than Pierre.

Paco - The crazy old sly Pierre is a bit more on the lazy side. He comes with a slightly lower voice that Polly.

Fun to play with family and friends. Enjoy!

*Note that this app requires microphone functionality

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Nov 23, 2013 (about 7 years ago).
Jul 23
Version 2.0

-Updated for new OS's and device screens sizes
-Enhanced UI and text improvements
-Fixed bugs

Nov 23
Version 1.0