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Metromile can help save low-mileage drivers an average of $741/year on car insurance. With pay-per-mile insurance, you pay for what you use—so if you drive less, you pay less. Our base rates start at just $29/mo plus a few cents for each mile you drive. Our smart driving app makes car ownership as seamless, affordable and as simple as it can be. And get connected to your car using the ‘Metromile Pulse’, our device that puts important information like your car’s location at your fingertips.

We launched Ride Along™, a free new way to know if your driving can result in a lower car insurance rate before making a purchase. You can begin a Ride Along after downloading the Metromile app and getting a free quote in minutes. Then, your Ride Along begins with no obligation to purchase from Metromile—just go about your routines and have your smartphone in your vehicle when you drive. After about two weeks, you will see how much you drove and your expected monthly bill. In select states, you can also save up to an additional 40% on your initial Metromile quote for demonstrating safe driving habits during your Ride Along.

How it works:

Pay-per-mile car insurance means that you pay for what you use. Install Metromile App or visit our website and get a free car insurance quote. We start with a low, monthly rate, and then charge a low per mile rate for each mile you drive. As simple as that. Using the Pulse device, you can know your car’s location, know when street sweeping is happening, where you’re parked, check your miles, review your trips, and more. Choose from a list of coverage options and get the coverage you want, for a lot less. Log in or scan your license for an affordable quote. Sign up today and start saving.

Why choose Metromile car insurance?

- Pay-per-mile insurance is an affordable car insurance for low mileage drivers
- Get 24/7 support from our claims team
- File a claim from the app with our guided, step-by-step process
- All miles over 250 (or 150 for New Jersey drivers) per day are free
- Get the same great coverage you’re used to, for less
- Make your car a smart car with our App and Pulse device

Change your car insurance policy wherever, whenever

- Add more drivers
- Edit your personal information
- Personalize your coverage
- Get proof of insurance cards

Get connected to your car

- Review your trips to check your mileage, fuel cost, and time driving
- Find your car if it’s ever lost or stolen. Plus, we have a 94% stolen car return rate.
- Understand your car’s engine codes
- Avoid fines with street sweeping alerts sent directly to your phone (available in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and the cities of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica).

To sign up for pay-per-mile insurance, visit our website: https://metromile.com.

Connect with us on social platforms:


We are currently available in Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington. Drivers in other states can sign up for our waitlist for an emailed notification of availability.

Note: Not all car makes and models are compatible. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

Disclaimer for savings: Average annual car insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with Metromile in 2018.

© 2020 Metromile Inc. Metromile’s trademark may be used only with permission from Metromile. All rights reserved. Some insurance products are underwritten by insurers in the National General Insurance Group. Other insurance products are underwritten by Metromile Insurance Company, 1501 W. Fountainhead Pkwy, Suite 200, Tempe, AZ 85282.

Insurance Agency License Numbers:
Arizona – 300214354
California – 0H79351
Illinois – 100676535
New Jersey – 1595718
Oregon – 100171058
Pennsylvania – 744983
Virginia – 137933
Washington – 833383

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Version History

Launched Nov 13, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Oct 19
Version 2.43.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes:

- Updated dependencies including our visual maps library, Mapbox. This resolves an intermittent stability issue when rendering maps.
- Fixed an issue where a user may have a less than adequate Ride Along experience if they weren't connected to a network.

Sep 30
Version 2.42.0

Various enhancements and bugfixes.

Sep 26
Version 2.41.1

Fixes an issue for some users where the app would crash during the Pulse device setup flow.

Sep 24
Version 2.41.0

Adds support for iOS 14.

Aug 18
Version 2.40.0

Users who opt-in to TestDrive have an improved onboarding experience.

Fix for persisting the dismissal of the Refer Friend overview card.
Fix for broken scrolling when composing a Help Center Message.

Aug 14
Version 2.39.1

Fixes an issue where some users aren't able to view their quote.

Aug 05
Version 2.39.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Jul 12
Version 2.38.1

Fixes an issue where users aren't logged out if a session has expired.

Jul 06
Version 2.38.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Jun 08
Version 2.37.0

Various enhancements and bugfixes.

May 03
Version 2.36.0

Various enhancements and bugfixes.

Apr 25
Version 2.35.1

Various enhancements and bugfixes.

Apr 21
Version 2.35.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Apr 03
Version 2.34.1

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Mar 30
Version 2.34.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Mar 17
Version 2.33.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Feb 18
Version v.2.32.0

Would you like to repair your vehicle instead of receiving a cash payout for the vehicle portion of your claim? Now you can easily switch to repair your vehicle directly in the app.

Jan 13
Version 2.31.0

No longer interested in receiving a cash payout for your claim or do you need more time to make a decision? Now you can cancel the vehicle portion of your claim or let us know you need more time to decide directly in the app.

Also, various enhancements and bug fixes.

Dec 22
Version 2.30.1

Fix an issue where retrieving certain insurance documents causes the app to crash.

Dec 19
Version v2.30.0

Interested in getting your AVA claim payout sooner? Now you can provide your payment preferences and information earlier so that your payment can be issued as soon as we receive the estimate.

Also fixes a bug where the overview tab would not immediately update after switching vehicles.

Oct 29
Version 2.29.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Sep 23
Version 2.28.0

It’s now easier to get a quote from the app. Starting a quote is as simple as scanning your driver’s license. Already a customer? Share the app with your friends and family and they can quickly see their savings.

Sep 11
Version 2.27.0

No longer interested in pursuing a claim or going through the other party’s insurance? You can now cancel the vehicle part of your claim directly from the app.

With the new DocuSign feature, you can now electronically review and sign your important documents from the app.

Aug 13
Version 2.26.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes including a minor fix to the Status Bar.

Jul 25
Version 2.25.0

This release is all about keeping you updated on the progress of your claim. AVA, our AI Claim Assistant, can now inform you if your vehicle is deemed a potential Total Loss and guide you through the settlement process. And you can now view and accept your payout with just one tap.

Jul 09
Version 2.24.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Jun 21
Version 2.23.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Jun 05
Version 2.22.0

Various enhancements and bug fixes.

May 23
Version 2.21.0

This release is all about keeping you updated on the progress of your claim. AVA, our AI Claim Assistant, can now inform you if your vehicle is deemed a potential Total Loss and guide you through the settlement process. And you can now view and accept your payout in just one click.

As always, if you have feedback on the app experience tap “Send Feedback” in the Settings view and let us know.

May 02
Version 2.20.0

Minor enhancements. Carry on.

Apr 24
Version 2.19.0

Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Apr 08
Version 2.18.0

For those of you who have a claim, getting into the AVA repair shop and rental flows can be done straight from the overview card on the main screen.

Some bugs were also fixed.

As always, if you have feedback on the app experience tap “Send Feedback” in the Settings view and let us know.

Feb 21
Version 2.17.0

This release adds one of the most requested features to the app. Trips will now always be organized by your billing cycle dates and not by calendar month. Now when flipping between Billing and Trips the views should have the same data.

Last month we accidentally forgot to add the release notes. Oops. Here is all the goodness that was in that release.

Our automated AI claim system, AVA, has had her repair shop and rental car selection experiences improved. There is now more streamlined authentication for filing your claim through the app. Lastly, some bugs were fixed to make things more stable.

As always, if you have feedback on the app experience tap “Send Feedback” in the Settings view and let us know.

Jan 16
Version 2.16.0

Various enhancements and fixes.

Dec 20
Version 2.15.3

Fixed an issue for Face ID and Touch ID.

Other minor fixes.

Dec 06
Version 2.15.2

Minor tweaks and improvements.

Oct 26
Version 2.15.1

Fixes a crash experienced by users attempting to view their bill details.

As always, if you have feedback on the app experience tap “Send Feedback” in the Settings view and let us know.

Oct 24
Version 2.15.0

You can now refer your friends to Metromile without leaving the app. Share Metromile and earn rewards through Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and more. Tap the card in your Overview or tap Refer a Friend in the Settings view.

AVA has also been updated to make selecting a repair shop even easier!

As always, if you have feedback on the app experience tap “Send Feedback” in the Settings view and let us know.

Aug 22
Version 2.14.0

We’ve made it easier to refer your friends and earn rewards with a new card on your Overview.

As always, if you have feedback on the app experience tap “Send Feedback” in the Settings view and let us know.

Aug 08
Version 2.13.0

The claims experience has been revamped to provide you more information around your claim. A new Activity Feed will give you an overall view of the progress in your claim getting resolved. More on the way!

Face ID is now properly supported on iOS X devices.

As always, if you have feedback on the app experience tap “Send Feedback” in the Settings view and let us know.

Jul 11
Version 2.12.0

Many of you have asked for an easy way to refer friends and family to Metromile through the app. You can do that now by navigating to the Settings view and tapping “Refer a friend.”

Lastly, we fixed a bug that made sending messages through the Help Center fail for certain category types.

As always, if you have feedback on the app experience tap “Send Feedback” in the Settings view and let us know.

Jun 18
Version 2.11.1

Fix for customers experiencing issues using Face ID on iPhone X.

May 15
Version 2.11.0

We’ve made some more changes to how claims work in the app. In addition, a new troubleshooting flow for the Pulse device has been added to the settings page for each vehicle on your policy.

Lastly, some more bugs have been squashed.

Feb 28
Version 2.10.0

AVA, our AI Claim Assistant, now offers self-service repair and rental capabilities! Eligible policyholders who submit a claim will be able see repair shops that are participating in our direct repair program and are located near the zip code of their vehicle’s last location. If the policyholder also has rental coverage they will be given the option to reserve a rental car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Nov 16
Version 2.9.0

Touch ID has touched down. Many of you asked to be able to login with Touch ID in the event you forget your password. If you are already logged in, tap the Overview card to get Touch ID setup. You can turn it off at any time.

AVA, our AI Claim Assistant, now handles more cases to process your payment info and submit photos.

Lastly, some bugs have been squashed and the app works better with iOS 11. iPhone X users stay tuned for some changes in an upcoming release.

Please keep the feedback coming!

Oct 11
Version 2.8.2

Minor bug fixes. Carry on.

Sep 28
Version 2.8.1

We found a nasty bug in our Payment feature. We know how annoying bugs can be, so we made sure it won't bug you anymore.

Sep 25
Version 2.8.0

You can now make policy changes within the app! You can adjust your policy coverage levels, add new vehicles or drivers, and change your garaging and mailing addresses. Head to the Insurance view and tap the “Edit Policy” button.

In addition, AVA is in the app now. For those of you who have to file a claim, you may be asked to submit photos or process your payment info via AVA, our new AI Claim Assistant. AVA doesn’t handle all claim types yet, but stay tuned!

Aug 04
Version 2.7.1

Killing bugs dead, and then some.

Jul 24
Version 2.7.0

We’ve improved the claim experience to make it faster and easier to get you back on the road.

Jun 22
Version 2.6.1

Bugfixes for billing and payment. More great features coming soon!

May 15
Version 2.6.0

More updates! Many of you requested easier access to customer support from within the app. Check out our new Help and Support feature! You can easily send our support team a message, view popular FAQs, and more.

Is your policy about to renew and you find yourself looking for the updated proof of insurance? The app has you covered. A new alert will show up on the Overview during your policy renewal window giving you plenty of heads-up. Tap the alert to see all new documents for your next policy term.

Lastly, more trip viewing crashes have been fixed. If you are experiencing crashes in this or any area send us a note through the new Help and Support feature.

Apr 06
Version 2.5.0

The car health feature has been improved! Viewing engine codes has been enhanced. There is now a distinction between active and inactive codes. Tap the car icon on the map to enter Car Health and see your vehicle’s engine code history.

If there is a code shown on the Overview you no longer want to see you can hide it as well. Tap the engine code card to go to Car Health and then drill in on the code you want to hide. There is an option to hide the code from the Overview screen. You can un-hide it at any time.

Also some more bugs have been fixed.

As always use the Feedback option in Settings to send us any feedback you may have. We read each one!

Mar 20
Version 2.4.0

This is a bug fix release. Some of you were seeing some crashes when navigating to the Trips view. Please let us know if you continue to have issues viewing Trips. Email us at: appfeedback@metromile.com.

Feb 15
Version 2.3.0

Another big set of updates! We’ve heard you loud and clear and your policy documents and coverage info are now a tap away. Read on for more goodness.

* Insurance View
All policy documents can now be viewed here. Tap the ‘Policy Documents’ row to see the full list.
Coverage details have been added for each vehicle. Tap to see a breakdown of the average monthly base rate, per mile rate, and other coverages.
The buttons to start the three claim types (Roadside, Glass, and all other) have been moved to the top of the view and are more prominent.

* Trips View
The app makes better use of real-estate in the Trips list. The cards are gone and the trip details now take up the full row.
Tap a trip to see a larger version of the map.
Swipe between trips in the large, detailed view.

* 3D Touch
That’s right! 3D Touch support in the Trips and Billing views. Quickly peek and pop to quickly view larger trip maps and see billing statement details.

* Performance
The app should be snappier. For example, if you look at past trips those should be cached for faster retrieval the next time you view them. We are continuing to improve performance so if you see something running slow drop us a note at appfeedback@metromile.com.

* Login Experience
The login experience has undergone a visual overhaul. Some of the interactions have been cleaned up too.
You can now temporarily show your password. Ideal for those times when you swear you are entering it correctly but the keyboard is not being your friend.

Nov 28
Version 2.2.0

It’s time for a redesigned insurance and claims experience. The new Insurance view enables you to easily view the status of existing claims and will soon let you start a new claim.

In addition, roadside assistance (tow, flat tire, etc.) has been brought into the app. You no longer need to make a call to request help. With just a few taps help comes to you.

Have a broken window? With just a tap and some info you can start a glass repair claim.

Proof of insurance is now shareable! Many of you have expressed a desire for better capabilities around viewing and sharing your proof of insurance card. Tap the “Share” button to open the standard share menu. Text, email, save a copy, or send the proof of insurance card to your favorite share enabled app.

Also, the proof of insurance card takes advantage of the phone’s landscape orientation. Rotate the phone and the card rotates as well.

Head to the Insurance view to check out all of these new enhancements.

Lastly, a few of you were experiencing some issues where the location would get stuck in the past. We’ve fixed that. If you are still having location issues please send us feedback so we can track them down.

As always, send your feedback to appfeedback@metromile.com. We read every one and try to reply to as many as we can.

Oct 17
Version 2.1.0

We've been hard at work on an awesome new experience for everyone!

Can you say TABS!

The "hamburger menu" has been replaced with tabs for the most commonly visited areas: Billing, Trips, and Insurance. Less taps means faster navigation for all. Parking has been merged with the Overview. The location is always there front and center on a big sized map.
You might ask - where did Car Health go? It's still there. Tap the car avatar on the map to be taken to the Car Health view. If an engine code detected that will show up as a card on the overview screen.

Redesigned Overview Cards
The new streamlined overview experience is designed to ensure any information you need is delivered right to you - front and center. Rather than show you a static set of cards the cards you see are dynamic. We have some great ideas for new cards in the future to deliver you timely, important information.

More details:
- A persistent billing card shows you the most up-to-date status of your bill.
- Overview cards have been redesigned to allow for more information to be shown at once.
- The fuel gauge (available only for specific cars) has been merged with the car avatar. We're really proud of its animated entrance too!
- The engine code card will only show up when a code is detected. Tap it to be taken to the Car Health view.
- Multiple engine codes are now clumped together in one card.
- Settings has been redesigned. Each car now has its own settings area that can be accessed independently of which vehicle is current active.
- Payment info can be updated at any time now. Go to Settings (gear icon) and tap the Payment Method row.
- Visual improvements and touches across the board.
- Bugfixes and performance improvements.

Lot's more to come. Please send any feedback for the app to appfeedback@metromile.com. We read them all and try to respond to as many as we can.

Jul 15
Version 2.0.6

We've received lots of feedback on the new billing section and we've made it even better!

You can now:
- View a detailed breakdown of your bill per vehicle
- Change your payment method (not available for all users)
- Pay your bill via the app (not available for all users)

Have feedback on the app? Mail us at appfeedback@metromile.com or use the Feedback link in the app.

May 11
Version 2.0.5

We’ve made it easier than ever to connect and manage your Pulse device.

Are you saving with Metromile's pay-per-mile insurance? Share it with your friends!

Apr 11
Version 2.0.4

We’ve made it even easier to send feedback on the app. Check it out in the menu and share your thoughts!

Do you have feedback on the app? We want to hear all about it! Email us at appfeedback@metromile.com.

Mar 09
Version 2.0.3

Break out the bubbly! The new Billing feature lets you keep tabs on your mileage costs throughout the month, so you always know how much you owe.

Do you have feedback on the app? We want to hear all about it! Email us at appfeedback@metromile.com.

Feb 04
Version 2.0.2

You asked and we listened: the fuel gauge for compatible vehicles has returned! Check it out on the Overview and Parking screens.

We also squashed some bugs to make your experience smoother.

Do you have feedback on the app? We want to hear all about it! Email us at appfeedback@metromile.com.

Jan 15
Version 2.0.1

We’ve been working hard after the launch to resolve the following bug fixes:

- No-one likes slow performance. We've improved performance and loading speeds throughout the app.
- You can now navigate through your historic trip data.
- Fixed an issue involving timezones and incorrect monthly trip totals.
- Fixed an issue for customers with multiple cars. You can now select between different vehicles.
- Fixed iPad and iPhone 4 Set-Up compatibility.

Nov 26
Version 2.0.0

We’ve completely redesigned our app and given it a fresh coat of paint, making car ownership easier than ever. Our new overview screen allows you to quickly see the most important information (like viewing trip details and car location) and drill in for more detail.

Nov 03
Version 1.6.0

Updated for iOS 9.

Bug fixes, including a crash users were experiencing when navigating to the Car Location screen.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve the app!

Jun 30
Version 1.5.9

- Fixed a third-party issue related to registering a device for push notifications.
- Fixed an issue for Pulse users where the Location Services banner is always on if the app has been given 'While Using' privileges and the app enters the background.

Jun 03
Version 1.5.8

What's new in 1.5.8:

Introducing the Metromile Tag!

Dec 21
Version 1.5.7

What's New in Version 1.5.7:

- Better iOS 8 integration!
- We’ve added Categories & Labels for Trips!
- Create specific names (labels) for the start & end points of any individual trip (e.g. Home, Gym).
- Categorize each trip itself (e.g. Business, Fun, or Commute); we start you off with 5 but you can create more!
- Want to see certain types of trips? Just filter for specific categories on the Trips screen.

Happy organizing!

Read more at blog.metromile.com.

Oct 29
Version 1.5.6

We’ve added Categories & Labels for Trips!

- Create specific names (labels) for the start & end points of any individual trip (e.g. Home, Gym).
- Categorize each trip itself (e.g. Business, Fun, or Commute); we start you off with 5 but you can create more!
- Want to see certain types of trips? Just filter for specific categories on the Trips screen.

Happy organizing!

Read more at blog.metromile.com.

Aug 14
Version 1.5.5

What's New in Version 1.5.5
- We are givers, not takers, here at Metromile. Now you can share the app and features with friends & family!
- Let them know about your trips, car location, trouble codes, street sweeping alerts, and even your potential savings with per-mile insurance
- SMS notification support for car trouble codes and street sweeping alerts
- Request a CSV export of your raw data (via Settings in the app)
- Speed & visualization improvements to Trends and Trips
- Bug fixes, as usual

Jul 18
Version 1.5.4

What's New in Version 1.5.4
- So last time we gave you superpowers…this time, use the Savings Estimator to find out how much you can save with per-mile car insurance
- From our Car Health screen, find a highly-rated Mechanic near you if you need help!
- Speed and visual improvements to the Trends screen
- Car icons now reflect the type of vehicle that you have
- As always, bug fixes and improvements

Jul 05
Version 1.5.3

What's New in Version 1.5.3
- Trends: Swipe left & right to move around in time or switch metrics
- Trips now have a speed overlay showing you MPH over your entire trip!
- A new Settings screen for you to control notifications and fuel type
- Bug fixes and improvements, as always
- This app will give you superpowers...maybe.

Jul 02
Version 1.5.2

What's New in Version 1.5.2
- You like that new design with the new logo? We'll stop teasing you and make it the app icon.
- Squash some bugs, while adding some improvements. Good trade no?
- An updated Trends screen to display data in a more intuitive and useful way
- A Settings screen that allows users to select Fuel Type (used in Fuel Cost calculations)
- "Time" as a more important metric because we know how valuable it is to you!

Jun 28
Version 1.5.1

What's New in Version 1.5.1
- Brand new design!
- A new walkthrough for folks to get to know the app before signing up
- A Settings screen that allows users to select Fuel Type (used in Fuel Cost calculations)
- An updated Trends screen to display data in a more intuitive and useful way
- Opting out of feature notifications by medium (push, email) on the Settings screen
- "Time" is a more prominent data point across screens in the app (you asked, we listened!)
- A more accurate insurance savings screen to show you projected dollar savings based on how much you drive and your current insurance premium

May 23
Version 1.2.1

Bug fixes and various improvements, most notably with the Trips screen.

May 08
Version 1.2.0

- Brand new design! (and it may get even better soon...)
- New screens showing an overview of your car, its location, & its health
- A trips view with daily summaries, breakdown of time driving, and swipe-ability between trips
- Take a photo of your car and store it in your MetroMile app
- A new insurance page (for those eligible) to see annual estimated mileage and potential savings with MetroMile per-mile car insurance

And as always, bug fixes and overall improvements.

Mar 22
Version 1.1.6

- Ability to update vehicle make/model/year/style information for more targeted data insights.
- [San Francisco only] Share Street Cleaning alerts with family & friends.
- Improvements to Find My Car.
- Better support for push notifications in different app states.
- Support to switch between vehicles easily.

And as always, bug fixes and enhancements.

Feb 27
Version 1.1.5

- Week over week Trends view now available.
- Support for Push Notifications for Diagnostic Trouble Codes and street sweeping alerts.
- Bug fixes and enhancements.

Jan 16
Version 1.1.4

- Fix for application crash after most recent update.
- Username is now remembered upon logout.

Jan 10
Version 1.1.3

Fixed issue where some users were logged out after short periods of time.

Dec 03
Version 1.1.2

- Improved MPG accuracy
- Bug fixes

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