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The Control4 app turns your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad into the ultimate command center for your Control4 smart home automation system.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to using this app, you need a Control4 controller and automation system running Control4 OS 2.6 or later (2.10 recommended) at your home or business. If you are unsure of the software version on your system, please check with your Control4 dealer or login to your Control4 account at https://customer.control4.com for more information.

On your iPhone and iPad, use the Control4 app and enjoy the convenience of controlling and viewing the status of your entire smart home, including audio, video, lights, thermostats, security system and cameras, door locks, sensors, pools, and much more.

Quickly browse your own music collection or find a favorite track on streaming music services like Rhapsody--and listen in one room or across every room in your home. Adjust your lights with interactive dimmers or use a lighting scene as a single button press to control lights across multiple rooms. Fire up the heater on your pool or spa. Open garage doors or an electric gate, or use the app to unlock a deadbolt on a door.

Connect to your system at home over your own Wi-Fi network. You can also use the app to access and manage your home from virtually anywhere in the world using 3G/4G or remote Wi-Fi networks when the app is enabled with a Control4 4Sight subscription.

Highlighted Features on iPhone and iPad:
• Audio playback and distribution
• Video control and distribution
• Lighting control and scene editing (scene editing is only available on the iPad)
• Heating and air conditioning control
• Security system management and camera viewing
• Feedback from sensors and control through relays
• Cover art for movies and music
• Playlist management
• Anywhere Access (4Sight subscription required, contact your dealer)

Use your Apple Watch to quickly control the most often used features of your Control4 system, including:
• Custom action buttons
• Audio and video control
• Temperature
• Lighting (including scenes)
• Door locks and garage doors. NOTE: Apple Watch support requires watchOS 2 or later and a Control4 controller and automation system running Control4 OS 2.8.1 or later at your home or business.

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Version History

Launched Sep 10, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Apr 05
Version 2.10.15

- Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Apr 01
Version 2.10.14

- Resolves a crash on devices running iOS 12 or below.
- Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Feb 25
Version 2.10.13

- Resolves a bug security panels not arming when toggled in the app.
- Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Oct 03
Version 2.10.12

- Improved iOS 13 Support
- Fixed an issue that caused customers running iOS 13 to get stuck when changing their phone between portrait/landscape.
- Resolved a crash that some customers experienced when using bio-metrics to log in to the app.
- Improved translations.
- Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Jun 12
Version 2.10.10

Fixed an issue that prevented the use of the Wakeup feature
Added lighting scenes and media experience back to WatchOS
Improved WatchOS Speed and Stability
Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

May 28
Version 2.10.9

New App Icon
Improved WatchOS Speed
Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements
Xcode 10 Support

Mar 26
Version 2.10.8

Fixed issues that impacted select models of cameras
Fixed an issue with Luma NVR camera streams
Improved app stability

Mar 07
Version 2.10.7

Fixed an issue that caused long load times for camera thumbnails
Fixed an issue that caused duplicate camera thumbnails
Improved app stability

Mar 05
Version 2.10.6

-Enhanced security camera experience with faster camera load times and new full-screen view.
-Fixes to improve app stability.

Sep 06
Version 2.10.5

This update includes a number of stability and bug fixes, including:
- Light button in the top navigation bar on iPad fixed to show and control lights and scenes for selected room and all rooms.
- Fixed issue where lighting showed an incorrect state when scrolling.
- Lighting page fixed where incorrect levels or possible loss of control over dimmer.
- On Now Playing page, linked service icon to navigate back to music service for easier browsing.
- Fixed case where incorrect characters were appearing on tabs in Tidal music service.
- Deezer logout issue corrected.
- Fixed case where buttons in popups did not navigate correctly in music services.
- Corrected issue where browsing lists in music services on iPads resulted in incorrect behavior (landscape only).
- Notification popups on music service screens fixed, including iHeartRadio, Spotify "How-to-Stream" instructions, links that launch an external browser, incorrect navigation or non-functioning buttons, and app crash.
- Corrected a rare case were Watch and Listen icons failed to load in a particular room.
- Fixed issue where iPhone X crashed when unlocking with Face ID.

Jul 17
Version 2.10.4

Addressed the following issues in this release:

36785 Lock UI: Time restrictions for user schedules is always different from what the user configures.
36760 iOS MSP: Add to Queue / Play Next cause the menu to be unresponsive and or director crash
38756 C4 iOS app: volume ramps up on the system w/o user interaction
38986 Lock history shows event time stamps in UTC - latest event shows in local time
39031 No Voume Control on Main IOS Navigator
38657 iOS 2.10.2: Crash in Door Lock User Detail when Days are Empty
36757 iOS app crashing when attempting to edit user settings for locks.
39087 Yale Legacy Driver: Time stamps are not correct for events on the History page.

May 14
Version 2.10.3

Includes fixes to security panels and a bug that caused the lock screen to crash the app.

Feb 05
Version 2.10.2

Includes stability and bug fixes, updates to support iPhone X, and support for watchOS 4.

Dec 07
Version 2.10.1

-Includes various stability and bug fixes, including updates to correct issues with Apple Watch.

Sep 06
Version 2.10.0

-Improved video quality for security cameras.
-Bug fixes and other improvements.

Nov 03
Version 2.9.1

• Fixes crash on iOS 10 when controlling music on Sonos, Pandora, and others.
• Localization updates.

Sep 14
Version 2.9.0

This release includes new features, stability enhancements, and bug fixes. Highlights include:
• Control shades / blinds with an all-new interface.
• Access shades from the home page.
• Configure home page to display as a circle or a grid of icons inside the Settings> Preferences.
• Improved sliders in lighting.
• Use your Apple Watch with new Control4 complication or dim lights via the digital crown.

Feb 01
Version 2.8.2

• Bug fixes and stability improvements.

The features below are available after the software on your system controller is updated to Control4 OS 2.8.1. Contact your dealer to learn more.
• Support for Apple Watch (watchOS 2 or later)
• UI Support for drivers with custom icons (example: Roku, Netflix, Amazon Fire, cable providers)

Jan 26
Version 2.8.1

• Bug fixes and stability improvements.

The features below are available after the software on your system controller is updated to Control4 OS 2.8.1. Contact your dealer to learn more.
• Support for Apple Watch (watchOS 2 or later)
• UI Support for drivers with custom icons (example: Roku, Netflix, Amazon Fire, cable providers)

Oct 14
Version 2.8.0

2.8.0 adds new functionality and corrects issues, including:

• Manage Door Locks - configure your locks from anywhere, defining users, changing codes, and restricting access by time of day, and more.
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
• Support and fixes for iOS 9.

The features below are available after the software on your system controller is updated to Control4 OS 2.8. Contact your dealer to learn more.

• My Movie Makeover - view your movie collection with improved movie artwork, and review by genre, rating, actors, and much more.
• New Channels interface - new layout, bigger more recognizable logos, and filters as a bonus.
• New My Music experience - use search to find a favorite song, album, or artist. Browse through your collection that puts album covers front and center.
• Unified Stations - see all your favorite terrestrial, XM, TuneIn, Rhapsody, Sonos, streaming services, or other stations on a single page for easier, centralized access.
• Easiest Security Panel yet - arm or disarm your security system with a new, simplified interface. Check with your dealer for supported panels.

May 21
Version 2.7.2

Includes fixes to application crashes.

May 05
Version 2.7.1

Includes bug and stability fixes including:
-Correctly saving edited lighting scenes
-Controlling blinds on older Control4 OSes
-Displaying play/pause icon correctly when watching TV

Mar 24
Version 2.7.0

This update includes new features and fixes, including:

• Entirely new heating and cooling interface, now with gesture support, bold colors when the system is actively running, scheduling interface, and more.
• Enhanced performance connecting to your home when on mobile or remote Wi-Fi networks Note: 4Sight subscription required for remote access.
• Various fixes for issues that were identified by customers.

Nov 17
Version 2.6.1

This update corrects the following issues:

• Lost volume control for some audio and video devices.
• App may crash when switching rooms if lights or zones page is open.
• Media Bar may show as inactive while media is playing.
• Zones page may not update after adding rooms to a zone.
• App may crash when opening cameras page if security camera was incorrectly configured.
• When connecting remotely (4Sight required), movie mode didn’t work for some security cameras.

Sep 10
Version 2.6

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