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Ultimate Cornhole: 3D Bag Toss is the most realistic cornhole game ever created for mobile! It is complete with immersive 3D graphics, realistic physics and live recorded sounds.

Play against the computer in single player mode or challenge players from across the globe in online multiplayer. Challenge Facebook friends to a quick match to see who dominates the boards!

- Multiple environments; Backyard BBQ, Stadium Tailgate, Tropical Beach
- Online multi-player with Facebook integration
- Realistic 3D environments
- Realistic physics, bag collisions and bounces
- Live recorded sounds from an actual cornhole board
- Customize bag colors and boards
- Multiple computer opponent difficulties
- Easy to use line-control for tosses
- Loft and Drive toss type for more control
- Time Attack mode to hone your skills
- Leaderboards and Achievements

This app displays ads, which can be disabled by an in-app purchase.

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Version History

Launched Aug 30, 2013 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Aug 19
Version 4.2.2

- Bug fix for In-App Purchases not synchronizing correctly

Jul 25
Version 4.2.0

- Optimized for iPhoneX
- New ACO board available
- Bug fixes for unlocking new levels

Sep 22
Version 4.1.1

- New updated UI
- Two new stages to play; Stadium Tailgate and Tropical Beach
- Revamped login system that simplifies the process of getting started
- New tutorial to help new players
- Better online multiplayer functionality
- Online games are now limited to 11 points and/or 3 innings to make it quicker to play an online match
- Added sudden-death mode to online games that go beyond 3 innings
- Higher quality graphics

Jan 15
Version 4.0.6

Thanks for all your feedback, reviews and emails! We are working hard on improving the game with your input!
- Fixed an issue with multiplayer that was keeping some users from joining games sporadically
- Fixed an issue on "Plus" size devices where the in-game UI was showing half-sized
- Fixed an issue that caused the main menu to shrink to half-size when playing online and the remote player forfeited
- Added additional data points to the "Email Us" button, which will help in diagnosing support issues

Nov 30
Version 4.0.1

- Challenge your friends online with the new Online Play mode
- Login with Facebook to send game invites to your friends
- Updated for iOS 10 to take advantage of the newest technologies
- Real-time shadows on supported hardware
- Updated physics simulation
- If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email us at contact@recreativestudios.com

Oct 30
Version 2.0.2

-Removed full screen ads during the game, they were distracting
-Added full Game Center support along with 3 leaderboards and numerous achievements
-Removed the now defunct OpenKit leaderboard service
-Adjusted the AI player balance

Dec 16
Version 1.3.1

-Added leaderboards and achievements; GameCenter and Facebook login support
-Added Time Attack mode: 8 bags and 30 seconds, get as many points as you can; a hole-in gets your bag back and 3 more seconds on the clock
-6 new custom cornhole board designs (in app purchase)
-Several bug fixes and optimizations based on feedback

Oct 11
Version 1.1.2

Due to the company that we license collegiate content from having some issues, we had to remove all the collegiate boards from the game. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Oct 01
Version 1.1.0

-Added a toss control system more in line with the original Tailgate Cornhole game, touch the bag and drag the line to aim, then release
-Added the ability to select between "loft" and "drive" tosses to give more control over the toss
-Added a toss tutorial that will run the first time the game is played
-Decreased the effect of wind (no more hurricane conditions) and limited the wind change to every two tosses
-Fixed an issue where a bag was incorrectly counted as foul when it was on top of two other bags
-Improved performance on iPhone4 and older devices

Aug 30
Version 1.0

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