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The Honeywell HRDP-Fusion application will allow users to connect to their Fusion or HRDP H.264 to view live video, search recorded video and control PTZ cameras from the simple interface of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Supported Products:
HRDP Rev A (v1.0.1.86 and later)
HRDP Rev B (v1.0.0.49 and later)
HRDPX (v1.0.0.36 and later)
HRDPH (v3.0.1.10 and later)
HRDPHX (v1.0.0.14 and later)
Fusion 4 Rev A and B (v4.50.10808 and later)

Included Features:
Live and Search video monitoring
PTZ Controls (Directional, Zoom and Preset modes)
Megapixel IP camera support
Multiple channel views (1 or 4)
Digital Zoom for Live and Search

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HRDP-Fusion screenshot 1HRDP-Fusion screenshot 2HRDP-Fusion screenshot 3HRDP-Fusion screenshot 4HRDP-Fusion screenshot 5HRDP-Fusion screenshot 6

Version History

Launched Aug 23, 2013 (over 5 years ago).
Jun 01
Version 3.24

- Bug Fixes

Nov 16
Version 2.09

- Fixed a problem when rotating from portrait to landscape.
- The application will now disconnect from the recorder when the Home button is pressed.
- Improved PTZ preset locations for iPhone 5 and iOS 7.

Aug 23
Version 2.05


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