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Introducing Ghosts and Spirits, ethereal beings chosen from world legend and lore to illuminate the Tarot. Some denizens of spirit world are friendly, some are funny, and some are downright terrifying, but all spirits teach about life and death, and carry messages from outside of time. Ghosts and Spirits Tarot is structured traditionally, with 22 major and 56 minor cards, plus a bonus card for the deepest reflections. Lisa Hunt’s intricate art makes manifest the spirits she has chosen from world folklore, each with its unique ghost story and divinatory meaning.

*Intuitive, elegant interface is easy for beginners and experts

*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution card images

*Full support formal current iOS devices
*Each card comes with a synopsis of the ghost story and divinatory meaning
*Bonus material, including fully realized art, sketches and text
*Sophisticated journal

*Includes unabridged compact book
*18 spreads built in

*Design your own layout with Free Form

*Allow reversed cards or not

*Option to use Major Arcana only

*Zoom in to enlarge card details

*Share reading via email, Facebook, and Twitter

*Animated shuffle & cut

*Optional voice prompts

*Customize with your own card meanings & reading cloths

*Many adjustable settings
*Book and card meanings available in English only

Enjoy insight and inspiration from Ghosts and Spirits today!

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Version History

Launched Jul 10, 2013 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 1 year, on average.

Mar 06
Version 2.1.6

Improved support for X family devices, including the newer iPad Pros.
Fixes Journal crashing issue.
Various other minor enhancements and small bug fixes.

Aug 16
Version 2.0.2

Added support for force touch and multitasking (when available).
Improved compatibility with newer versions of iOS.
Now requires iOS 6 or newer.
Fixed on/off sliders in Settings sometimes getting "stuck".
Added several traditional spreads.

Sep 17
Version 1.4

Now supports iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. Added sharing using the new iOS 8 sharing extensions. Various minor bug fixes.

Dec 13
Version 1.3.6

Full support for iOS 7. Various minor bug fixes.

Jul 10
Version 1.3.4

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