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Preview video: https://vimeo.com/70476823

Poly is a unique generative sequencer that harnesses the power of poly-rhythms to create intricate and exciting patterns.

Different coloured nodes are added to a circular area. The closer a node is to middle, the faster it repeats. Each node has its own sample, FX settings and keyboard. There are five available colours and up to 12 nodes maximum.

Poly comes with over 40 preset sounds, including a selection of awesome 808 samples!

Other features include:

- Audiobus integration
- Ableton Link
- Audio Copy and Paste
- AudioShare file sharing
- Virtual / Hardware MIDI
- Saving and Loading of Patterns
- Recording of performances
- Dropbox upload and download

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Version History

Launched Jul 18, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Nov 23
Version 2.6.3

Updated Dropbox SDK
Updated AudioShare SDK

Aug 05
Version 2.6.2

A few crash fixes
Updated Dropbox SDK

Jul 11
Version 2.6.1

Fixed an iPad issue where the app wouldn't play on second load
Crash fix for users loading patterns from version 2.5 and earlier

Jul 10
Version 2.6

Ableton Link
More accurate MIDI sync
More accurate sequencing
MIDI connections now update whilst the app is running
Muted nodes no longer send MIDI notes out
Updated the Audiobus SDK
Failed in app purchases no longer cause the app to crash
Various other small bug fixes

Apr 15
Version 2.5

AudioShare file sharing

Mar 26
Version 2.4.1

Added a logout button for Dropbox.
Fixed a crash when trying to upload a file.
Fixed a crash when buying IAP's

Mar 24
Version 2.4

Redesigned settings menu
Dropbox fixes
Audiobus should now work on iOS 9
Updated AudioCopy SDK
Removed SoundCloud, as the library was way out of date.

Oct 25
Version 2.3.2

Background audio and background MIDI now work without being connected to Audiobus

Oct 18
Version 2.3.1

Fixed a bug that prevented audio from playing whilst connected to Audiobus

Sep 26
Version 2.3

Updated for iOS 8

Mar 07
Version 2.2.2

iPhone - Fixed a bug where the load pattern screen was sometimes the wrong size

Jan 03
Version 2.2.1

Improvements -

Improved Wired MIDI compatibility
Added a list of connected MIDI sources
Updated Audiobus library
Updated AudioCopy library

Bug Fixes -

Fixed a crash related to In App Purchases
Fixed an iOS 6 issue that caused the app to crash when loading patterns

Oct 19
Version 2.2

iOS 6 USERS PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE!! This update is intended to fix some problems with iOS 7. If you're happy with Poly as it is and you use iOS 6, please don't update.

No more frozen nodes!

Oct 12
Version 2.1

iOS 6 USERS PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE!! This update is intended to fix some problems with iOS 7. If you're happy with Poly as it is and you use iOS 6, please don't update.

iOS 7 tweaks

Bug fixes

Aug 23
Version 2.0

Added iPhone compatability

Fixed a bug that caused audio to glitch when switching between apps whilst connected to AudioBus

Fixed a bug that caused crashes when loading and clearing patterns

Aug 19
Version 1.1

The Virtual MIDI upgrade now includes support for Wired and Network MIDI. The IAP has been renamed to just MIDI.

Added mute buttons for colour groups

Audio is no longer disabled when connected via MIDI. There is an option to disable it instead.

Added a master volume control on the left of the big circle.

Added individual node pitching to the right of the big circle.

Poly now restores the previous session when you reopen the app.

Added an option to make the icons around the circle bigger.

Added a second help screen and improved the original one.

The sound selection menu now stays in the last used folder.

Fixed a rare bug that caused crashes with imported audio.

Fixed a bug that caused audio to stop after receiving a FaceTime call.

Jul 30
Version 1.0.1

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the app to crash when switching MIDI ports whilst connected to Audiobus

Jul 18
Version 1.0

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