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Contains all learning levels — no in-app purchases required!

¡Hola! Help your child boost her Spanish with this fun quiz app. Each time she plays, the app selects progressively more challenging questions from a database of over 500 English-to-Spanish translations. Study hard y es possible que you will top our Spanish Leaderboard. ¡Vámonos!

Spanish Vocabulary Quiz Features:

- Correct answers are highlighted if students get answers wrong
- Questions get progressively harder
- Option to adjust level of difficulty
- Smart Learning review levels offer practice to make learning really stick
- Listen to native speakers read answer choices aloud (or, set Reading to Off in the Home menu for a silent challenge)
- Students win medals and points for completing sections of the game
- Fully integrated in Game Center with seven special achievements
- Does not require an internet connection to play

Practicing the questions in this app not only teaches important Spanish vocabulary, but also makes it easier to ace the corresponding game on the peace-of-mind learn & play sites Miacademy.co, Always-Icecream.com and Clever-Dragons.com.

Search for Clever Dragons in the App Store to see our other foreign language learning apps and all our educational offerings. We're working hard each day to bring you more fun and learning!

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Version History

Launched Jun 06, 2013 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Oct 24
Version 2.60

Improved performance on iOS 12 plus lots of bug-squashing! Drop us a line at appfeedback@clever-dragons.com to let us know how we can make this app an even better learning experience for you and your students!

Oct 13
Version 2.50

Greetings, Learners!

We’re excited to bring you a completely redesigned user interface in this update. We’ve also improved the timer mode and smashed some bugs. For apps with pictures in their questions, we’ve improved this part of the interface too. Want a closer look at an image? Just tap. Ready to go back to your answer choices? Tap again to zoom out.

Like the update? Still have more feature requests on your wishlist? Write to appfeedback@clever-dragons.com and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

May 13
Version 2.40

Thanks to our development team, who are nimble with their bug-smashing sledgehammers, this update contains significant improvements. Notably:

+ Read-aloud enhancements create a more natural sounding experience.
+ Changes to the optional answer timer make this feature more motivational and less stressful.

Learning coaches now appear between the levels and students can spend their points to choose a new coach. Let us know what you think and what else might motivate your student.

As always, if you see something, say something — your feedback fuels our improvements: appfeedback@clever-dragons.com. Thanks for learning & playing!

Aug 11
Version 2.30

+cool new coaches that will help you learn
+new rewards for better learning
+fixed game center integration with even more cool medals to unlock
+more fun

Jun 08
Version 2.29

Exciting behind-the-scenes improvement brought to you by the Clever Dragons of our development team:

+ Now, each of our quiz-style apps will contain the latest learning content available without any need for you to update to a new version — stay tuned for lots more learning coming your way!

Usability improvements:

+ More streamlined design to easily get right where you want to go in this learning app

+ Motivational progress graphics

Mar 02
Version 2.28

+bug fixes
+better adjustment to iOS 8
+more fun

Dec 19
Version 2.27

+level slider fixed
+new cool time mode with different difficulties
+cooler spaced repetition mode
+more fun

Nov 04
Version 2.26

Contains all learning levels — no in-app purchases required!

Oct 12
Version 2.25

+everything inside of the app is for free
+more fun + better learning

Aug 03
Version 2.24

-bug fixes
-even better learning opportunities
-more fun

May 26
Version 2.23

+ better user interface
+ rewards for reached level and correctly answered questions
+ more fun

Apr 18
Version 2.22

+time mode
+user interface improved
+animation stoppable
+bug fixes
+more fun

Mar 16
Version 2.21

+bug fixes
+better purchase process

+more fun

Dec 02
Version 2.14

+new awesome title song
+better usability
+more fun

Nov 06
Version 2.1

+ Smart Learning: carefully spaced review sessions to solidify learning connections

+ Optional audio: hear each English word and the choice of translations read aloud for even more learning (iOS7 and later only). (Need quiet time? Set Reading and Sound to Off from the app's Home menu.)

Sep 29
Version 1.6.3

+Bug fixes
+Usability improvements
+More Fun

Sep 19
Version 1.6.2

+ Better sounds
+ Usability improvements
+ Bug fixes
+ More fun

Jun 06
Version 1.0

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