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35 million people can’t be wrong!

Get cheap flights fast with Skyscanner- the world’s best flight search app. Join over 35 million people who have already downloaded our highly-rated apps. Compare millions of flights and hundreds of airlines in seconds. Skyscanner: it’s fast, flexible and free!

Need to find cheap flights on the go? Save money and time with Skyscanner. With our comprehensive coverage, you can search millions of flights from hundreds of airlines around the world – both low-cost and scheduled to find the perfect flights at the cheapest price. When you’ve found your flights, we link you to the airline or travel agent so you buy directly and get the best deal – all in a few taps.


‘Everywhere’ search – want to get away, but don’t know where? Let us inspire you with prices for destinations around the world.

Filter results by price, cabin class, airline, and departure and times

Chart view: see prices across a whole week or month

Spin the globe to find destinations from your departure location - see how much you could save if you fly to or from a nearby airport

Tab view: easily compare your searches

Available in over 30 languages

 $1.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Jun 10, 2013 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

May 22
Version 3.5

You can now subscribe to our travel inspiration newsletter when you register for your Skyscanner account.

Apr 16
Version 3.4

Price Alerts – now get notifications when the price of your flight changes.

Mar 09
Version 3.3

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Feb 12
Version 3.1.14

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jan 21
Version 3.1.13

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Dec 15
Version 3.1.11

Various bug fixes.

Oct 13
Version 3.1.9

Various bug fixes

Sep 13
Version 3.1.8

Updated to support the new iOS8 operating system.

Various user interface improvements.

Aug 08
Version 3.1.7

• To keep things simple, we've merged our Favorites, My Trips and Watched options into a single menu called ‘Watched’.

May 27
Version 3.1.6

Various bug fixes

Mar 26
Version 3.1.5

New log-in feature for storing past searches

Various bug fixes

Nov 29
Version 3.1.3


- Design Refresh for iOS 7

- Various bug fixes

Sep 28
Version 3.1.2

We asked you to tell us how we could improve the Skyscanner app. Now, thanks to you, the most flexible and powerful flight search app in the world is even better.


- Four new languages: Slovak, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian

- Improved airport coverage

- Various bug fixes

Jun 10
Version 3.1.1

Previous 3 versions


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