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StudentPlus gives each student secure, mobile access to their grades, scores, attendance, schedule, and homework. Students can easily view school announcements, alerts and a personalized, combined calendar. StudentPlus creates a stronger connection between the school and the student by sharing information that is critical for success and learning.

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Version History

Launched Nov 07, 2013 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Mar 04
Version 2.7.0

- Implemented show/hide feature in password fields.
- Implemented Restriction List
- Other various fixes

Jan 14
Version 2.6.0

- Enabled Progress Reports and Combined Progress Reports access.
- Other enhancements and issue fixes.

Mar 20
Version 2.5.0

- Improved school registration process
- Access to E-Portfolio
- Ability for Group Heads and Group Members to access their Groups
- New combined homework feed to show all assignments in one area
- Reply and Draft feature in E-Mail and Messages
- New Year process handling
- Files and links now show on calendar events
- Lesson Plans feature implemented
- Support for iPhone X
- Other enhancements and bug fixes

Nov 03
Version 2.4.0

- Email and Messages feature implemented.
- Multiple attachments now supported in: Announcements, Notifications and Alerts, School Links and Files, Classes.
- Other fixes.

Oct 20
Version 2.3.0

- School Links and Files are now accessible.
- Links and Files are now accessible in Announcements, Alerts and Notifications.
- Links and Files are now accessible in Class Homework, Announcements and Alerts.
- Scores Annotations are visible in Scores.
- Grade level permissions implemented.

Aug 27
Version 2.2.0

-School Directory feature is now available (if enabled by your school).

Aug 11
Version 2.1.0

Schedule display issue fixed.

Jul 24
Version 2.0.0

New and improved StudentPlus version 2.0 release!

New features include:
-Completely redesigned user interface
-View more report card information including skills, comments and narratives
-See live progress and more details on assignment scores
-Enhanced calendar functionality
-Access more class information
-Ability to reset password
-View demographics
-New menu options
...and much more!

Look for future updates with even more functionality including email, school directory, e-locker and more!

Dec 02
Version 1.14.0

Login crash issue solved

Oct 13
Version 1.12.0

Corrected permission display issue with grades/averages.
Invalid discipline follow-up date display issue resolved.
Fixed new year data switch in app.

Mar 04
Version 1.11.0

Fixed UI issues.

Feb 17
Version 1.10.0

You can now use spaces when adding a new school.

Feb 04
Version 1.9.0

Fixed crashes

Jan 29
Version 1.8.0

Enhanced error and bug reporting

Jan 17
Version 1.7.0

Fixed crashes

Jan 10
Version 1.6.0

-Fixed reported crashes
-Updated web services

Jan 06
Version 1.5.0

Fixed crash in Grades screen, Crash reporting

Dec 18
Version 1.4.0

-Marking Period filters for grades and homework
-Implemented better labeling of Averages and Grades
-Schedule detects what day of the week it is
-Schedule can be swiped to switch days

Dec 08
Version 1.2.0

Fixed bug in homework screen when due dates missing.

Nov 16
Version 1.1.0

Schedule view fixes

Nov 08
Version 1.0.0

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