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The UGA Mobile App is the best of the Bulldog Nation in one, central mobile app for students, visitors, parents, faculty, staff and fans. It’s the official mobile app of the University of Georgia.

Features include:
* Bus trackers for UGA Campus Transit and Athens Transit
* Campus map with buildings, dining halls, computer labs and print kiosks
* UGAMail access
* eLearning Commons (eLC) access
* Parking deck and lot information
* UGA Involvement Network for student organizations
* Customize your home screen tab bar
* Touch ID sign in for applicable iOS devices
* Ask SGA

The UGA Mobile App is a collaboration between the Student Government Association (SGA) and Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS).

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Version History

Launched Apr 15, 2013 (about 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

May 23
Version 4.2.4

Summer has begun. We hope everyone has an awesome break and return safely.
We have removed the commencement module. It will comeback in time for next commencement in December.

May 01
Version 4.2.1

Commencement is right around the corner!
We have brought back the Commencement module to help graduates and their visitors.
Congratulations to Spring 2019 graduates and best of luck to you all.
A link to the Global UGA in the Links module has been updated.

Apr 24
Version 4.2.0

Ever drove all the way to the Tate deck and drove back because it's full? No more turn-arounds!
The new Deck Check module gives you a live feed on how many spaces are available now.
We fixed an error on the Meal Plan Balances module from last release.

Apr 19
Version 4.1.9

Ever drove all the way to the Tate deck and drove back because it's full? No more turn arounds!
The new Deck Check module gives you a live feed on how many spaces are available now.
This release also includes data updates.

Mar 22
Version 4.1.7

Diversity Office link is added to the app.
Minor UI fixes to make our app cleaner and easier to the eyes.
There were few minor bugs that have been resolved.
More accurate data for your information accuracy.

Jan 11
Version 4.1.5

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great break!
We have removed the commencement module, but it will be back for the summer commencement!

Dec 19
Version 4.1.4

Semester is over and the winter (break) has come!
Hope all bulldawgs finished strong this semester.
With this release, we have added the SAGE login so that you can easily manage your advising appointments.
We have also added a link for LiveSafe in the Links so be sure to check it out and travel safe within campus.
Also you can now attach photos in Ask SGA!

Nov 15
Version 4.1.2

We are running towards the end of the semester and commencement is soon! We brought back the Commencement module to provide easy and quick information about upcoming commencement.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we have updated our bus route data for the intersession buses that will be running during the break.

Oct 25
Version 4.1.0

UGA Bus Point to point direction is finally in the app!
Don't spend hours figuring out bus routes any more. Let the app find it for you!
This release also includes bug fix on bus map, along with updated links to useful resources.

Sep 22
Version 4.0.7

Athens Transit's route 12 has been changed. This release will contain the correct information for the route 12.
This release also contains a few data updates to make sure our app has the most up to date and correct data!

Sep 11
Version 4.0.6

A bug not showing University Village route and Weekender are fixed.

Sep 07
Version 4.0.5

We have updated our data to meet the newest changes to the UGA Bus routes and change in building names.
DUO authentication will now work better with iOS devices.

Aug 16
Version 4.0.2

Athens Transit live tracker is finally updated!
Enjoy both UGA and Athens Transit bus live tracking to get to your exciting classes!
Other bug fixes including Duo 'remember me' have ben fixed.

Aug 12
Version 4.0.1

A new look for a new semester!
UI improvements will make the campus map easier to use and easier for your eyes.
Places search has a whole new look.
Both UGA and Athens Transit are going through big changes.
This app includes all UGA route updates and route maps of the Athens Transit updates.
Welcome back to school!

Aug 10
Version 4.0.0

A new look for a new semester!
UI improvements will make the campus map easier to use and easier for your eyes.
Places search has a whole new look.
Welcome back to school!

Jun 04
Version 3.6.3

Summer ‘s in session and so are bus routes. This release will have summer bus routes’ detours.

May 23
Version 3.6.2

Athens Transit detour is now tracked by UGA app!!!
Commencement module is away and will be back next summer for next commencement.

May 08
Version 3.6.1

Summer is here! This update includes new information about Maymester's bus routes. Due to the construction on Sanford Drive, there will be a detour on a few bus routes. This release includes tracking of the detours!

Apr 16
Version 3.6.0

Commencement is just around the corner!
UGA app now has Commencement module where you can get all the information you need to know about the ceremony such as date and time, event policy, and links to useful resources for commencement.
Congratulations to the class of 2018!

Mar 24
Version 3.5.9

Screen disorientation bug from the last release has been fixed.

Mar 23
Version 3.5.8

This update is ready for the new ArchPass Duo requirements to access Athena.
Also you will now be able to save your ArchPass Duo log in for 7 days.

Mar 12
Version 3.5.7

This update is ready for the new ArchPass Duo requirements to access eLC.

Feb 09
Version 3.5.6

UGA cares about its students!
This update includes two new modules:
- 24 Hour Emergency Care: Phone numbers to call in case of emergency
- Wellness Resources: Resources for students such as Health Center, Mental Wellness, Sexual Assault, etc.

Athens Transit is changing their bus tracking system and we have integrated that in this update.

Dec 20
Version 3.5.2

You can search the 'links' to get to your page faster!
You can also check your Meal Plan balances through the UGA app!
University Housing and Speech and Hearing Clinic are available on 'links' now!

Nov 17
Version 3.5.0

Intersession bus routes are now tracked by UGA app!
A few bugs related to location services, UGA Mail, and other features are resolved.
Now enjoy more stable and reliable UGA app!

Aug 29
Version 3.3.1

Clicking on a stop on a route's stops list map now directs you to the detailed view of the stop.

Aug 14
Version 3.3.0

Bus tracker updates for Fall semester.
Minor bug fix for bus tracker.

Aug 12
Version 3.1.4

UGA Bus updated for Fall semester.
Minor UI change for ETA visualization.
Few bug fixes for smoother experience.

Jul 31
Version 3.1.2

- Improved accuracy of the UGA Bus Tracker
- Bug fixes and minor improvements

Jun 20
Version 3.1.1

*Health Center is now on Home screen
*Language Setting bug is fixed

May 18
Version 3.1.0

*NEW look for bus tracker
*Check out Links to see new links and changes
*Bug fixes and changes to make your app run faster!

Feb 10
Version 3.0.6

* Fixed a bug with Athens Transit where routes 22 and 28 were not available.

Jan 27
Version 3.0.5

* Updated to use the new UGA logo.
* New "Ask SGA" feature where you can send questions or suggestions to the UGA Student Government Association.
* More bug fixes and performance enhancements to improve your UGA Mobile App experience.

Sep 23
Version 3.0.4

We listened to your feedback and we have brought back the campus map and bus tracker features that everyone wanted. With this update, you can now track multiple bus routes at the same time while also having the ability to place campus map locations on the map with the buses. We also updated the ability to favorite locations and bus stops directly on the bus tracker map.

In addition to the new bus tracker map update, we have added the missing bus routes 21, 22, and 28 for Athens Transit and updated/corrected other data in the app.

Aug 23
Version 3.02

UGA Mail screen and TouchID fixed. Improved data usage and battery life performance.

Aug 10
Version 3.0.1

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Aug 05
Version 3.0

Fully redesigned mobile app with flat map for the UGA bus tracking module, new parking map module, and much more.

May 20
Version 2.7.3

A bug was fixed in the UGA Radio module where the WUOG logo was displayed for the WUGA station.

We also fixed a bug with the street view for bus stops where users were unable to swipe left and right to see the area around the stop.

May 06
Version 2.6.8

Along with updates on UGA campus transit bus routes, WUOG and WUGA radio have been combined into a single UGA Radio module. A new module for the Campus Arboretum walking tree tours was also added. UGA orientation module has been added for freshmen on-boarding this summer!

Feb 04
Version 2.6.5

●Bugfix for Bus Tracker stop view not refreshing the arrival times correctly.

Jan 15
Version 2.6.3

●UGA and Athens Transit bus trackers updated to scalable bus location arrows to accommodate increasing mobile device screen resolution and changing map zoom level.
●Custom mobile app home screen with ability to add and remove modules.
●Analytics added to capture anonymous usage statistics through self-reported user types initiated when the mobile app is first installed and used (or updated).
●Single Sign On (SSO) enabled through fingerprint readers (called TouchID on iOS devices) so that users can save MyID credentials and recall them within mobile app modules
●UGAmail module for access to Office365 webmail.

Sep 18
Version 2.4.5

• Minor bug fixes.
• Added Office of International Education module with links to Study Abroad programs, International Student Life, and Immigration Services.
• Updated News, Calendar, and Quick Contacts modules.

Aug 26
Version 2.4.4

• Addressed various performance issues with the Campus Transit bus tracker.
• Bug fix for issue where users were unable to see detailed bus stop information with the bus arrival times, servicing routes, and street view.
• Bug fix for campus map where map points were not showing walking directions and street view.
• Updated campus map data for missing or incorrect locations.

Aug 07
Version 2.4.0

• Athens Transit module brings you bus tracking and predicted arrival times for all routes and bus stops serviced by the local Athens Transit bus system.
• People Search module has returned to allow users to search for UGA students, faculty, and staff contact information.
• UGA Graduate School module allows you to access and browse the website for more information about graduate programs.
• Gameday module provides you, your family and friends with information to make your gameday safe and enjoyable.
• Greek Life module connects students to information for the 61 national Greek-letter men's and women's organizations on campus.

Mar 27
Version 2.2.6

• Added new UGA Campus Transit routes for Intersession buses as well as the new VetMed/College Station and Riverbend/S. Milledge routes which start on March 16, 2015.
• Added swap bus routes functionality on bus tracker to easily switch from one route to others if you have multiple routes displayed on the map. Each route swapped also shows the two nearest stops that are in either direction for the route (i.e. north/south, east/west, etc) and the next two times that a bus is predicted to arrive for each direction.
• WUOG Streaming Radio Station.
• Updated user guides built into the mobile app for the bus tracker and the main home screen on the app.
• Transit data is fully integrated for near real-time bus stop arrival predictions.
• Parking maps now show motorcycle, scooter, and car parking with different icons.

Oct 17
Version 2.0.2

Version 2.0.2 updates:

• Removed People Search module
• Added UGA Involvement Network module

Sep 09
Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 updates and bug fixes:

•Live bus tracking timeout settings enabled to warn user if tracking data is not current or not available.
•Multiple bus route selection now supported.
•Bus stop and building street views now support phone movement control as well as swiping left/right.
•Ability to show your selected map points of interest on the live tracking bus map.
•Ability to find nearby routes and bus stops based on current location.
•Ability to find nearby map Points of Interest based on current location.
•iPad Air bugfix for icons that would not click on retina display.

Aug 25
Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of the UGA mobile app brings you visual campus bus tracking along with a host of new locations available on the built-in map.

May 21
Version 1.1

- Added portlets for Bulldog Bucks, UGA Bookstore, Career Center, Libraries, UGA Rec Sports, and Student Accounts
- Added persistent home button in top-right corner while within portlets
- Added error message for unexpected failures within portlets
- Share button on home page now shares the App Store URL
- Updated square icons for all portlets
- Updated information page to include "iPhone, iPod, and iPad"
- Changed default portlet ordering on home screen
- Changed name of "Sports" portlet to "Athletics"
- Fixed "Reset Password" URL
- Fixed problem with displaying new portlet icons

Apr 02
Version 1.0

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