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Portree is a group contact application.
With this app you can contact friends, groups, organisations and customers with just a few taps.
The app supports SMS* (text) messages, iMessage emails tweets and phone calls.

The app supports large groups and can split large groups at time of sending an SMS to get round your phone carrier's limits on number of recipients for a text. The app can work as a phone tree with more than one person involved in sending messages.

You can export and import using email and airDrop and can also save CSVs to use on your Mac or PC.

Contacts can be selected from your address book or added in the app.
Templates for sms iMessage tweets & emails can be set up in advance.

History records are saved for messages sent.

*sending sms messages and making phone calls requires an iPhone.

The app cannot make simultaneous phone calls so it will work through a list of people one by one so you know who to call next.

The first time you use the app you will be asked to grant Portree access to your contacts and to Twitter. You should say 'YES' to these questions and can change the setting in the settings app, privacy, contacts option.

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Secondary: Social Networking

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Version History

Launched Mar 21, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Oct 03
Version 2.4

Fixed a bug which prevented the email and airdrop import features from working.
(the export features do still work at present, only the import was broken)

Oct 02
Version 2.3

updated the app to make Twitter posts work again. When you compose a tweet and tap the 'tweet' button the Twitter app will open with your tweet ready to send.
If contacts have '@' names these will be added to the end of the message though you can delete them if needed before the final send.
Ensure you have the Twitter app installed.

Feb 06
Version 2.2

Added an alert when a group of contacts is being deleted to ensure that swipe to delete is not used accidentally.
This feature is a user request.
New app icon.

Sep 25
Version 2.1

Fixed bugs found when importing individual contacts who have missing information such as no phone number or no email address.
The app will now import the contact even if they only have a name and no other information.

Nov 04
Version 1.4

fixed a bug which caused the app to crash when importing contacts when a contact has multiple records and in some of the records there is missing information such as email address or phone number.

Sep 12
Version 1.30

iOS 10 Compatability.

Nov 30
Version 1.20

Fixed a bug which prevented creation of 'secondary callers' for the special contact group type 'group'.
Renamed the two group types. 'Friends' is now 'Normal' and 'Group' is now 'Tree'. Changed to remove confusion over which is the default group type.

Dec 20
Version 1.10

airDrop for export and import of contact groups. Exchange groups easily with others.
Contact groups are now listed alphabetically by surname ascending (this is a user request).
History records can now be deleted individually or in bulk.
The app now supports iOS8 and iOS7.

Oct 08
Version 1.09

Fixed a bug where import of a contact group failed when opening the attachment in an email. Exported groups will now import correctly.

Sep 18
Version 1.08

Support for iOS7. Version 1.08 drops support for earlier versions of iOS.
Change to the App name. The new name is Portree.

Jul 17
Version 1.07

New feature to split a large group of recipients into sets of 10 people when sending a text message to allow for some cellular operators who have limits on the number of recipients per message.

Fixed a bug which caused the app to crash when starting up on iOS 5.

Improved history records. Now showing full message sent and all names & numbers.

Jun 16
Version 1.06

Fixed a bug which caused the App to crash when adding a new contact if the User had previously not granted the App access to address book contacts.
Added a request for Access to contacts when the App starts.

May 21
Version 1.05

New tools menu with update contacts and delete contacts features.
New documents feature including in-depth contact management pdf.
New 'flat' icons and buttons.
Add contact streamlined and visually improved.
Many bug fixes including stopping a crash on iPhone 3GS while accessing address book photos.

May 09
Version 1.04

iMessage for iPad. On iPad You can now send iMessages to those recipients who have iMessage set up on their iOS devices. (iMessage is already available for iPhone).
Some performance enhancements when adding contacts. Bug fixes.

Apr 29
Version 1.03

Twitter - You can tweet to your contacts from the app. Templates can be used with your tweets.
Photos - Contact photos now shown.
Various graphical improvements & some bug fixes.

Apr 04
Version 1.02

Bulk contact import from your address book. The app uses a 'best guess AI' to select your favourite contacts for import. Once imported these contacts are available for use in all Phone Trees you create.

Mar 21
Version 1.01

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