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This app is a companion app to be used for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom collectible card game, which is played at the Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida.

The app provides the following features
* Gameplay assistance to help you defeat all of the game's villains by playing the most effective cards
* A digital checklist of cards that you have collected
* Ability to separate cards into decks, such as one for playing and one for trading, or whatever scheme you prefer.
* Ability to track card type (free cards, booster cards, beta cards), and designate specific decks to hold certain card types.
* Trade manager provides at-a-glance visibility to cards you are missing and cards you have extras of to trade.
* If only one trader has the app, you can enter both player's trade information on the same device. If both have the app, you can exchange information electronically, and create and accept trades through the app.
* View details about all cards (those you own and those you are missing) such as Spell Type, Attack Type, attack strength, boost strength, shield strength.
* Portal finder shows user location and portal locations to assist in finding your way to the next location
* Social media integration allows you to share your game and trading experiences via Facebook and Twitter

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Version History

Launched Apr 01, 2013 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Jan 02
Version 4.3

- Updated for iOS 12. (Minimum iOS version now 11)
- Updated for watchOS 5
- Added 2018 Halloween card 13/P (Orange Bird)
- Added 2018 Christmas card 14/P (Tiki Room)

Mar 12
Version 4.2

- Bug Fixes
- Christmas Party Card 2017 (12/P, Rover's Carousel of Progress)
- Support for iOS 11
- Support for iPhone X

Aug 29
Version 4.1

- Bug Fixes
- Halloween Party Card 2017 (11/P, Country Bears)

Mar 08
Version 4.0

Now, trading cards with other player has become easier than ever! If both traders have The Sorcerer's App on an iOS device, you can exchange your cards needed and wanted electronically over a short-range Bluetooth connection (perfect for when you're waiting your turn at the portal). After exchanging card information, you can make a trade proposal, or accept, reject, or counter trade proposals made by the other player. Once the deal is agreed to, trade the cards, confirm the exchange, and your deck content will be updated to reflect the cards just received and given away.

Dec 05
Version 3.1

Added card info for new card 10/P - Goofy's Festive Fiesta

Aug 31
Version 3.0

A major update featuring a user interface refresh for much of the app

- Added Halloween Party card 09/P (Clawhausers's Tricky Treat) to the card list
- Unlocked orientation - app now supports landscape mode for all devices
- Complete reimplementation of the 'Add Cards to Decks' experience - instead of one card at a time, you can now bulk add multiple cards with quantities for each - great for doing initial set-up if you have a large trading deck.
- Major interface update for iPad - split screen with popover views (we're not done yet - more interface updates to come with future releases!)
- Many bug fixes and minor enhancements

Aug 09
Version 2.9

The version adds support for Apple Watch complications. There are simple complications available on most watch faces that will just show you the icon of the portal that you'll next be playing at. For the Modular watch face, a more full-featured complication also shows you the opponent you'll face and the best attack type to use. All information is taken from the current state of the app, so you'll need to track your gameplay progress in the iOS app to have the latest info appear on the watch.

Also, bug fixes.

Feb 23
Version 2.8

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where added card images were incorrectly cropped
- Fixed an issue where an added party card image could not be deleted

Nov 19
Version 2.7

- Fixed issue where Apple Watch did not sync reliably
- Added Christmas Party card 08/P to card database

Note that support for Apple Watch requires the Apple Watch 2.0 OS

Oct 11
Version 2.6

- Updated for iOS 9
- Halloween Party Card 2016 added to card database

Jun 02
Version 2.5

Apple Watch

Hey fellow Sorcerers -- now the Sorcerer's Apprentice app also runs on your Apple Watch, providing quick, convenient access to the information you need the most when playing the game.

Enable the Sorcerers Apprentice glance while you have an active game underway on the iPhone to see the next portal, opponent, and spell type you'll need. This same information is also available if you launch the app on your watch.

New in Version 2.5
- Support for Apple Watch
- Extensive Help added (requires internet connection)
- Bug fixes, including
- fixed issue where images taken with camera were rotated
- fixed issue where multiple cards with same ID could not be
moved between decks

Feb 27
Version 2.4.5

New in Version 2.4.5
- Fixed incorrect attack type for card 37 (Queen of Hearts)
- Fixed crash/hang seen in Villain Weakness screen on Hard difficulty

New in Version 2.4
- Adjusted gameplay screens to reflect changes in how Hard level is played
- Added Christmas Party card (06/P - Elsa's Icy Shield) to card database
- Bug fixes

Feb 16
Version 2.4

New in Version 2.4.5
- Fixed incorrect attack type for card 37 (Queen of Hearts)
- Fixed crash/hang seen in Villain Weakness screen on Hard difficulty

New in Version 2.4
- Adjusted gameplay screens to reflect changes in how Hard level is played
- Added Christmas Party card (06/P - Elsa's Icy Shield) to card database
- Bug fixes

Sep 27
Version 2.3

* NEW support for card images (download separately or take your own photos)
* Added Halloween 2014 special event card to the card database
* Support for iOS 8
* Bug fixes

Apr 17
Version 2.2

Fixed crashes seen in some game play situations

Jan 16
Version 2.1

- iOS 7 Compatibility
- Added 2013 Party cards to card database

May 18
Version 2.0

What's new in Version 2.0

- Now the Sorcerer's Apprentice can help you throughout the game, portal to portal. Select the land and storyline you are playing and get suggestions on the best cards to play to defeat the villain
- Remembers which villains you have already faced and tracks your progress through the game
- Keeps track of the strength level of each of your cards (proper use of cards in the game causes them to become stronger).
- Keeps track of your next portal, especially useful when playing only occasionally

- Tweet your location when trading so other traders know where to find you
- View other player's tweets from within the app
- Tweet or post to Facebook whenever you defeat a villain or complete the game

- Having trouble finding a portal? Now the finder shows photos to help you zero in on the right location

- Various bug fixes

Apr 13
Version 1.1

NEW FEATURE: Portal Finder helps you locate portals in the park.

Bug fixes.

Apr 01
Version 1.0

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