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⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ School teacher and mother LOVES this! This app is great! I create a list with all of my students' names to randomly call on someone. At home, I created a list of all the songs that my son needs to practice on the piano. Both my kids and students love it! Also, this app is SUPER user and kid friendly! ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ (Customer review)
Whenever you need to choose a random name… or number… or word… Random Name Picker is the fun way to do it! Teachers – choose a random student for questions, privileges, anything – better than drawing straws! Students can watch in suspense as their name stays in the running – or is eliminated – until the final random name is left! Choosing the random name is part of the fun – a great attention-getting device. And you can adjust the speed so that your random name is selected very quickly… or you can draw out the suspense and fun by slowing it down. Random Name Picker comes with 9 fun themes: Monsters, Balloons, Fish, Bugs, Popcorn, Rockets, Robots, Gumballs and Sports.

You can also use Random Name Picker to choose a random answer or review term for students to identify: how about creating a list with the numbers "9" "12" "18" "21" "24" – and asking students to identify factors for the chosen number? Or how about creating a list with "triangle" "square" "rectangle" "rhombus" "pentagon" "parallelogram" – and asking students to identify a property of the selected polygon?

Example: "Who can answer this question about our reading text? I'm going to call on this student… (sports balls with class names on them are kicked away until only the name "Ethan" is left) …Ethan!"

Example: "I want you to think of two factors for the number 12. Now I'm going to call on… (balloons with class names pop one at a time until only the name "Madison" is left) …Madison!"

Example: "If this student is sitting nicely, he/she will be my helper… It's… (fish with class names are caught one at a time until only the name "Aidan" is left) …Aidan!"

Example: "Look at the words that are on the screen and think about which ones are nouns and which are verbs… Here's the final word… (pop corn kernals, some with nouns and some with verbs, pop one at a time until only the word "car" is left) …CAR. Noun or verb? Tell your partner how you know."

You can add as many groups of words or numbers as you want to the Random Name Picker. How about a list of…
Students in first period,
Students on Team 1,
Science review terms,
State capitals,
Math facts,
Nouns and verbs,
Factors and multiples,
Shapes to draw,
Polygons to identify,
Review terms for any subject…
the possibilities are endless!

Your students will love the Random Name Picker – I can guarantee that my fourth grade students do!

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Version History

Launched Mar 01, 2013 (about 6 years ago).
Nov 01
Version 1.3

Updated graphics to match iOS 10!

Oct 04
Version 1.2

Fixes bug that caused problems with iOS 10. Also, improved randomization!

Mar 02
Version 1.0


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