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We offer 7 different types of specialized two way messaging critical to the pre-K to 8 classroom:

1. Messages with pictures and documents (Dropbox & Google Drive integration)
2. Surveys
3. Timeslot Meetings (parent-teacher interviews)
4. Group Meetings
5. Donations
6. Volunteer Requests
7. Order Forms

Unlike chat products, your messages can be SCHEDULED and automatically REPEATED as needed.

Most important, Intelligent Messaging is built into everything so if you send out a Donation request, it will automatically send follow up reminders to Parents who have not answered you yet...but leave everyone else alone. It's like having your own personal assistant to do your follow up for you.

Also included: STAFFROOM
Teachers and administrators can create a private messaging network just for the Staff of a school along with great tools for organizing Volunteers and Meetings.

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Version History

Launched Feb 12, 2013 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Mar 28
Version 2.62

- Various bug fixes

Feb 17
Version 2.61

- Found a few bugs that needed squishing. They are squished.

Feb 01
Version 2.60

- OnTrack is now called OnTrack Live. New features have been added and it's now it's own separate app. If you don't use OnTrack Live already, check it out. It's pretty amazing.
- Your Class Messenger login with work with the new OnTrack Live app and all your info will automatically move over.
- Messages are now only sent to the mobile app or email. SMS messaging options have been removed. See our blog post for details.

Dec 14
Version 2.59

OnTrack is now FREE to use! The new service that helps Parents and Kids talk to each other about the school day is now free to use.
Parents just click the + sign and Build your OnTrack today! No Teacher required.
When you're ready to use it even more, upgrade with the available in-app purchases.

Nov 25
Version 2.58

New iPad version.
New subjects added to OnTrack.
Resized graphics. Minor bug fixes for iOS 9.

Nov 02
Version 2.57

NEW PRODUCT: OnTrack - an incredible new service that let's Students tell Parents about their day using only emoticons. It's like a fitness tracker for their day at school where we capture and instantly update Parents about how their day went, what they did, what homework they have and more.

OnTrack is a completely OPTIONAL in app purchase for Parents to buy and use with their own children. Where appropriate, Teachers should encourage Parents to use OnTrack to create a greater sense of responsibility for their Students to talk about their school day at home. We've customized the grade levels so it can be used for Preschool aged children all the way through High School. Teachers love the conversations that will happen at home with no extra work for them; Parents will love knowing more; Students will finally be able to track their day AND talk to their Parents without old school logging and tracking.

Sep 21
Version 2.56

Do Not Disturb - now you can set your notifications to be quiet any time you want or on a schedule (like none after 6pm or Off on Weekends). Messages still come into your account, but we turn off email, text and push notifications to give you some peace and quiet.
Timeslot meeting improvements - we've improved an already pretty amazing feature so now if someone chooses "None of these work for me" or "I prefer not to meet" the Teacher can still assign those people into a Timeslot.

Aug 27
Version 2.55

- Bug fixes for Order Form and Donation responses, and for Read Receipt numbers.

Aug 27
Version 2.54

NEW Timeslot Meetings - finally you can quickly create a series of meeting times and have your Members pick the ones they want...which closes off the timeslot from others choosing it. no more back and forth with emails and other messages. teachers can even assign someone a timeslot and we'll automatically send a message to the person about the meeting.

Aug 04
Version 2.53

IMPROVED Donation Requests: now you can set a goal for each item and after you reach it, no one else will be asked to donate that item...no more round and round on emails about having too many pumpkin pies!

NEW Group Meeting Requests: send out a meeting request to a bunch of Parents or Staff and get instant yes, no and maybe responses tallied. Our exclusive 'intelligent messaging' will resend your request until you get a response without bugging people who have already followed up.

IMPROVED Volunteer Requests: just like Donations you can set a goal for a particular position (ie. Ticket Takers) and then we automatically tell people when it's filled up. you can also create multiple positions now in one message.

Jun 29
Version 2.52

NEW - Google Drive integration
NEW - Upgrade and name change: Staff Messenger is now Staffroom...your private communication network for the Staff or small groups of Teachers
NEW - Read receipts now available in the app to let you see who has read your message
Multiclass messaging - create one message, send it across multiple Classes or Staffrooms

Jun 16
Version 2.51

- NEW Order Forms: create quick, simple Order Forms. Not only do we send them via the app, email or text but then we summarize the results for you AND we keep sending follow up messages until Members respond.

- NEW Surveys: now ask multiple questions in one Survey AND you can edit the questions after you've sent it. We also tell you who has answered it, who has not and if Members join late, you can still send it to them.

- NEW 'Intelligent Messaging': our first feature that sends messages with zero work. If people have not responded to a Survey or Order Form, we automatically send them a follow up message until they do...let us do the 'hounding' for you.

- NEW layout: get to your messages faster, see your messages options quicker.

- UPGRADE to Staff Messenger: for your Teacher to Teacher messaging, now Staff Messenger lets you send Surveys and Order Forms to other Teachers just like in a regular Class.

Apr 23
Version 2.50

Bug fixes for the following issues:
- sharing a message with image/document attachments
- attempting to copy/save an image attachment in a received message
- deleting a message in a thread

Apr 06
Version 2.49

Parent to Parent messaging
- now parents in a class can message each other without ever seeing email or phone numbers
- Parents can individually opt-out (turn it off) or Block Threads (if you don't care about a bake sale for instance) or Block incoming messages from other Parents
- this is an optional feature that only the Teacher can turn on (or off)

Staff Messenger Upgrade
- Teachers can now Reply to All in Staff Messenger to make group discussions easier
- Teachers can Block Threads that they don't want to be involved in and Block incoming messages from other Members if necessary

Intelligent Message Batching
- If you're getting too many messages to SMS or email in a short period of time, we smartly batch them into one
- You don't miss a thing on your app or in your message log...just less texts and emails if we sense it's getting to be a bother to you

Mar 10
Version 2.48

Teachers can SCHEDULE when they want their messages to go out (wow!)
Automatic REPEATING messages are now available (double wow!!)
- Combine the two new features like this: "We have a big test this Friday" goes out at 6pm (when Parents are home) every day from Monday to Thursday that week.
Vastly improved text message delivery (better formatting, eliminated the need for a 2nd message with a reply link, greater reliability with phone carriers)

Feb 17
Version 2.47

Add up to 4 pictures in one message!! (finally)
Teachers can instanltly fix Parents who accidentally registered as Students
Improved graphics for the iPhone 6 and 6+
Teachers can switch message types more easily

Coming in late February....Scheduled and Repeating messages!!

Feb 02
Version 2.46

Support for push notification registration in iOS 8+

Nov 03
Version 2.45

iOS8 updates.

Sep 02
Version 2.44

- You can Super Size your Classes now up to 260 Members. If you need more, just email or tweet us and we can increase it to a crazy large number if you want.
- A bug fix for a button that wasn't lighting up when you tried to select people to send a message to.
- A few other cosmetic cleanups.

Enjoy and tell your friends!!

Jul 29
Version 2.43

Default Extra Privacy: Anyone who signs up for a Class will have their phone number and email automatically hidden from everyone. This means Teachers won't see Student or Parent info but can still have 2-way communication.

Avoid double Sign Ups: Users are warned if their email or phone number is already being used in the Class so they don't sign up more than once.

Jun 27
Version 2.42

NEW: Staff Messenger!!

Teachers, Administrators and Volunteers can now create their own private 2 way messaging system for the Staff of the whole school!

With the ability to attach documents and pictures you'll create a log of all your Staff communication whether people use the desktop version, the apps or just like email and text messages. We handle it all.

Staff Messenger is included in your regular Class Messenger app. Building it is the same, messaging is the same except we remove the need to include Parents and Students so it's just for the Staff.

May 31
Version 2.40

Our biggest upgrade ever!
- now add multiple teachers, volunteers and administration people to your class

- Volunteers can send messages to anyone (group of individual) in a class

- 'one-touch' approval for members to join

- no more confusing 'Contacts' in your profile

- Students and Parents can select which Teacher in a class they want to message individually

- new 'reply' links in SMS let you respond to a text message WITHOUT seeing a real phone number

- new 'reply' links in emails put responses in the message log instead of losing the conversation in email

Apr 21
Version 2.35

Full resolution pictures!!! We now let app users choose low resolution or full sized pictures to upload. We've also increased our file size to 5MB on the desktop version so you can upload photos worth saving.

Mar 06
Version 2.30

Simplified sign up process. Parents & Students just provide a phone number or email and they're done.

Feb 18
Version 2.22

Interface cleanup. Minor bug fixes.

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