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Have access to your facility’s procedure manual at the point of care or anywhere you need it! Now you can access Lippincott Procedures current clinical information—including custom content specific to your facility—quickly and easily on your tablet or phone.

This app is free to download, however an institutional subscription is required to login and use it. Once you have downloaded the app, simply enter your username and password or select IP authentication from within your subscribing facility to access your facility’s procedures.

Features of the Lippincott Procedures app include:
• Offline/online access to your facility’s specific content, including notes and custom procedures
• Procedures, quick lists, checklists, and images
• Video clips, when accessing online
• Easy title searching
• Access to assigned skills competency tests and checklist evaluations, when signed in via username/password

Great as a back-up in case of Internet outage, or for staff, such as home health nurses, without access to a reliable Internet connection. The Lippincott Procedures app ensures that your staff will always quickly and easily find the step-by-step procedure instructions that they rely on today.

Online connection is required periodically to verify subscription and update content.

We love to hear your feedback. Please remember, we cannot reply to your comments in the App store. If you have a question, please contact our Technical Support at LNS-Support@wolterskluwer.com. Thank you.

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Version History

Launched Jan 24, 2013 (almost 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Nov 13
Version 4.1.0

Resolved compatibility issues with iOS12.
Added Related Procedures section and Related Lexicomp and UpToDate Patient Teaching Handouts section to entries
Updated Athens Authentication Login

Apr 13
Version 3.9.4

- Bug fixes related to iOS 11.3
- iPhone X Support

Feb 01
Version 3.9.0

- Updated to incorporate new Global note and Institutional Favorites
- New Active Directory (LDAP) login option

Aug 30
Version 3.7.0

New linking between cross-referenced procedures enabled.

May 09
Version 3.6.0

- Added in wide-table controls for content viewing
- Bug fixes and optimizations

Jan 17
Version 3.5.0

Minor bug fixes and EULA changes for MDM users.

Sep 11
Version 3.2.0

· Updates to add appearance of new site enhancements such as custom comments, facility review, and assigned facility information
· Custom videos now available for viewing on the app
· Ability for institutional users to authenticate via Athens authentication to download app

Oct 02
Version 3.0.001

Phone app, Ability to take tests and complete checklist evaluations

Mar 24
Version 2.1

- IP Authentication access
- Bug fixes

Oct 16
Version 2.0.2

Addresses the following issues:
- Customer images now accurately download
- Document sections are now correctly ordered
- Large document sections are better displayed

Jan 28
Version 2.0.1

Minor bug fixes.

Jan 15
Version 2.0.0

• Interdisciplinary content, new name!
- Lippincott Procedures.
• New “disciplines” functionality and landing page
• Ability to filter searches and browse content by discipline
• Updated appearance
- Modern, touch friendly design and new icons
• Updated search
- Weigh title results heavier and search across notes

Jan 24
Version 1.0

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