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Use InstaRage to add some fun to your photos and bring popular memes to life! Give your grandma that Challenge Accepted Face or Troll your friends with a trollface!

The app is easy to use. Simply load up a photo in the app and then start adding some memes and letting the fun begin!


• Choose from over 480+ meme stickers to add to your photos
• Simple and intuitive controls for placing the stickers on to your photos

• Tools for adding text, filters, overlays and much more

• Universal support for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


• iMessage Sticker Pack: Over 100+ meme stickers to send to your friends

Download today and have some fun!!!


Thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud, the creators of the image editor included in the app.

iOS Store Category:

Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Photo & Video

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Version History

Launched Jan 16, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Apr 26
Version 3.5

• Added new Photo Editor features:
- Now you can edit any sized photo
- You can zoom in and out of the photo for more precise placement

• Added 30+ new meme stickers

• Added support for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

• Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 29
Version 3.4

- Added iMessage Sticker extension for iOS 10 users
-> This sticker pack is free to download
-> Includes over 100+ meme stickers to choose from!

Sep 20
Version 3.3

- Added lots of new stickers!!!

- Updated photo editing tools

- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Refreshed user-interface

Jul 17
Version 3.2

-minor bug fixes and improvements

May 09
Version 3.1

-Fixed an issue some users had with the SMS feature of the app. Copying and Pasting your favorite Rage Faces into your messages, is now working properly!

Apr 20
Version 3.0

- Brand new user interface that looks cleaner and is much easier to use.

- Added 60 more faces to choose from! So now there is more than 325+ faces you can add to your photos.

- Lots of bug fixes and improvements under the hood, so the app should run smoother.

Oct 13
Version 2.2

- fixed some iOS 8 compatibility issues
- Optimized graphics for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

May 09
Version 2.0

***Added New Feature***
- You can now easily add Rage Faces to your Text Messages.
- Over 300+ Rage Faces to choose from
- Simply tap the face to copy and then paste it in your message

Mar 10
Version 1.9

-Added a new option for users to crop their photos into a square image before adding the faces.

-Minor bug fixes and improvements

Nov 20
Version 1.8

-Fixed some bugs with app running on iOS 7

Sep 25
Version 1.7

-iOS7 compatibility

Aug 10
Version 1.6

- 40 more stickers to add your photos
** Available to use for FREE!
** Included are hats, sun glasses and all sorts of stuff to add some more coolness to the memes and your photos.

-New Content for the Aviary Photo Editor
**New Effects: Astro, Noir, and Archetype
**New Frames: Drift
**New Stickers:Doodles and Pet Outfits

-App performance improvements. Runs a little smoother now

-Reduced app size. So it won't take up too much space on your device.

Jun 09
Version 1.5

-Updated the Aviary Photo Editor included within the app. Now you can purchase tons of different filters and stickers

-Some changes to the user interface
-Overall app performance improvements

-Added a little store to display possible In-App Purchases. Will add more meme faces for purchase in future updates.

Apr 30
Version 1.4

-Overall app performance improvements
-A better interface to crop and rotate your photos before adding the faces
-A fresher look for the menu

Mar 13
Version 1.3

-Some minor bug fixes
-Added more features to the In-App Purchase:
+Still can unlock 150 Awesome Meme Faces!
++Now with ALL Ad Removal!

Thanks for downloading the app and your support!

Feb 26
Version 1.2

In-App Purchase that gives you:
+150 more faces to choose from
+Bottom Ad Bar removal

Jan 16
Version 1.0

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