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Voice-O-Meter is a tool for anyone who speaks too softly, speaks too loudly or has difficulty modulating the volume of their speech. Speech-language pathologists and their clients can practice the "just right" voice needed to talk to friends in the cafeteria or the "just right" voice needed to speak effectively in a quiet room with a friend. The Voice-O-Meter gives visual feedback, making it easy to practice at home.

Press "start" and the Voice-O-Meter will immediately begin measuring the volume of your voice. Practice keeping the volume of your voice "just right" so that the blue arrow stays within the green space on the meter. You can adjust the range of decibels included in the target range to account for background noise too! If you'd like, you can keep data on your attempts to speak at your target volume. Voice-O-Meter will provide you with the option to email the data to yourself when you end your session.

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Version History

Launched Jan 23, 2013 (almost 6 years ago).
Apr 19
Version 1.1

Fixed an issue when the app would freeze in some situations. Now it should work without problems.

Jan 23
Version 1.0


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