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Pocket Prep is your award-winning tool in mobile learning and exam preparation. Pocket Prep allows you to study anywhere, anytime, right from your mobile device. We strive to make studying more efficient by redefining how you prepare for the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST®) exam.

* Academics’ Choice “Smart Media” award winner
* EdTech Digest “Cool Tool” award winner

The Science Behind Mobile Learning:
Overloading your brain with too much information at once is a common study mistake. Research has shown that smaller, more frequent study sessions are the key to knowledge retention. In other words, taking short quizzes on the go is a much more effective means of exam preparation than reading page after page in a textbook. Apps offer the benefit of interaction, which means you’re far more likely to remember a concept you engage with rather than one you’ve only read about.

Take your CBEST studies with you, no matter where life takes you.

Get Started for Free:
We provide a limited free version so you can get a feel for the app before deciding to upgrade. The free version offers dozens of practice questions with detailed answer explanations and limited access to the Question of the Day.

Want Even More Practice?
Choose your ideal study package to gain access to our proven test bank. You'll enjoy:

- Hundreds of practice questions and detailed rationales
- Access to Question of the Day (QOTD)
- All social media bonus questions
- Exam Builder to create customized exams
- Money-Back Pass Guarantee*
- Priority in-app support

Pocket Prep Features:
- No internet required
- Study Modes: See answers as you go or at the end
- Retake past exams with a single tap
- Study reminders and QOTD notifications
- Automatic test saving and retrieval
- Detailed history and results reporting
- Exam day countdown
- Multi-device ready

Our team of writers and editors are industry leaders who have meticulously crafted practice questions and detailed answer explanations with you in mind. Since 2011, Pocket Prep has helped over six million students and professionals achieve more.

Need help? Contact us through the app’s support section at any time for a response within a few hours. *Terms and conditions apply for our Pass Guarantee. See our help center for details.

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Version History

Launched Nov 26, 2012 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

May 04
Version 6.7.3

We love our users, especially those of you that study around the clock. Previously, the more you studied, the slower the Exam Readiness section was to load. Not anymore! Now, it loads even for the most studious of users. Keep working hard towards passing your exam and we will continue to improve the app for you!

- Major bug fixes and performance improvements
- Misc. optimizations

Nov 30
Version 6.7

- Refreshed onboarding for new customers
- New pricing options and study plans
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Sep 11
Version 6.5.6

- Fixed a bug affecting the restore purchase function

Aug 25
Version 6.5.5

We've made some changes to the app's color scheme and UI, which we think you'll love! This update is far from just cosmetic; we've made a host of improvements to keep the app running as smoothly as possible. Here are a few of the most noteworthy:

- Updated UI and color theme elements
- QOTD improvements to ensure consistent delivery
- Addressed repeating questions in certain situations
- Multiple offline mode & cloud sync optimizations
- Several bug fixes and quality of life improvements

Let us know what you think of this new version by leaving a review here in the App Store. Thanks for studying with Pocket Prep!

Jun 10
Version 6.5.4

We've completely restructured how the app communicates with our cloud, drastically improving load times and overall performance. Let us know what you think of the improvements by leaving a review here in the App Store. We appreciate your support!

May 11
Version 6.5.3

- Fixed a few crashes that were affecting some users
- Added compatibility for our new Bulk Purchase program

Apr 16
Version 6.5.2

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jan 04
Version 6.4

This update includes a host of optimizations to ensure the smoothest study experience possible. Here are a few noteworthy ones:
- Reset your history and progress through the Settings menu
- Tell us how you did on your exam when the day finally comes
- Access Exam Builder quickly via the Dashboard
- Sync your progress with our new web app
- Optimizations for iPhone X and iOS 11
- Bug fixes and speed improvements

Jul 05
Version 6.3.2

We've streamlined the Dashboard to help new users easily navigate and get to studying faster. As with all of our updates, we squashed some bugs and made the app more reliable. Please be sure to rate the app when prompted, which can now be done in a few simple taps right within the app. Thanks for studying with Pocket Prep!

Apr 22
Version 6.3

Ever wanted to know how well you were doing on a subject as you progressed through the test bank? This latest update introduces “Exam Readiness,” an entire tab dedicated to improving individual subject performance so you can pass your exam on the first attempt. You can quickly visualize areas to improve and even find the perfect tutor right through the app!

To make room for Exam Readiness, we merged the Settings and Reminders tabs. This new and improved Settings tab will help you better manage your new cloud-powered Pocket Prep account while providing access to the same features as before. Go ahead and upload that selfie — make the app yours!

This version also includes some general optimizations. You can now:
- Swipe to navigate between questions in an exam
- Swipe to navigate sub-screens and menus
- Set your exam date right from the Dashboard
- Tap a tab twice to return to its top level
- Add a profile picture in Settings

We squashed a few bugs to improve stability. For customers with enormous exam histories, you’ll now see a huge improvement in performance when creating exams or browsing previous ones.

Please take a moment to let us know what you think of these enhancements by leaving a review in the App Store. We’re always listening!

Mar 27
Version 6.2.1

QOTD History has arrived!
• Revisit previous daily questions
• Track your performance
• Sort and filter on demand
How long can you go without missing a daily question? Find out on the Dashboard!

And in bigger news: you can now create your own Pocket Prep account to sync all of your exam results, history, and progress between mobile devices. Creating an account is completely free and totally optional. In addition to the cloud, we made significant optimizations to improve the app's speed, reliability, and overall experience. Let us know what you think of all these new features by leaving a review!

Nov 05
Version 6.0.11

• Retaking exams no longer decrements the amount of remaining questions in the Dashboard
• Behind-the-scenes optimizations for the cloud (coming soon!)

Sep 02
Version 6.0.9

• Dashboard now counts down your unattempted questions
• More stability improvements

Aug 17
Version 6.0.7

• Fixed a bug with retaking exams
• Resolved several stability issues
• Misc optimizations

Jul 27
Version 6.0.5

• Fixed several bugs that were causing stability issues when submitting an exam
• Optimized how answer explanations are displayed
• Further optimizations for iOS 8 customers
• Several design improvements

Jul 15
Version 6.0.2

Your exam stress just met its match. Introducing the most powerful and robust version of Pocket Prep yet! We've completely redesigned the app to make studying on the go even more efficient and intuitive. Visit the Pocket Prep Blog for a complete list of changes. Here are the most noteworthy:

• Redesigned testing interface makes taking practice exams a breeze
• Metrics and performance stats are now displayed more elegantly
• Added quick launch function for brief study sessions
• Exam Builder flow replaces previous Exam Settings screen
• New Dashboard helps you visualize your progress
• Drastically improved app navigation and flow

Thanks for studying with Pocket Prep! Please let us know what you think of this new version by leaving a rating or review in the App Store. We're listening!

Jan 15
Version 5.3.1

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Aug 26
Version 5.3

Who's ready to pass the CBEST exam? We’ve made some behind-the-scenes improvements to make the app more versatile. We've also made the following changes:

• Added iPad landscape support
• Added QOTD sorting animations
• Added ability to update app content remotely
• Modified iPad home screen header
• Modified several icon colors

Want even more cool and helpful features? Leave us a rating or review. Your opinion matters to us!

Apr 15
Version 5.0

Our biggest release to date has finally arrived! We're proud to continue to add helpful new features so you can tackle the CBEST® with confidence. Thanks for making us the most trusted name in mobile test prep!

• Curated content for 2015
• Added support for iPhone 6 and 6+
• Optimized for iOS 8
• NEW Question of the Day feature
• NEW Study reminders feature
• NEW Exam day countdown feature
• Several interface enhancements

*Please note that you may need to "Restore Purchase" after this update. Contact us if you have any questions.

Dec 05
Version 4.1.1

• Fixed a bug that effected scrolling on some questions within the app

Sep 18
Version 4.1

• Corrected SLA mode scoring bug
• Added question flagging for later review
• Explanations and passages are now easier to read/dismiss

Aug 14
Version 4.0

The all-new iOS 7 version is here! We've made several changes to our apps based on your feedback. The most notable include:

+ Show live answers mode (replaces study mode), which allows you to see your answers as you go but still receive a score at the end
+ Slide-out menu navigation during exams
+ Long passages are now displayed more efficiently
+ Fast toggling of knowledge areas
+ Popup tutorials
+ Ebook on mastering multiple choice strategies
+ In-app messaging center

Thank you for using Pocket Prep™ - please keep the feedback coming and don't forget to rate this new version!

Jun 17
Version 1.2

+ Bonus questions
+ Enhanced feedback system
+ Content revisions

Jan 29
Version 1.1

NOTE: Updating will clear your exam history and restart your progression through the question database. This is a non-critical update.

(Added) Misc bug fixes
(Added) Automatic test recall feature
(Fixed) Enhanced badge icon and graphics

Nov 26
Version 1.0

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