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SmartLaunch is a rocket launch simulation app that gives on-the-spot information about the initial moments of a planned launch. Specifically, given a few details about the rocket and the motor, it will give the speed at which the rocket will leave the launch guide, the angle of attack of the rocket with any crosswind, as well as the thrust-weight ratio based on the initial thrust of the motor (not the average thrust). Using this information, the rocketeer can judge whether a specified motor may result in a stable flight under the given conditions.
The app also gives the expected apogee altitude and coast time for the proposed flight.

Version 1 features:

User specified units (metric, standard)
Set launch angle by tilting the device, either up against launch guide or by camera view
Set launch site altitude by GPS (if available and Location Services allowed)
Database of over 800 commercial rocket motor thrust curves
Remembers multiple rockets and easily switches back and forth
User can decide which motors they want to see in the list - by diameter, impulse class or manufacturer

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Reference

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Version History

Launched Oct 18, 2012 (about 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Apr 11
Version 2.31

Fixed a little interface glitch.
Working on a major interface update for all size devices soon.
Added the latest updates I have for commercial motors.
If you do not find the motor you are looking for please drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

Jun 05
Version 2.30

New "RSO Mode" for Range Safety Officers!
This new mode for the iPhone version lets you set just the mass and diameter of a rocket to see how different motors will perform.
It gives thrust:weight, free flight velocity and angle-of-attack vectors for given launch guide length, tilt and wind velocity. Very quick and much simpler than creating a new rocket entry in your list for each time you wanted this information on someone else's rocket.
Note that the thrust:weight ratio is based on the peak initial thrust from the thrust curve (as it should be), not the average thrust of the motor.

Let me know if you want this new RSO mode for the iPad. I expect more people to have their iPhone at the RSO table rather than their iPad, but I will listen to requests. Getting it to work on iPad will take a bit more effort since the interface is fundamentally different.

May 24
Version 2.26

Fixed a crasher in the statistics function. My sincere apologies for not testing it better!

May 24
Version 2.25

Added launch statistics. How many launches, how many unique rockets, how many total Newton-seconds?
Bug fixes.

Dec 21
Version 2.21

Bug fix in the motor list updating function.
Added13 Aerotech kits. Added Aerotech DMS motors.
Note that you will need to upgrade to this version to see the DMS motors.

Nov 20
Version 2.20

You asked for it. You got it.
I have added the ability to change the onscreen avatar for your rocket - in lists and in the angles view.
I have also added a bunch of new motors from Cesaroni.
Please let me know what features you would like me to add, and if there are new motors that I have missed.
Remember to periodically check for new motors in the Preferences screen.

Aug 21
Version 2.15

Fixed the issue with the GPS altitude not functioning. Function now tested on iOS 7 and 8.

Email me if you have suggestions for new features.
Remember the simulation will only be as good as your Cd estimate. If you have altimeter data, let the program figure out your Cd for you. This will improve future simulations.

Dec 17
Version 2.14

All of the single stage kit information from PML, and a better interface for choosing kits (less scrolling).
New motors from Aerotech.
Fixed iCloud syncing, camera/angle view and motor list updating issues.

Nov 12
Version 2.13

Minor update for iOS 8 compatibility.

Jun 07
Version 2.12

Added over 470 Estes rocket kits!
The weights are all approximate, so put in your own after you weight your rocket.
All of the Cd's are set to 0.75, which is a very crude approximation. If the altitude predictions are consistently off, adjust the Cd to match. If you actually measure the altitude either by trigonometry or by altimeter, remember the program will calculate the matching Cd for you.
If you find significant errors, please email me. I have not built all 473 kits, so I cannot be sure of the numbers.

May 15
Version 2.11

Minor bug fixes and enhancements. New motors added.

Feb 18
Version 2.1

Major improvement in the speed of the simulation.
Brought back the camera view to set the launch angle.
Bug fixes and improvements.

Dec 20
Version 2.0.3

Added kit data from Madcow and Wildman!
Many thanks to the proprietors!
Made a couple of changes to the interface.

Look for another update soon, adding a way for you to choose the image representing your rocket on screen!

Sep 18
Version 2.0.2

Updated to support features in iOS 7

May 17
Version 2.0.1

Bug fix for saving the rocket and Cd from the editing screens, and protection against some crashes.
If updating the cluster thrust curve is too slow while changing air-start times, you can now temporarily turn off auto-updating.
Fixed a cosmetic bug with the saved rocket length.

Check the website for tutorial information.

Please contact me if you are experiencing problems.

May 05
Version 2.0

Clusters and Air-Starts!

Version 2.0 adds the ability to have more than one motor mount in the simulated rocket. Motors can be added in balanced sets, and not all motor mounts must be used. Each set of motors can be given a different start time.

On the iPad the thrust curve of the combined set of motors is updated on the screen as you make changes. The flight profile is similarly updated in real time.

Cluster information is stored with saved flights, and shared across devices with your iCloud account. Any cluster previously used in a saved flight can be reloaded all at once, and can be subsequently edited.

Fixed the bug in the GPS altitude - should be working again.

A few new motors come with the update. Tap on "Check for New Motors" once in a while (while in network). This will download any changes to the motor list between app updates.

Apr 08
Version 1.4

SmartLaunch HD (formerly LaunchSmart) now supports iPad!
The iPad version lets you see your rocket, motor choice, launch conditions, angle of attack, free flight velocity, as well as your flight profile and motor thrust curve on screen all at once.
The gesture interface for the launch angle is the same, and you can still tilt the device to find the angle.
Selecting a saved flight from a rocket's list of flights brings that flight's motor and flight profile back on screen - as well as the launch conditions.
(This recall of old flights only works for flights saved with the HD version - the previous version did not save all of the relevant data. Older flights can still be used to calculate the average observed Cd).

*** If you had installed the iPhone version on your iPad, please delete the old version before installation, to be certain that iPad-specific resources are recognized.

This is still a work in progress. Visit my web page and send me suggestions.


Mar 09
Version 1.3.1

Added a new flight profile graph - Drag.
Fixed a couple of rare potential bugs.
Clarified that the rocket mass is "Prepped, without motor"

Go to the website and email me your feedback.


Feb 20
Version 1.3

Version 1.3 adds several requested features:

- Your list of rockets is now shared across your iOS devices via iCloud
- Launch Smart will calculate the rocket's best fitting drag coefficient for you if you enter an actual observed altitude for a given motor
- You can now view a graph of the flight profile showing speed, acceleration, altitude, and Mach number over the course of the ascent

These graphs are quite interesting, especially the acceleration. Some quite unusual shapes are generated because of the effects of thrust curve shape, changing air density with altitude, and changing Cd with Mach number in the transsonic region.

Go to www.mySmartSoftware.com to read about the development process for this app, and feel free to email me feature requests.

Native iPad support is high on my list.

Jan 05
Version 1.2

New vector view for the launch angle, wind and angle of attack. Continuous animated updates when you change launch parameters.
Added new commercial motors. Now including manufacturer logos in the search table.
Motor list will now update over the network.
Added ability to show/hide hybrid motors all at once.
Minor speed-up for the physics model. Also now more accurately deals with parabolic flight paths for non-vertical launches.

Oct 31
Version 1.01

Fixed crash when leaving Launch Angle Finder without turn "Motion OFF"
Fixed unit conversion bug from ounces to kilograms and back again.

Oct 18
Version 1.0

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