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Perform a nice magic effect using your iPhone.

Effect :
Open the app and hand the iPhone to the participant and explain that you have setup a passcode for the app. To prove that only one passcode will unlock the app you ask the spectator to try as many different combinations as they like.

They try as much as they want but the app will not unlock. It will only unlock when you decide to do so.

You tell them that you will send them the passcode using your "psychic" ability. You will be able able to convince them that you have some mental powers.

**************************** WARNING*************************
Before purchasing iUnlockYourMind, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that all tv broadcasting, web casting and Radio casting rights have been reserved. You will need written consent from both Salah Aazedine & Myke Phillips.
This version support English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. More language will be added in the next update.

**************************** PLEASE NOTE *************************

This application is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not give you any real psychic ability nor the ability to read people's minds.

iOS Store Category:

Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Mar 14, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

May 20
Version 6.0

Fixed minor bugs.
Fixed Notifications.
Added Password Screen (Available with In-App Purchase).

Apr 17
Version 5.1.4

Updated Settings Screen.
Choosing images is more user friendly.
Minor Bug Fixes.

Apr 03
Version 5.1.3

Minor bug fixes.

Mar 30
Version 5.1.0

updated for iOS 12.

Apr 19
Version 5.0.6

Fixed animation.
Fixed crash after update.
Reset your images after updating.

Mar 20
Version 5.0.4

Added visual aid for default passcode length in the blank screen.
4 digit = ( . ) 6 digit = ( .. )
Bug fixes.

Feb 27
Version 5.0.3

Added the ability to switch passcode length in the screen just before the passcode screen (tap bottom right).

I stopped the wobble animation when first going to the passcode screen.

I have also fixed a bug reported by Lance Sinclair where if you tap delete very very quickly it will crash the App.

I will now start to add the version update numbers properly. This will be Version 5.0.3

As with all updates, please delete App first or reset your images before going to the lock screens.

Feb 22
Version 5.0.1

Added vibration when double tap Cancel
Added CLEAR badge by turning OFF switch
Updated Translations
Updated Language Support

Bug Fixes:
Fixed log screen delete & display bug
Fixed rapid Passcode tap bug
Fixed date display bug

Feb 17
Version 5.0

Updated Screens lock Screens
Supports iPhone X
New Helper Switch
Easier to navigate around
New Settings Screen
New Peek Screen
Raise to Wake feature
Double tap Emergency to clear performance and badge Icon.
Bug fixes
We will always improve and support updates.

Jan 05
Version 4.0

New DOUBLE TAP CAMERA ICON to switch from 4 to 6 digits Passcode.

New and improved LOCK SCREEN and settings.

Performance and instructional videos HAVE BEEN moved to SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP. (Please contact Myke Phillips for entry).

New App Icon.

Dec 28
Version 2.0.1

Some bug fix.
Chinese language support.

Dec 10
Version 2.0

iOS7 update.

Sep 07
Version 1.4

Bug Fix
German support

Jul 22
Version 1.3

Minor bug Fixed.

May 25
Version 1.2

Minor bug fix.
Date and time formating.
Spanish/ Italian / French / German language support

May 03
Version 1.1

Better instructions.
Performances and explanations video links.

Mar 15
Version 1.0

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