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Choose from the biggest Bollywood, Hindi, Tamil and regional Indian movies, TV shows, orignials and music videos catalog. As a bonus, listen to music from top Bollywood movies on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and via AirPlay.

Send iMessage stickers from famous movie quotes and scenes in top Bollywood titles.

Use iTunes In-App Subscription to upgrade to Eros Now Premium for complete access to the massive video and music catalog access along with movies in HD, movies with subtitles and download movies to your device for offline playback.

Eros Now features:

• Watch from the biggest catalog of movies, TV episodes, music videos, music, originals and short videos
• Continue watching titles that you were watching previously
• Listen to curated music playlists and individual music tracks
• Save your favorites movies, songs, albums, playlists and music videos to your personal profile collection
• Bookmark movies to watch later in your Watchlist
• Share your favorite Eros Now moments
• Use Stickers in iMessage

Eros Now Premium features:
• Full movie and TV catalog
• Movie subtitles
• Movies in HD
• Download movie titles for offline playback

Eros Now Premium subscription terms:
Get your Eros Now Premium monthly or annual subscription through the app. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a price per month (or year) according to your country and plan. The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Your Eros Now Premium subscription will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase as a recurring transaction. Your subscription will automatically renew at the current price unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription period. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime or turn off auto-renewal by accessing iTunes in your Account Settings. No cancellation of your current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Eros Now Terms of Use: https://erosnow.com/termsofuse
Eros Now Privacy Policy: https://erosnow.com/privacypolicy

For assistance with Eros Now, please contact support@erosnow.com.

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Version History

Launched Sep 14, 2012 (about 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 27 days, on average.

Oct 29
Version 3.9.5

Crash fixes and minor enhancements

Oct 14
Version 3.9.4

• We’ve made enhancements to our Eros Now Originals. It’s easier to binge watch your favorite series with continuous play and content recommendations.
• Plus, now you can add individual episodes of EBuzz and Black & White to your watchlist. Keep track of your movies, series and episodes in one place!
• Some stability tweaks and fixes to make your watching experience even better.

Sep 22
Version 3.9.3

• Binge-watch SideHero, Salute Siachen and other Eros Now originals with the all new Eros Now Originals experience
• All Eros Now originals can now be discovered via search
• Bug fixes and other enhancements

Sep 14
Version 3.9.2

The app is updated with an all new black theme.
Enhanced the first-time experience to ease users into the app.
Added quick featured video previews to help you decide what to watch.
You can login to Eros Now with your google account or browse without logging in.
It is now easier to register, compare plans and subscribe.

Jul 10
Version 3.9.1

Enhanced new user and search experience.
Improved data privacy and analytics.
Fixed bugs and crashes.

Jun 07
Version 3.9.0

Bug fixes and updates

May 29
Version 3.8.9

Updated app for GDPR compliance

May 09
Version 3.8.8

Addressed bug related to downloaded movies not rotating to landscape
Other minor bug fixes

May 01
Version 3.8.7

Introducing more ways to find the movies that matter to you - look for them on your Feature screen.
Made some more enhancements and fixes.

Apr 16
Version 3.8.6

A few more minor improvements

Apr 13
Version 3.8.5

Small enhancement to continue improving your Eros Now experience.

Apr 12
Version 3.8.4

Minor update to application

Apr 09
Version 3.8.3

Introducing Star Pages - a new place to learn everything about your favorite Bollywood star and discover everything by, with and about them on Eros Now.

Mar 19
Version 3.8.2

Updated application with some improvements

Mar 03
Version 3.8.1

Bug fixes and updates

Feb 02
Version 3.8

It's time to discover like minded fans of Bollywood and Eros Now!
See who has favourited a movie and find out more about them and the movies and music they like
Various updates and bug fixes

Dec 22
Version 3.7.9

- A gift for the iPad owner: Eros Now gets optimized for use on your iPad with landscape mode! Finally.
- Various updates and bug fixes.

Dec 17
Version 3.7.8

- Various behind the scenes updates to the app.

Nov 25
Version 3.7.7

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Nov 17
Version 3.7.6

Introduced minor improvements and addressed performance bugs.

Nov 07
Version 3.7.5

Minor bug fixes.

Nov 01
Version 3.7.4

Optimized for the amazing iPhone X along with general maintenance.

Oct 07
Version 3.7.3

Discover more movies for you to watch from the thousands of movies available
New iMessage Stickers added
Addressed bugs and improved UX

Sep 22
Version 3.7.2

- Updated app for use with iOS 11.

Sep 09
Version 3.7.1

- Fixed critical bug that was affecting customers who downloaded a movie
- Updated application

Aug 24
Version 3.7.0

- Introducing Favourites and Make Your Own Music Video playlists.
- Favourites - heart one you like. Use the new Favourite feature to keep the ones you like in your Profile.
- Music Video Playlists - make your own. Curate and create music video playlists with a theme or a celebrity.
- Updated the design of the movie details screen.
- And, we updated our app by addressing user experience issues, bugs and made some design enhancements.

Jul 18
Version 3.6.3

- Featured IIFA 2017 exclusive on Eros Now
- Updated for Good and Services Tax (India only)
- Addressed bugs

Jul 05
Version 3.6.2

- Addressed bugs with video playback and display while making improvements to video playback
- Made slight improvements to Music, and Accounts
- Squashed other bugs along the way

May 30
Version 3.6.1

- Introduced a new product offering in Pakistan, Eros Now Plus
- Addressed reasons that were causing some crashes
- Addressed various bugs

Apr 11
Version 3.6

- Introducing the brand new Eros Now Music which is
- Free to listen to
- Ad free
- See the music video and the movie associated with the music you are interested in
- Personalise your music with favourting tracks and making your own playlists
- Listen to music suited to your mood & preferences
- Discover music playlists curated by our expert editors to be updated with the latest hot music
- Addressed bugs with video player, sharing, crashes and some other minor UI / bug fixes

Mar 22
Version 3.5.1

Fixed an important bug in registration / login.

Feb 26
Version 3.5

It's a big day at Eros Now.
- Today with this new release you can manage your Eros Now account in a much easier and straightforward manner than ever before. This includes adding some more information about yourself for a more personalized and relevant Eros Now experience.
- We have added haptic feedback for certain actions when using your iPhone 7.
- We've addressed the issues customers have been having with Chromecast with a complete overhaul of the experience. We have also updated the interface in certain places and squashed a number of significant bugs.

Enjoy. This is just the beginning of some great new releases coming up.

Jan 14
Version 3.4.5

Introducing Originals: Salute Siachen

Jan 05
Version 3.4.4

- Fixed bug downloading movies in iPhone 7 and 7 plus devices
- Resolved an issue with continue watching
- Fixed Facebook Login and Signup related issues
- Fixed crashes

Dec 22
Version 3.4.3

- Addressed some critical bugs associated with account creation and playback.

Dec 14
Version 3.4.2

- Critical bug addressed for issue with account creation.

Dec 09
Version 3.4.1

- Fixed bug with downloading a title
- UI fixes
- Fixed issues with Airplay
- Airplay video is not getting dismissed even after closing the video in app
- Music video playlist is not working in Airplay
- Introduced new account creation feature
- Introduced promotional feature

Nov 18
Version 3.4

Introducing Eros Now Originals - select Watch More to view exclusive short and long form video only available on Eros Now including Bollywood gossip, food and cooking, health and fitness and comedy

Oct 22
Version 3.3.1

We made some behind the scene enhancements and squashed some bugs to make your Eros Now experience the best one ever.

Sep 28
Version 3.3

- Introducing Eros Now Stickers for iOS 10 - send a message and include a sticker image with a phrase from an Eros Now movie
- Updates for video and notifications

Sep 13
Version 3.2.3

Minor bug fix.

Sep 08
Version 3.2.2

Updates made to improve video playback, downloads and notifications.

Jul 26
Version 3.2.1

Here's a nice update from the iOS team at Eros Now.
- Now you can continue watching movies that you download where you left off.
- You can now display subtitles when using Airplay.
- You can share movies that you are watching with your friends through social media, iMessage and email.
- We've improved the touch areas around our icons so they are more responsive.
- We have made some adjustments to the interface and the code to make it a more pleasant experience for you.
- We have fixed some bugs which were bugging us.

Jun 14
Version 3.2

Introducing Downloads - now you can download movies available on Eros Now to your device for watching when you are not online or do not want to use your network connection when playing them back
- Download movie from title details screen
- Choose quality of video to download
- Monitor progress of each download
- Only download when you have wi-fi connection option
- Browse, watch video streams, listen to music while you are downloading
- Watch and manage your downloads in Account > My Downloads - play, pause, resume, cancel and delete downloads
- Quick access to manage storage on your device
- One movie download at a time
- Only available to Premium subscribers

- Addressed several other UX optimisations, crash and bug fixes

May 26
Version 3.1.8

- Updated interface for Video Player
- Updated Sign Up / Login interface
- Redesign of Cast screen when using Chromecast
- Various bug fixes

Apr 26
Version 3.1.7

- Now supporting management of subtitle display and Continue Watching when using Chromecast
- Video now pauses when app goes to background
- Updated text provided when diong a social share
- Adjustments made for better network stability
- Chromecast SDK update
- Performance enhancements
- Addressed iPad 4 crash
- Bug fixes

Mar 22
Version 3.1.6

- Introduced Continue Watching function for movies and TV (yaah!) so you can resume viewing a title from where you stopped previously or where you stopped previously when using another device like the web, mobile, tablet or TV
- Integrated Spotlight Search feature
- Introduced promotional code redemption function
- UX improvements including header and navigation tabs display
- Improved social sharing of music
- Fixed minor issues with notifications
- Improved performance for Search
- Improved scrolling
- Performance issues, bugs and crash issues addressed

Feb 10
Version 3.1.5

Introduced Notifications
Improved continuous scrolling
Improved account creation and login with Facebook
Added Watch Trailer function on movie details screen
Added screen scroll to see more videos in Video Shorts section
Corrected Airplay issues
Fixed deep linking function
Fixes to Player
Fixes with subtitles.

Dec 29
Version 3.1.4

Added a new section for curated music video playlists under watch-more section.
Queue functionality added for music video tracks.
Added a new section for Exclusive videos shorts content.
Details screen designs have been updated.
Provide app feedback form has been replaced with email.
We have given a whole new look to the app(app icon, launch image etc have been changed to new colors).
You can now apply different language filters for music and movies.
Improved lazy loading for featured screen items.
Several other bug fixes.

Oct 29
Version 3.1.3

• Enabled new subscription plan options for Eros Now Premium.
• Improved signup, subscribe and manage subscription experiences.
• Improved details screen for movie trailers.
• Fixed Chromecast issue with music videos.
• Various minor design improvements and bug fixes.

Oct 08
Version 3.1.2

• Updated design of the music player. Check it out!
• Added ability to play Top 50 music tracks instantly for any genre or overall most popular tracks.
• Added ability to add a track to a playlist, share and view album details directly from the music player.
• Added Chromecast icon to cast control screen.
• Made several Chromecast and crash fixes and minor user interface improvements.

Sep 03
Version 3.1.1

• Added language filtering for albums, songs and music videos.
• Added Chromecast icon throughout the app. Various Chromecast fixes.
• Added ability to clear recent search history and other small search improvements.
• Improved flows for purchasing Eros Now Premium subscription.
• Added shortcut to manage iTunes in-app subscription from My Settings screen.
• Added deep linking of Eros Now content from mobile Web to app.
• Updated Welcome screens.
• Numerous minor user interface improvements.
• Reduced size of app.
• Lots of bug fixes.

Jul 09
Version 3.1.0

• Added ability to sign up for a free Eros Now Basic account. Eros Now Basic enables playback of Eros Now's selection of free movies, TV shows and music.
• Added ability to upgrade an account to Eros Now Premium using iTunes In-App Subscription. Eros Now Premium is Eros Now's subscription service that provides access to the entire Eros Now content catalog, subtitles, HD video and no ads.
• Added ability to share your favorite movies, TV shows, TV episodes, music albums, music playlists and trailers via Facebook, Twitter, other social networks, email or SMS/iMessage.
• Updated tab bar to include tabs for the Movies and Music sections. (TV Shows and Music Videos can be accessed via the "Watch More" tab.)
• Moved content and person search from the tab bar to the navigation bar.
• Added new Provide Feedback option in Account settings. Directly send our product team your thoughts on how to make our app even better.
• Added new Contact Support option in Account settings. Write to Eros Now's Support team if you are having issues using the Eros Now service.
• Various bug fixes.

May 20
Version 3.0.1

• Added professionally curated music playlists in Music section.
• Updated Featured screen to show recommendations for several content types beyond movies.
• Added horizontal swiping of content rows on Featured screen.
• UI changes to Account tab and log in screens.
• Various bug fixes.

Apr 14
Version 3.0.0

We gave a whole new look and feel to the app to make it easier to find your favorite movies, music and TV shows:

• New app home screen with featured movie suggestions.
• Updated music playback experience with re-designed Now Playing and Queue screens.
• New Movies tab displaying movies by Most Popular, Free movies and Genres.
• Enabled filtering of movies by language.
• Movies have more information, including language, run time and cast members. Tap on any cast member name to see related content for that person.
• New section for Top Tracks in Music tab.
• New TV show screen displaying TV show description and a list of all available episodes.
• New screens for movie Watchlist and music playlists.
• Improved search.
• Continued upgrades to the Chromecast experience.
• Improved log in experience
• All Premium movies now marked (except for Eros Now Premium subscribers).
• Various performance enhancements.

Dec 16
Version 2.2.2

Minor Bug fixes.

Dec 08
Version 2.2.1

Fixed issue with Chromecast.

Nov 25
Version 2.2

• Improved Chromecast functionality.
• Fixed an issue impacting Airplay functionality.
• Added ability to control audio and video from the iOS lock screen.
• Fixed minor bugs.

Oct 11
Version 2.1.1

TV shows available for all countries.

Sep 15
Version 2.0

Improved video player.
Arabic subtitle support.
Minor bug fixes.

Jun 06
Version 1.2.15

Bug fixes.

May 21
Version 1.2.14

TV Shows, including Comedy Nights with Kapil, Khatron Ke Khiladi darr ka blockbuster.
Chromecast support to watch movies on TVs for Movies, Music Videos, TV Shows.

Apr 26
Version 1.2.13

Chromecast integrated in Beta mode for full length movies.

Minor issues around casting fixed.

Previous 3 versions

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