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Old Occitan, also called Old Provençal, was formerly spoken in what is now the south of France, but is studied today as the language of the troubadours who revolutionised lyric poetry across southern Europe. Liberation Philology Old Occitan helps you learn its vocabulary and grammar through a continuous multiple-choice test that's readily available everywhere you take your phone.

• Vocabulary: Each of 150 levels tests you on the translation of 10 words between Old Occitan and English, selected for their appropriateness to Occitan literature. Interspersed among these are cumulative levels reviewing what has been learned earlier (giving a total of 169 levels).

• Verbs: Tests your ability to parse and conjugate a full range of regular and irregular Old Occitan verbs. As the language was never fully standardised, many forms are presented in multiple spellings or variants, to ensure that you learn to recognise the many possibilities.

In both cases, your answers are immediately confirmed or corrected, and your knowledge is reinforced through repetition. An additional Reference module allows you to easily review the vocabulary tables, or the paradigm for each verb.

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Version History

Launched May 31, 2012 (almost 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Oct 28
Version 1.2.3

Updated for the latest devices and systems.

Feb 17
Version 1.2.2

• Addresses a display issue on older devices and systems.

Feb 01
Version 1.2.1

• Updated to take advantage of the latest systems and devices, including support for split-screen mode.
• Adds a new setting to accommodate colour-blind users.

Dec 19
Version 1.2

• Updated to take advantage of the latest devices and operating systems.
• You can now adjust the length of the delay while answers are shown.
• Fewer taps are required to change levels.

Feb 27
Version 1.1

• Adds periodic cumulative levels to the Vocabulary module.

Oct 12
Version 1.0.2

• Updated to better support the latest devices and operating system.

Jun 11
Version 1.0.1

• Adapted for the iPhone 5's extended screen.
• Your score is now displayed with a decimal place.
• Miscellaneous functional and interface improvements.

May 31
Version 1.0

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