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Most precise Windows Solitare implementation you ever seen! Classic Klondike Solitaire game that looks and feels just as old Windows Solitare that we played for a long time. Same scoring system, graphics, cards decks.

* HD cards for Retina displays (purchase)!
* fancy mobile cards for small displays (purchase)!
* no unneeded features, no custom weird card images
* draw one or draw three modes
* timed and untimed gameplay
* standard and Vegas scoring
* double tap to move card to top
* jumping victory cards

Perfect solitaire for all those who loved old Klondike on PC!

 Free in iOS App Store


Classic Solitaire screenshot 1Classic Solitaire screenshot 2Classic Solitaire screenshot 3

Version History

Launched May 29, 2012 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Sep 16
Version 1.3.3

iOS 9 support

Jun 19
Version 1.3.2

Fixed portrait mode issue

Jun 04
Version 1.3.1

This version adds automatic card movement and card float animations to the game! But even more, HD cards are now available for all users for free as an apologize for crashes you experienced with previous update. Enjoy!

May 22
Version 1.2.5

- fixed crash

May 19
Version 1.2.2

- less ads
- universal build (better support for newer devices)
- misc fixes

Feb 04
Version 1.2.1

- iPad version have cards resolution significantly improved!
- no more hangs due to system tock sound
- other fixes and changes

Oct 31
Version 1.2.0

iOS 8 and iPhone 6 compatibility

May 21
Version 1.1.1

- restored support for iOS 4.3
- on iPhone in portrait mode status text is shifted up when status bar is displayed
- added auto-orientation fix feature to solve half-screen issues

May 12
Version 1.1.0

* added card deck selection option
* new purchases with additional card decks
* misc fixes and improvements

Apr 21
Version 1.0.0

iOS 7 is now fully supported.
Note: sometimes full screen ads from our partners could appear.

Sep 24
Version 0.17

- fixed issues with purchases and settings screen
- in right-hand mode victory cards jump to the right side
- performance improvements
- misc fixes

Sep 15
Version 0.16

★ option for right-hand play (dealer on the right)
★ Aces could be put upon Twos
★ improved graphics and icon
★ internal fixes and speed-ups

Aug 29
Version 0.15

★ all-new HD and Mobile cards (purchases)
★ 100% correct support of Retina iPad
★ new icons and loading images
★ in-game settings totally redone
★ full screen mode support
★ lots of other fixes and changes

Jun 09
Version 0.10

May 29
Version 0.9

Previous 3 versions


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