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RenWeb Home provides parents and students always-logged-in instant access to ParentsWeb via their iPhones and iPads for an annual subscription fee of $4.99 per year.


RenWeb Home is offered by the App Store as an In-App Subscription. That means you install the App for free, and then purchase an annual subscription to the App the first time you access it. The subscription covers every iPhone or iPad used by every member of your family as recorded in RenWeb.


Are you always on the go and never at your PC to access ParentsWeb to review your student's grades or today's homework assignments?

Do you want instant access to ParentsWeb from your iPhone and avoid the time it takes to log into ParentsWeb each time?

Are you willing to pay $4.99 per year for this additional convenience?

If so, RenWeb Home is for you!

- RenWeb Home's always-logged-in access means users remain logged into the system until they choose to log out, providing instant access to ParentsWeb information.
- Offers easy navigation to School, Student and Family Information recorded in RenWeb's ParentsWeb.
- Provides Tap & Send capability from the School Directory allowing users to simply tap a directory listing to make a call, send an email, look up an address in the iPhone mapping tool, or import a listing into the iPhone's Contact List.
- Imports school calendar events and student homework assignments into multiple iPhone Calendars.

- Announcements
- Calendar Events
- Week at a Glance
- School Directory Information
- School Resources
- Surveys
- Photo Gallery
- Web Forms

- Class Calendar/Announcement/Resources
- Class Schedule
- Class Syllabus
- Grade Book Grades
- Daily Attendance
- Homework Assignments
- Lesson Plans
- Report Cards
- Behavior Events
- Week at a glance
- Lunch Menu Viewing/Ordering/Paying
- Medical Information

- Demographic and Contact Information for Family Members on File
- Family balance and bill pay
- Student/Parent Service Hours

(Note: some features may be disabled at the discretion of the school)

1. Click on the Free button and Install the RenWeb Home app.
2. Type in your ParentsWeb District Code, User Name and Password, select Parent or Student, and tap Login.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase an annual subscription for $4.99. This annual subscription covers every parent and student in your family as recorded by the school in RenWeb.

RenWeb Home works for 3GS and higher devices and is compatible with iOS V4.2 or later. The information displayed is at the discretion of the school.

RenWeb Home is offered as an In-App non-renewing subscription for an annual fee of $4.99 per year. You will be offered the opportunity to renew your subscription for your family prior to its expiration.

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Version History

Launched Jul 10, 2012 (almost 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Oct 12
Version 2.15.2

iOS version updates
Minor Bug fixes

May 11
Version 2.15

iOS version updates
Minor Bug fixes

Sep 15
Version 2.14

Updated for stability with new iOS versions.
Minor bug fixes

Sep 23
Version 2.13

Select schools using FACTS integration will show a tab containing FACTS balance and payment information. Other schools will no longer see this tab.
Links to resources provided by the school no longer require upgraded security measures.

Sep 10
Version 2.12

For schools with FACTS Integration, allows parents to see their FACTS accounts and current balance/billing information.
Bug fixes:
Visibility issues on School Calendar Week/Month selector and last family in Directory
Year labels when showing multiple FACTS years

Aug 30
Version 2.11

For schools with FACTS Integration, allows parents to see their FACTS accounts and current balance/billing information.

Currency symbol shown with the subscription prompt now follows the user's device settings, rather than just the $ sign.

Sep 08
Version 2.10

Fixed an issue with the schedule report
Backend security adjustments

Nov 13
Version 2.9

Bug Fixes for iOS 8 users who have multiple schools to select between

Nov 03
Version 2.8

Emergency Bug Fix:
We were made aware of an issue in RenWeb Home 2.7. We have worked diligently this weekend to resolve this issue. Release 2.8 fixes the associated crashes.

Oct 31
Version 2.7

RenWeb Home now a universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Purchase once and use across all your iOS devices.

Bug Fixes for iOS 8 integration.

Jul 11
Version 2.6

Photo Gallery
Web Forms

Jun 13
Version 2.5

We hope you enjoy the features we have added: Week at a Glance, Student/Parent Service Hours, Student Syllabus, Student Medical information, School Surveys and Minor bug fixes for speed/stability.

Jun 06
Version 2.4

We hope you enjoy the features we have added: Week at a Glance, Student/Parent Service Hours, Student Syllabus, Student Medical information, School Surveys and Minor bug fixes for speed/stability.

Oct 19
Version 2.3

iOS 7 UI updates

Jul 09
Version 2.2

We have listened to your feedback and have added the ability to place lunch orders and make school payments.

May 28
Version 2.1

With this release we have brought you the following:
• New User Interface
• Performance Enhancements
• Minor Bug Fixes

We have heard you request and for those of you who would like the ability to make payments from the app, this will be coming soon.

Dec 15
Version 2.0

We have read your review comments and emails and our team has been busy with your requests.

In this release you will find the following features:
- Class announcements added to the student section
- Class calendar added to the student section
- Added the ability to import calendar day
- Added the ability to map a calendar event
- Added a forgot username/password link on the login screen
- Now compatible with the new iPhone 5 screen size

Oct 11
Version 1.1.3

Calendar and Contact import feature in iOs 6

Sep 28
Version 1.1.2

• Corrects day of week displayed for calendar items, assignments, etc. iOS 6 included changes to date structures which previously caused RenWeb Home to display days of the week incorrectly.
• Provides updates to make RenWeb Home iOS 6 compatible.

Sep 15
Version 1.1.1

Bug fixes

Sep 04
Version 1.1

-Fixed bug in Always-On feature so parents can stay logged into RenWeb Home.

- Added Resources button to School and Student screens for accessing documents and web links, such as newsletters.

Jul 10
Version 1.0.0

Previous 3 versions


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