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Ideal for board games, war games and RPG's like Dungeons & Dragons. Natural 20 is a dice rolling app which handles single and multiple dice rolls, and much more. Its comfortable to use, saves time, and its easier than carrying a box of dice to each game!

***************** Feature Summary *****************

- Handles single and multiple dice rolls.
- Default dice are D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D100.
- More dice can be added, with different colours and sides.
- Multiple Dice can be easily filtered and rerolled.
- Range Die gives you a random number in any range.
- Custom Die lets you choose the faces of the dice.
- Direction Die points you in a random direction.
- My Dice allows you to store custom sets of dice.
- Offers a Dice Calculator, Word Dice, Teachers Dice, and more!
- Stores a history of all your rolls.
- Custom probability distribution plots.
- iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch support.
- Voice Over support
- Dark mode support
- Cheaper than buying lots of dice!

*************** Feature Descriptions ***************

Natural 20 has fifteen screens of features, to help you manage your dice. Here's a brief description of them.

~ Quick Roll
Simply pick your dice, and you have an instant result. Ideal for Dungeons & Dragons, Quick Roll offers the following eight dice; D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D100.

~ Multiple Dice
In multiple dice mode you can mix your dice together as you please. This mode has been designed with Warhammer in mind, and you can easily filter the dice at the touch of a button. The remaining dice can be rolled again to find out how many enemies you wound. Stats, such as average and the sum, are displayed for each roll saving you counting on screen. Buttons are provided to remove the highest or lowest rolls, as well as any range in between.

~ Calculator
Great for large numbers of dice, or combinations with a modifier.

~ Roll History
Natural 20 keeps track of all your rolls, so you can prove you actually rolled that 20! The dice stored in your history can be easily re-rolled and filtered. You can move the dice around the screen, and it will remember your order.

~ Custom Die
Custom Die lets you choose the sides of the dice, by separating them with commas. Natural 20 will pick a single item, or order them randomly into a list.

~ Range Die
Pick any range, and receive a random number. Your three most rolled ranges are available at the press of a button.

~ Teachers Die
Handy for the classroom, this die will be helpful for Maths and English. You can use it to randomly pick letters, numbers and mathematical operators. When picking letters you can specify if they are upper or lowercase, and also pick between vowels and consonants.

~ Colour Die
This will give you a random colour, just run your finger across the screen like a paintbrush. Some basic information is displayed, such as the colour’s hex number, HSB, and RGB values.

~ Direction Die
This will point you in a totally random direction with each spin. Swipe the screen to spin it, however you can only influence which way it spins, not the outcome!

~ Success Die
Repeatedly rolls D6’s, discarding when they fail to meet a certain value. The total successes are displayed.

~ Word Die
Keep collections of words, to randomise at a touch. Ideal for selecting locations and enemies randomly. You can even randomise your words as a whole list.

~ My Dice
My Dice allows you to save your own collections of dice, along with a description and optional modifier. These can be easily searched through, and rolled from a single tap.

~ Dice Builder
Chose how many sides your dice have, and their colours!

~ Distribution
Distribution allows you to create probability distribution plots for specified dice. These will show you the percentage chance of rolling a particular face value, and you can compare actual rolls against theoretical results. However, large numbers of dice can take a long time to calculate for theoretical plots.

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Version History

Launched Apr 13, 2012 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Jul 31
Version 5.2.2

- Added a setting, allowing you to use smaller dice on the Multiple Dice screen
- Added a setting, to adjust the animation speeds.
- Fixed a bug on the Distribution screen, where incrementing the dice didn't always show on screen.
- Fixed a bug with black dice, which didn't appear correctly in light mode
- Fixed a bug, where changing the order of tabs did not save when the application was closed
- Other minor fixes

Apr 30
Version 5.2.1

- When rolling dice on Multiple Dice, the Word Dice now display their name under the value
- When editing a dice pot in My Dice, you can now control the order the dice are shown in
- Added icons to the My Dice screen, to differentiate between dice pots and calculations.
- Slight improvement to the instructions on the Custom Die screen
- Resolve some minor dark mode issues
- Other minor issues and corrections

Apr 25
Version 5.2

- Added support for dark mode
- Added a shortcut to the application settings
- Resolves iWatch issues for newer WatchOS versions
- Minor bugfixes
- Version number change, to move in sync with Natural 20 Lite

Jan 03
Version 4.2

- New "Coordinate Die" has been added
- Added setting to include jokers in the card deck
- Added setting to hide summary information on Multiple Dice (and others)
- Added setting to change D6 to numbers instead of pips
- The Calculator will now handle random numbers of dice. For example D4D4, or 2D6D8.
- Multiple Dice can now be sorted into size order, or rolled by order
- Improvements for larger screens
- Other minor fixes
- Companion iWatch app updated to watchOS2. No longer supports watchOS1.

Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to write a review, or email me a suggestion. I do read them all, and I'm sorry if I've not included yours this time round.

Apr 28
Version 4.1.2

- Fixed a bug with Quick Roll's D2 on certain iPads
- Fixed a bug in the Playing Card Deck
- Greatly improved Portugese translation, thanks to Vitor Cernic!

Apr 18
Version 4.1.1

- Fixed a bug which prevented the D2 from being rolled, using Quick Roll, in iOS 6 and 7.

Apr 10
Version 4.1

- Fixed a bug, where the dice rolling sound interrupted background music.
- Word Dice now appear as options for the Multiple Dice
- Word Dice can now be added to dice pots, created using My Dice
- New screen has been added for randomising a playing card deck
- Basic Apple Watch support
- Further reduction of app size
- Other minor fixes

Dec 16
Version 4.0.1

- Reduced overall app size. Apologies for such a large increase in 4.0, this was a much greater problem than I anticipated. This originated from the new assets, required to display ten different coloured dice. Thanks to tinypng.com, I have been able to achieve far better compression than using Photoshop. Impact on image quality is minimal, and I will look at reducing app size further in future updates.
- Multiple Dice, fixed a bug on the iPad where dice did not remain selected if they were moved off screen.

Dec 04
Version 4.0

- Choose between ten different colours of dice using the Dice Builder.
- Improved D2, D4 and D6 artwork.
- Word Dice have been added. Save custom lists of words, and roll them like a dice. You can also produce a randomised list of all words.
- Custom Die's functionality has changed, and now lets you choose the faces of the die.
- Ranged Die provides the Custom Die's original functionality.
- A dice calculator has been added
- Actual calculations for the Distribution Dice have been made more efficient
- Multiple Dice are now animated when rolled
- Multiple Dice can now restore removed dice
- After rolling Multiple Dice, individual dice can be rolled again, or removed.

Jun 22
Version 3.4

- Shake to Roll
- Voiceover Support
- Scatter mode added to the Direction Die
- Email results from Distribution
- Range Dice Added
- Success Dice Added
- Interface improvements to the iPad version

Mar 31
Version 3.3

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send me feedback. I'm sorry if you're request isn't in this version, but I will definitely be looking at them for the future.

- A Teacher's Die has been added
- A Colour Die has been added
- Rolling again from the multiple dice screen has been made easier. On the iPad a larger button has been provided, and the iPhone version can be pulled down to roll again.
- Improvements to 64 bit support
- Improved instructions throughout the app

Dec 04
Version 3.2.1

- Translation to French
- Preferences added for disabling sound, and you can change the D10 to use a zero instead of a ten.

Oct 14
Version 3.2

- Quick Roll; Swiping left or right now re-rolls the dice.
- Roll History; Movement of dice around the screen is now recorded by the roll history.
- A Direction Die has been added. This picks a random direction when spun.
- General bugfixes and improvements

Sep 17
Version 3.1.1

- Compatible with iOS7

Jul 25
Version 3.1

Multiple Dice:
- Now play a sound when rolled. Its a pity some people think one star reviews are the best way to ask for new features though!
- Dice can be moved around the screen. Tap the dice you would like to move, and choose another dice to swap positions with.
- Dice have been made slightly smaller to fit more on screen (iPad only).

- New feature, allowing you to view plots of the probability distribution.

May 30
Version 3.0.1

- Bugfix to Multiple Dice. After rolling your dice, altering the slider caused the "or less" and "or more" buttons to lose their numbers. This version fixes this issue.

May 23
Version 3.0

- Custom collections of dice can be saved. These allow a description and an optional modifier
- Custom Die now shows buttons for the three most rolled custom dice
- Custom Die's can be added to the Multiple Dice options
- Roll history can be cleared
- Dice stats now scroll, allowing them to extend beyond the screen
- Improved icons for the D20
- Minor bugfixes and improvements

Apr 08
Version 2.3

- Natural 20 now keeps a history of your last 50 rolls
- Options for filtering multiple dice have been improved

Dec 26
Version 2.2

- New tab added for custom dice. Pick any number of sides between 1 and 999999999, and it will provide a result.
- Minor bugfixes and improvements

Nov 29
Version 2.1

- In Quick Roll, double tapping the dice will roll it again
- In Multiple Dice, the options to remove dice have been made clearer
- In Multiple Dice (iPad version), there are two new buttons which remove the lowest or highest dice.

Nov 19
Version 2.0

- Natural 20 now rolls multiple dice
- Updated Interface

Apr 13
Version 1.0.1

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