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EMT and Paramedic note taking tool for use onscene. Log your call info, vitals, treatments, call times, and pretty much everything else. It can even be used as a full PCR.

Known bugs:
- for iPhone currently not supported for original 3g or 3gs,
there is a screen size issue.
- camera function may not be working.
- Check back soon as I am working on these issues
** Special support for the UK and Australia **

Special features include:
-Signature Forms:
1) Signature Form - Medicare compliant
2) Informed Patient Refusal
3) Transport Variance Authorization
4) Narcotic Administration
-Multiple vitals and assessments.
-Respiration timer - no more looking at your watch
-Contraction tracker
-Drip calculator for certain drugs (will add more, just email me)
-Audio and visual ques to help you set a drip
-Select from preset drugs, drug doses, treatments, call location, destination, and how the call was dispatched
-Preset PMH, allergies, meds
-Customize any list
-Archive calls
-GCS 3 part input and display plus caox4 and awareness x6
-Send as Email using default email app or send direct from EMS notes
-Email as PDF attachment
-Call in your Patient reports from the app. Includes Phone list for storing multiple phone numbers for one location.
-Draw the injuries on the little man.

I am a full time paramedic and I use it every time I work on the truck. I made it to make my job easier and now I present it to you.

Any problems or want a feature added email me before negative comment I will reply soon and fix. -- jasonricemedia -at- gmail.com

for updates follow me @emsops
Change Log moved to http://emsoperations.com/emsnoteshelp/changelog.html

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Secondary: Productivity

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Version History

Launched Jun 21, 2012 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Sep 28
Version 4.3.3

bug fix - addressing freezing issue

Sep 13
Version 4.3.2

bug fixes

Sep 04
Version 4.3.1

-The camera function is finally fixed. Also added browse camera roll.
-Add your company logo to the pdf file.
-Added provider signatures
-updated some of the UI
-customize the fields on the Call Info screen.

Jun 22
Version 4.0.1

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