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Find your favorite movies from Netflix and RedBox

Get into Movie Tracker application and find a very large collection of your favorite movies, from classics to top new releases. Movie Tracker provides a simple and easy way to combine all of your favorite movie stores into one large movie repository. If you find yourself wanting to watch a movie and have Netflix or a RedBox kiosk close to your house, why no just search and view what movies are available at our store with a simple tap on the screen?

What's available in this release?
- Ability to view new movie releases in main screen.
- Ability to demo the application without having to create an account.
- Ability to view movie information.
- Registered users have a more extensive list of movies and allow users to view what stores have the movie available.
- Animated movie grid list for easy browsing of your favorite movies.

For all technical support with MovieTracker, please visit us at http://movietracker.theitspecialistsllc.com

Special thanks to TMDB APIs for providing MovieTracker with a great movie database.

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Version History

Launched Feb 20, 2012 (almost 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 13 days, on average.

Jun 05
Version 3.7

I'm happy to let you know that I have made big changes to Version 3.7. I've received many requests and took the time to review them and apply the features and changes to the existing features.

Version 3.7 Includes:

1- Redesign UI to make it more intuitive for users.
2- Added Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and also via email. This is a big added feature that allows you to share all the movie content from movie tracker with all your friends and Family!
3- Added a new section for managing settings. If you don't want to wait the default 7 days for the next new movie releases to show you can now manage these settings by yourself in the main screen.
4- Added another new section for viewing movie photos. This is located in the detail screen.
5- Fix an issue where some of the videos were showing, now we're adding a new search routine that will make sure you can view all videos.
6- Remove annoying horizontal scrolling mentioned by many users.

We're looking into adding a lot more functionality please feel free to email us at: dilmerv.itspecialists@gmail.com if you have any requests.

Thank you for always supporting and joining Movie Tracker!

Movie Tracker Developer
Dilmer Valecillos

May 19
Version 3.6

- Fixed an issue that caused problems when a new version of the app was pushed to the app store.
- Improved overall performance.

Thanks all of our users for supporting Movie Tracker we're really happy to assist you in keeping you updated with the latest movies...

May 08
Version 3.5

- Bug fixes
- Made modifications to movie detail screen, it looks cleaner now.
- Added movie icon to main screen.
- Application icon was completely changed I hope you guys like it :).
- Added Help Page / Developer Page for support.

Thank you all for supporting the application...

Apr 22
Version 3.4

1- Fix a bug that caused Netflix and redbox logos not to show per movie.

2- Added Movie Title to Trailers.

Apr 14
Version 3.3

We're excited to announce all of the great features and enhancements that were added to Version 3.3:

1- All Movie Data is now synchronized and store locally in the device giving the user a much faster experience where browsing through their favorite movies.

2- Added Movie Facts to Movie Detail screen such as movie status, budget, and revenue.

3- Improvements were made to Watch Queue.

Apr 02
Version 2.2

We're pleased to announce that we've finally added after user's requests a feature to allow saving user credentials, this way our users won't be able to type a username and password every time they close the application.

Mar 20
Version 2.1

- Added new "Watch Queue" functionality to allow users to add movies they like to watch or have already watched. This is a great option to keep track of your movies and schedule what movies you're planning to watch on your free time.

- A new "Add To Queue" button was added to the movie detail screen.

- Fix an issue with Trailers timing out.

- Overall application layout was improved.

- Added Icons to all buttons to represent what the button purpose is for.

Mar 10
Version 2

- Improve top movie list refresh time.

- Compatible with iPhone devices.

- Couple of bugs will be fix.

- Added NetFlix and Redbox Logos if movies is available at those store within the Movie Detail Screen.

Thank you for using Movie Tracker...

If you have any question about this version feel free to contact us at http://movietracker.theitspecialistsllc.com

Feb 20
Version 1

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