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How we sit makes a big difference for how the body works.
Find the best sitting position for office chair by using iPhone built-in sensors.

Slumped sitting is the most common ergonomic problem in sitting. Many ergonomic chairs will prevent slumping when the strongest leg position is determined.

The HipTorque application is a simple way to measure leg strength to balance the body in strong posture, and good body support. A chair and workstation that are adjusted for leg strength encourage active movement and minimize slumped sitting.

HipTorque is based on the patent pending system proven with hundreds of clients over the period of 10 years.

= HipTorque method =
1. Set different chair heights
2. Measure acceleration with the app - for each height
3. Review the report. The chair hight with max acceleration is the best height for you

Repeat once a month.

= HipTorque Features =
- Height value - units agnostic
- Acceleration chart for every measured height
- Measure as many levels as you need
- Sound indicating peak acceleration
- Personal profile
- Auto-stop timer (stops measurement after 30 seconds or less)

- Build-in video tutorial
- Options: Low pass filter
- Detailed acceleration and gravity values for 3 dimensions

HipIndex™ and HipTorque™ are the trademarks of ErgonomicsFirst.
Patent pending

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Version History

Launched Feb 25, 2015 (almost 4 years ago).
Feb 25
Version 1.0


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