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wtkJams can be used to connect to any Karaoke venue that uses the kJams software. You can use wtkJams to search for songs by Artist or Title, add yourself to the rotation, change pitch & tempo of songs, maintain a list of your favorite songs, view your song history, and view the current rotation, all from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

When you log into a public venue, we track the location (if you allow it) so that we can show other wtkJams and Where's the Karaoke? ™ users the locations of Karaoke events.

When you search for a song, add or remove a song from Tonight or Favorites, we track that information so that we can show other wtkJams and Where's the Karaoke? ™ users what songs are currently hot. The information may also be used to describe a venue as to the type of music that is commonly requested there.

In the unfortunate event of a crash, the information is sent to us so that we can analyze, and hopefully quickly resolve the issue with an update.

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A demo video is available on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/wtkJams/videos

Additional online help available at: https://karaoke.kjams.com/wiki/WtkJams

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Version History

Launched Feb 01, 2012 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Oct 02
Version 1.1.3

iOS 12 support

Nov 13
Version 1.1.2

- Support for kJams max_singer_songs server setting.
- Support for iOS 11 UI changes.
- Better Dark theme.

Jul 28
Version 1.1.1

* "Dark Theme" is now back by popular demand
* Fix Key & Tempo label on Tonight Song Settings.

Feb 20
Version 1.1.0

* Better handling of Connection Refused by the kJams server after initially connecting fine. Happens with faulty Wi-Fi.
* background/foreground no longer logs out current singer.
* Flat UI

Oct 11
Version 1.0.13

* New rotation plist has all the information now.
* Tonight search by Title and Artist.
* New Singer now has First & Last name.
* Tonights & Favorites show up correctly in Search & Rotation

Apr 21
Version 1.0.12

Several stability and UI improvements.
* Group Favorites by artist.
* Add White theme.
* Support for Singer Nickname field.
* Don't allow duplicate songs in the rotation.
* Limit number of songs a singer can add to the rotation.
* Pull to refresh any list.
* Fix issues with the Search bar on the iPad
* Fix background image issues.
* Fix external links.

Apr 04
Version 1.0.11

Search results now sorted by name,times sung & last date sung, making it easier to choose when multiple versions of the same song.
More by Artist quick search added.

Oct 21
Version 1.0.10

Support for iOS 9

Apr 01
Version 1.0.9

* Better support for iOS 8
* Bug fixes.

Nov 21
Version 1.0.8

* Fix crash in Settings.
* Fix issue with extended character sets.
* Allow background change from Settings
* Fix Classic Look theme.
* Adjust background image for newer sizes.

Oct 17
Version 1.0.7

iOS 7 support.
* Password entry now works again.
* ActionSheet shows up properly.

Aug 22
Version 1.0.6

* Checks to see if update available on the App Store.
* Select Favorite from Rotation list.
* Show news in main screen. Swipe to delete news item.
* Reset badge to zero after showing news.
* Easier selection of Favorites & Tonight.
* Pitch change and Tempo change in Tonight
* Remove song from history.
* More robust Singer login
* General stability improvements.

Aug 01
Version 1.0.5

* Retina support and refined UX for iPad.
* Restore last tab for Singer.
* Auto login singer if QuickLaunch set.
* Auto enter Bonjour located venue.
* Checks to see if update available on the App Store.
* Richer help text.
* iCloud support for basic Singer info allows sharing across multiple devices.
* Fix crash with QuickLaunch settings on iPad
* Remote Push Notification support
* General stability improvements.

Jul 12
Version 1.0.4

View rotation with singer name, song and estimated time.
Quick launch for default singer.
Tonight view shows estimated time to sing song.
Auto-login of each singer logged in from this device.
General stability and usability improvements.

Jun 04
Version 1.0.3

New UX for the iPad. Also fixed a couple of crashing bugs.

Mar 15
Version 1.0.2

Rebuilt for iOS 5.1
Add Plain Colored Background Themes.

Feb 11
Version 1.0.1

* Now an indexed view of singers when there are more than 10.
* Simple help for Tonight, Favorites and History.
* Show album/song id for each song.
* Fix a bug where song information wasn't cleared out between singers.
* Hide the Navigation bar when the Search Bar is active
* Separate About from Settings.
* Button at the bottom for adding Venues and Singers.
* Activity indicator when touching Tonight or Favorite to provide feedback that something is happening.

Feb 01
Version 1.0.0

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