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When first played, your baby may not be able to accurately touch the moving balloon with his/her hand.
Play the game with your baby consistently for a few days or weeks, and you will be surprised at the mobile development of your baby's hands.

This game must be played in the presence of a parent, and it is encouraged for you to guide your baby through the game at first.

-When to play!
○When your baby is cranky or will not stop crying, playing this application can hold your baby's attention. (The various sounds, animated animals, and vibration stimulate your baby's curiosity.)
○This application may show better results than rattles or dolls.
○This application is exceptionally handy for parents who spend ample time with their babies but cannot figure out how to fill that time usefully.

This application may be too advanced for infants under 12 months old.

○Playing the application for an excessive amount of time or leaving the children alone with the device is not encouraged.
○Be cautious of injury due to dropping the device. (Place the device on a flat surface or hold it in your hand.)
○Keep the device distant from your eyes.
○Babies tend to unawarely press the "home" button on the device while playing. As this may lead to your baby altering settings on your device, please do not leave your baby alone with your device.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Education

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Version History

Launched Jan 09, 2012 (almost 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 8 months, on average.

Dec 21
Version 2.10.0

bug fix

Sep 30
Version 2.09.0

bug fix

Sep 25
Version 2.08.0

bug fix

Sep 05
Version 2.07.0

bug fix

Jan 02
Version 2.05

support iPhone X

Jan 25
Version 2.03

bug fix

Jan 18
Version 2.00

Stabilization and bug fixes

Jul 12
Version 1.22

Support iPhone 4-inch

Mar 07
Version 1.21

fixed the sound effect volume problem.

Feb 23
Version 1.12

image resource update

Feb 15
Version 1.11

schemes update

Jan 26
Version 1.1

Always On Screen

Jan 09
Version 1.00

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