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This app has great customer reviews and it is for learning basic Japanese Kanji.

•includes cards for the first 440 Japanese kanji
•learn an English meaning for each kanji
•onyomi and kunyomi readings for each kanji
•over 1500 keywords which use only these kanji
•more than 2000 cards all together
•users may choose which individual cards make up each deck

•get a card right and it's taken out, get it wrong and it's shuffled back in
•add more cards as you work through the whole pack
•swipe for the next card
•swipe down if you get the card wrong (to shuffle it back in)
•go back if you need to recheck a card

All the decks are free, the 1st Year decks cover 80 kanji and over 200 keyword cards. The 2nd and 3rd Year decks cover the next 320 kanji taught in Japanese schools.

Regular practice and review is the only way to build your kanji knowledge.

 $0.99 in iOS App Store


1000 Kanji Flash Cards for Japanese screenshot 11000 Kanji Flash Cards for Japanese screenshot 21000 Kanji Flash Cards for Japanese screenshot 31000 Kanji Flash Cards for Japanese screenshot 41000 Kanji Flash Cards for Japanese screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Jan 08, 2012 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Jul 08
Version 2.0

No more in-app purchase. All the decks in this app are free.

Apr 04
Version 1.9.1

Fixed the other products list blocked by the iOS9 restriction on HTTP.
Fixed a problem with text sizing on some cards.

Jul 10
Version 1.9

In the previous version, to drill the "All" decks you had to purchase both the 2nd and 3rd year decks first.
We changed this so the "All" deck includes the free decks plus any which you have purchased.

Jul 08
Version 1.8

We made the 2nd Year and 3rd Year Decks only available via an In-App Purchase.

Jun 08
Version 1.7

We improved the look and feel a little. Especially on the iPad.

We fixed a bug which was stopping users from editing which cards were included when they selected one of the "All" decks.

Jan 12
Version 1.6

We added a Deck button during the drill so you can easily add more cards to your deck.
We fixed a bug where the buttons on the Drill view didn't respond if you pressed and held. (Only tapping them very quickly was working).

We added an in-app purchase option to just drill the last 10 cards of your deck so you can learn those before adding them into the rest of your deck.
The same in-app purchase enables the "Just the Card" feature. If you rotate your device to landscape during a drill the card will resize to fill the screen. So it feels much more like you're doing a drill with a deck of flashcards in your hand.

Oct 17
Version 1.5

Some small changes for iOS7.

We also made peeking at the other side of the card easier. Now the app stops peeking when you let go with your finger instead of always waiting 2 seconds.

Apr 15
Version 1.4

We added a Home view for easier navigation and to improve consistency with our other products.

We also clear the cards when you get to the end of a drill. It was a bit confusing before when the last card just "stuck".

Nov 10
Version 1.3

We made this a "universal" app, so now it runs full screen on iPads.

It also runs full screen on the iPhone 5.

We added links to our "Other Products" website.

Feb 05
Version 1.2

added the ability for the user to choose exactly which individual cards are used to make up each deck.

improved the look and feel

added help

Jan 08
Version 1.1

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