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Played over 500 million times! Bring along your cheery Christmas spirit and take the test!

The absolute best holiday game to play with family and friends. Can you finish the test?


+ 40 new Christmas questions!
+ Super fun Christmas graphics!
+ Catchy holiday jingles!
+ 4 unique game types!

Think you have what it takes to finish the test? Prove it!

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Version History

Launched Dec 13, 2011 (almost 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Dec 07
Version 2.1

+ Removed all forced ads
+ Opt-in video ad to instantly get the answer to a question
+ iPhone XS support
+ iPad Pro 2018 support
+ iOS 12 optimized
+ Massive performance improvements
+ Cleaner layout on most menu screens
+ Lots of bug fixes

Enjoy the game? Please leave a 5 star review! It really helps us out :)

Feb 04
Version 2.0

The Impossible Test VALENTINE is here! Search for it in the App Store and be one of the first in the world to play!

+ iPad Pro optimized
+ Updated "Themes" screen
+ Less annoying ads
+ Small bug fixes

Oct 25
Version 1.91

*** NEW - The Impossible Test HALLOWEEN is out now! Get it on the App Store and be one of the first people in the world to play! ***

+ Fixed connection issues
+ Small layout bug fixes

Oct 15
Version 1.9

*** NEW - The Impossible Test HALLOWEEN is out now! Get it on the App Store and be one of the first people in the world to play! ***

In this update:

+ iOS 9 optimized
+ Small bug fixes
+ New look for Game Over screen

Jul 28
Version 1.8

+ Continue playing for free by watching a video (optional)
+ Easily see all other Impossible Test games available
+ Less annoying ads
+ Much smoother performance
+ Bug fixes

Dec 08
Version 1.7

+ No more video ads (sorry about that)
+ Updated for iPhone 6/6+
+ Updated for iOS 8
+ Smoother animations
+ Push notifications
+ See the answers directly from the Game Over screen
+ Small bug fixes

Dec 09
Version 1.6

+ New questions!
+ Better performance!
+ Bug fixes!

Can you finish the new questions?

Happy Holidays from PixelCUBE Studios! :)

Oct 04
Version 1.5

A NEW IMPOSSIBLE TEST GAME IT OUT! Launch this update to get it for FREE!

+ New icon to go with iOS 7!
+ New sound effects!
+ Updated the full screen ads you see after each game.
+ Fixed bug where you couldn't see all the answers after purchasing the Answer Sheet.
+ Fixed bug where GameCenter button wouldn't work on the main menu.

Dec 12
Version 1.4

+ 5 new questions!
+ Less annoying ads (you'll only see them 25% of the time when you get Game Over)
+ Removed OpenFeint
+ Nicer looking snowfall animation

Happy Holidays from PixelCUBE Studios!

Nov 29
Version 1.3

The Impossible Test 2 is now available! Get this update to learn more, or just search for it in the App Store!

In this update:

+ Major performance and stability improvements for all devices.
+ iOS 6 compatible.
+ iPhone 5 and 5th gen iPod Touch support.

Mar 19
Version 1.2

- Compatible with the new iPad.
- New high resolution icon.

Another update is coming soon that will have awesome Retina graphics for the new iPad!

Dec 22
Version 1.1

- 'Mode Select' screen has been re-arranged slightly for easier navigation.
- 'Huge News' popup will not show at first launch anymore.
- Fixed alignment issues on 'Prizes' screen.
- 'Remove Ads' and 'Thanks to Developers' buttons on main menu are now working correctly (sometimes it wouldn't realize that you already purchased them).

New content is also on the way! We'll be posting details on our Facebook page:


Dec 13
Version 1.0

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