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What would happen if you took well-known exploitable Internet memes, put them in an app, and had them placed in your favorite photos on iPhone. That's what Meme Photobomb does for you. The memes included in this app are:

-Steve's hat
-Chuck Testa
-Sad Keanu
-Disaster Girl
-Strutting Leo
-And many more

Meme Photobomb is simple. Take a photo with your camera or from your camera roll or from your iPhoto, sell meme of choice, drag it to where you want it, and there you go. Put memes in your photos and show them to your friends.

*UPDATE* Added the ability to save photos.

iOS Store Category:

Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Photo & Video

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Version History

Launched Nov 11, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every almost 2 years, on average.

Apr 23
Version 1.3

Updated to Recommended Settings

May 07
Version 1.2

Threw in 10 more photo memes:

-Happy Keanu
-Approval Guy
-Sad Morpheus
-Santa's Hat
-Bread Hat
-Prancing Cera
-Hugh Jackman Riding Anything
-E3 Translator
-Chubby Bubbles Girl
-Ceiling Cat

Nov 22
Version 1.1

Added the ability to save photos

Nov 11
Version 1.0

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