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The latest digital edition will automatically download each morning for you to enjoy through the day and stay up to date with todays headlines and breaking news stories. The Independent Daily Edition presents a far more digital native reading experience for readers, the app is universal and tailored to whatever device you choose to read it upon. The app allows for font size changes, portrait or landscape orientation and plenty of other convenient user friendly qualities.

News, Voices, Section 2, Obituaries, Business, Tech, Lifestyle, Sport, Crossword, Codeword, Sudoku. Additional stories and content from weekend supplements The New Review, Radar, Traveller and The Independent Magazine on Saturday and Sunday including Entertainment, Restaurants, Interiors, Gardening, Travel, Living, Cars and Property

The Independent Daily Edition offers you quality news commentary, informed political opinion, business updates, finance issues with detailed coverage of national and global headlines and incisive articles from an award winning team of journalists. Download the app today and start to discover the future of newspapers…
- Read the full range of The Independent’s content with simple navigation in an easy to use format
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- Comprehensive global sports coverage and the latest football results

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2) Existing Independent app subscribers can use the app by validating their email address and password within the app.

The weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions are auto-renewing subscriptions. Prices for the subscriptions are £2.99 for the seven day offering, £12.99 for one month and £149.99 for the annual subscription. Payment for this subscription will be charged to your iTunes account upon purchase. The subscription will auto-renew within 24 hours of the current subscription expiring. Auto-renewing subscriptions can be managed via Account Settings allowing them to be turned off. No cancellations of the current subscription are allowed during the active subscription period.

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Version History

Launched Oct 31, 2011 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Oct 22
Version 4.7

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Aug 23
Version 4.6

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Feb 12
Version 4.5

We regularly update the app to make sure you enjoy the best user experience.
In this version we made some adjustments for iOS 11 and improved comparability for iPhone X.

Sep 27
Version 4.4.3

Updates for iOS11

Jun 21
Version 4.4.2

Fix to the log in process that was causing issues for some users

May 15
Version 4.4.1

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jan 13
Version 4.4.0

This update includes a couple of minor improvements. If you experience any issues please email customerservices@independent.co.uk.

Jan 03
Version 4.2.1

Forgot password assistance for existing subscribers

Oct 26
Version 4.2

We've added a 30-day archive of editions to the app, with auto-archiving so that you can set how long to keep editions on your device and manage storage.
We've also fixed a bug with the Edition getting stuck in "unpacking" state.

Apr 27
Version 4.1

Thank you for using the Independent Daily Edition app. In this release we have made stability improvements to reduce the number of crashes and made improvements to the design of the app especially on mobile devices.

If you need any assistance with our app please visit our Customer Services Helpdesk at independentnews.zendesk.com, and if you have time please leave a review on the App Store.

Feb 09
Version 4.0

The Independent Daily Edition is an entirely new app from The Independent. Updated once a day the app contains all the award-winning journalism from our newspaper, designed for a premium experience on your iPad and iPhone.

Each edition is published separately so that you can return to a previous day's content and read more, or complete your crossword from earlier in the week. Articles from any edition can be saved into a bookmarked list to be read at your leisure.

Nov 10
Version 3.4.1

Minor Bug fixes

May 18
Version 3.4

- We’ve added a Feedback button into the menu, so please use it to send us feedback that will help us improve your app experience.

Apr 21
Version 3.3

• We’ve added a Feedback button into the menu, so please use it to send us feedback that will help us improve your app experience.

• If you have a print & digital bundle you can now use your subscription from independentsubscriptions.co.uk to log into the app.

Feb 24
Version 3.2.2

Bug fix: Videos that are embedded in articles now play correctly.

Jan 06
Version 3.2.1

Minor Updates & Improvements

Nov 10
Version 3.2

- Improvements to social login
- Bug fixes & Performance Improvements

Aug 22
Version 3.1

- Brand new Video section
- Significant performance upgrade.
- Better handling of offline viewing and bug fixes.
- The app will now store less data on your iPad.

Mar 26
Version 3.0.3

Performance and stability improvements

Mar 11
Version 3.0.2

Minor product improvements

Feb 21
Version 3.0.1

Bug Fixes
Optimisation of reader element
Core feature enhancements

Feb 18
Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of the Independent app is a complete rebuild, providing:
• Interactive edition updated throughout the day including puzzles from the paper
• Weather customisable to your location
• Image galleries and video
• Share and comment on articles using your social network

Subscribers will also have access to:
• Full digital replica of the newspaper and all magazines & supplements
• 30-issue archive of the paper and all magazines and supplements

Jan 04
Version 2.1

- Improved purchase and registration flows for ease of access.

Dec 10
Version 2.0

- Full iOS 6 support
- Fully rewritten section fronts
- Fully rewritten article views
- Section to section vertical swiping

Feb 27
Version 1.1

Availability on Newsstand
Native iOS 5 Twitter integration
Improved functionality

Nov 09
Version 1.0.1

Minor fixes and enhancements.

Oct 25
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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