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» Now free for a limited time. Just copy and past the result URL and enjoy the live swim results in real time when is published by the host or let us know by email about the event and we add the event to our search engine.

» Latest: Check our Meet Graph to have the result of up to 6 swimmers in one graph with Splits !!

» This app is designed to parse and display the live Results published by swim clubs. Most clubs are using Hy-Tek Meet Manager to publish their meet results for public access, however that won't happen all the time.

» Although the meet live results can be accessed through a web browser, it won't be easy to read and navigate through them using a web browser. This app is using the native iOS language to provide the meet live results as soon as they are published.

» The result will be persisted on your iPhone for later use, i.e. you need to access the live result for each event only once after it has been published. After that you will be able to see the result off-line.

» It is also possible to tag your favourite swimmer or runner by swiping your finger on their entry only once. A favourite entry will be marked with a star. You will be able to filter the result by your favourite selections: Very similar to what parents do during a meet.

» Usually live results will be posted on the wall during a meet. You don't need to leave your seat to check for the final results any more. You can have it right on your iPhone-iPad when they are published, while the meet is in progress.

» Including features:
» Filter Events: All, Completed, Pending
» Search Engine for swim meets in US, Canada, Australia, Europe
» Pull Down refresh for events & results
» My Club Filter
» Favourite Filter
» Graph to compare split time against 4 other swimmers (InApp Purchase)
» Tap on graph to filter swimmers
» Swipe left to select MyClub, Swipe right to select your Favourite
» Add meet name & Split time to the email

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Secondary: Health & Fitness

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Version History

Launched Oct 15, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 23
Version 1.6.1

- Fix Favourite Button and minor other bugs

Jan 03
Version 1.6

- The app has been updated for iOS7 with new look and feel. The new update is only available for iOS6+
- Time Standard Feature is not supported any longer with this update. (please do not install the new version if you need this feature).

Mar 13
Version 1.5.7

Update search engine url

Jan 22
Version 1.5.6

Fixed device orientation in iOS6. Now Graph page can be displayed in portrait & landscape mode.

Nov 17
Version 1.5.4

- Canadian Standards 2012-2013
- Ontario Standards 2012-2016

Sep 24
Version 1.5.3

☂ Bug fix: Preserve the saved data if meet results URL is not available anymore.

Aug 06
Version 1.5.2

Bug fix for parsing document.
Add Restore button to add the product to other devices or restore on the original device.

Jul 11
Version 1.5.1

✓ Filter for Graph: Tap on graph to filter swimmers
✓ Easy selection for MyClub: Swipe left to select MyClub, Swipe right to select your Favourite
✓ Add meet name & Split time to the email
✓ Fix bug for Blog crash
✓ Fix bug for NatWest Island Games results in Europe

May 30
Version 1.5

Introducing inApp Purchase products:
■ Graph to compare split time against 4 other swimmers
■ Comprehensive Time Standards 2011-2012

May 01
Version 1.4.3

☂ bug fix - url validation

Mar 31
Version 1.4.2

● Extend URL validation criteria
● Update 'Fav' button to tag the swimmer for all events, not just a particular one.

Mar 14
Version 1.4.1

☂ Bug fixes
☀ New Canadian Standards

Feb 29
Version 1.4

♨ Time Standards for US & Canada
☂ Fix bug when "Page can not be found"

Feb 10
Version 1.3.1

☀ Divide search results to soon, now & past
☂ bug fixes

Dec 14
Version 1.3

Search Engine - Add Search capability for incoming swim meets.
Sorting - Sort the added meets by start-date in Descending order
Pull down refresh - Pull down to refresh events or results on each page.
My Club - Ability to select your favourite Club and filter the results based on that. MyClub selection will be saved for later use. MyClub can be changed or removed at any time.
Filtering - Support for filtering by MyClub or Favourites. Now filtering offers three options: "All Results", "Favourites", "My Club".
Performance improvement - Optimize data read/write
Bug fixes: Fix the bug related to mal-formed html page

Nov 19
Version 1.2.2

- iOS 5 ready
- Fix a bug that was preventing the results to be displayed for some swim events.
- Add weblog button in toolbar

Nov 10
Version 1.2.1

- Fix small bug in seed time format.
- Missing results will be displayed as "Results are not available at this time".
- Will tag the event as Pending for the above scenario.

Oct 28
Version 1.2

- Show meet entries before start of the meet
- Include version number in Info page
- Handle customized Hy-Tek format

Oct 21
Version 1.1

* Email support
* Bug fixes
* Code refactoring

Oct 15
Version 1.0

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